Why You Should Not Get A Bengal Cat? [ Pros & Cons ]

Bengal cats are outstanding and gorgeous. If there can be any cat pageants, a Bengal cat would be equivalent to a blue-eyed, blonde-haired girl with a Southern accent.

Bengal cats are friendly, incredibly clever creatures, and very affectionate. But, irrespective of all these positive things, never own a Bengal cat. You might wonder why we are saying this.

Yes, Bengal cats are God’s gift, but also a plethora of mistakes. Bengal cats are super smart and beautiful, but do you want to sacrifice your calmness and freedom by staying with hyperactive Bengal cats?

Why shouldn’t you get a Bengal cat?

Nobody can resist falling in love with Bengal cats due to their antique pattern and tiger-like marks on their body. Unfortunately, we will not recommend Bengal cats to everybody due to several reasons.

Never get a Bengal cat, as they are super active and need lots of space to roam and play. These cats include a strong prey drive, making them unsuitable for living in homes where small animals also reside. Here are some reasons why you should never get a Bengal cat.

1. Wild ancestors

Bengal cats could drive you crazy! Bengal cats are related to Asian leopard cats, and this type of species adapts to rural and urban areas. They hunt during the night and move from ground to treetops. When one does not do proper research about the breed, they become a problem shortly.

2. Hyperactive and high demand for stimulation

Bengal cats are always full of high energy, keenly watch every activity in your house, and need something to play with. You cannot leave Bengal cats alone for an entire day, especially when they do not have any companions.

Bengal cats are wild, so they run everywhere and over the furniture. These cats swallow anything when they do not get enough stimulation, so you need to remain alert. When you do not play with them, they will do it themselves and not be best for you.

3. Gets bored easily

Bengal cats, because of their high energy levels, get bored easily, leading to depression. Boredom is the most significant factor that leads to a problematic cat, and loneliness results in depression that could disturb your cat’s mental health. They could scratch your furniture or can even attack your legs if they get bored.

4. Behavioral issues

Bengal cats include varying common behavioral issues like sudden onset of scratching and biting, litter issues, and loud meowing. If you want to lessen these problems, it needs patience and repetition.

When these issues are in your cat, search for why the cat is doing like this. Sudden biting and scratching could be due to loneliness, and loud meowing could indicate that the cat requires something, while litter issues arise from cleanliness issues.

5. Are excellent hunters

Bengal cats are exceptionally good hunters and excel in hunting small animals like rats, mice, and squirrels. They could carry a rodent in their mouth and not let them go with ease. So, if you are searching for a cat that does not chase mice, Bengal cats are not for you.

6. Needs proper training

One of the primary reasons to not get a Bengal cat is if they are not properly socialized and trained, they could cause harm to you. These are not the type of cats who can figure things out themselves. So if you do not want to get hurt, start training at an early stage.

7. Need high care

Bengal cats require lots of care and grooming regularly, which means that Bengal cats are not ideal for first-time owners. Bengal cats need expert owners to handle them due to their behavior issues and various other tantrums.

8. Are territorial

Bengal cats get nervous quickly whenever a new animal enters their territory, and Bengal cats like to own and delineate their areas. It is the main reason never to get a Bengal cat, as they are prone to getting into unnecessary fights with various other cats. They have good hunting skills and could kill other cats who try to enter their territory. Hence, these cats are not highly tolerable.

Pros of owning a Bengal cat

Bengal cats are not ordinary types of cats, as they have a unique look and fur pattern that seems to be appealing to several people.

They include exotic personalities and are gaining high popularity recently. If you are thinking of getting a Bengal cat, read on and get to know the pros of getting a Bengal cat.

1. Affectionate

Bengal cats are famous for being affectionate, as they make strong bonds with their owners. Apart from owners, they closely bond with other cat pets in your home. Although they do not like to cuddle much, they have various unique ways to show their affection to you.

2. Make brilliant family pets

These types of cats get along with family members and kids nicely. Bengal cats are patient with kids and are perfect for enormous families, but you need to keep an eye on their interaction with babies.

3. Have an awesome personality

Bengal cats are super calm, which means they include high patience when it comes to their owner in various serious situations. These cats are highly tolerant before getting into aggressive mode. They do not showcase their anger unless they have some health problem.

4. Entertaining

Bengal cats desire to become the center of attraction, and only for a good reason. These cats are super entertaining and showcase quirky antics that solely attract humans. They are very sociable and interactive and always love to indulge with the audience.

5. Make friends easily

Bengal cats make strong bonds with other pets in your home. If you get a new dog or cat, the Bengal cat tries to make friends and get success in it with no difficulty.

Cons of owning a Bengal cat

Bengal cats are a unique breed among the entire cat breed and are gaining immense popularity recently. Besides being a great cat breed, they also possess some cons that can hurt humans. Here are some cons of getting a Bengal cat.

1. Get bored easily

Bengal cats are highly interactive. That is the reason why they become bored with ease. If left alone for a long time, they could become aggressive. Bengal cats have become destructive and start to show tantrums if they get lonely or bored.

2. Have mischievous nature

Bengal cats are very naughty and can get into mischief due to their knack for exploring things around them. They also love to scratch anything, including your precious carpet or furniture, as a part of their adventure.

3. Expensive

If you want to get a Bengal cat, make sure that you are financially strong, as Bengal cats are very expensive. The cost of this breed could be around $5000, and this is due to their nature and increasing demand.

4. Demand more playtime

Bengal cats are super active and energetic and require lots of playtime to burn their entire energy and avoid becoming aggressive. Be ready to play with your Bengal cat a lot. If you do not have enough time, they are not meant for you.

5. Bengal cats are not lapping cats

Bengal cats are very independent and would rarely sit over your lap or will cuddle with you in your bed during nighttime. They are very affectionate cats and would interestingly express their love.

Is it worth getting a Bengal cat?

Bengal cats are popularly known for their memories, which boost their intelligence. They are good hunters and can hunt a wide range of animals, including squirrels, mice, or birds.

Moreover, they are good performers and love to learn various hunting tricks. Yes, Bengal cats can make good pets as they are smart, highly trained, athletic, loyal, funny – all traits for a perfect family pet.

They make strong bonds with other dogs and cats in your home, and they are kid-friendly also. Overall, Bengal cats have proven themselves outstanding and loving pets with the time that attracts the attention of everyone. But, remember one thing, Bengal cats need lots of attention, so plan a schedule and give as much time to them.

Will a Bengal cat destroy my house?

Are you planning to introduce a Bengal cat into your home? If yes, be prepared to cope with their tantrums and destructive nature. If a question arises in your mind – will a Bengal cat destroy my house, then the answer to this is “it depends.” Varying cats showcase different types of behavior.

Bengal cats are known for their fierce and energetic nature, and sometimes they become highly destructive also. Bengal cats could destroy your house by scratching your furniture or carpet and could vandalize your precious items.

Bengal cats will not destroy your house if they have sufficient toys to play with. But, their owners need to take special care of them as if they do not receive the proper attention, they can become destructive and damage your house belongings.

Make sure to rotate the toys regularly so that the cat does not get bored. Apart from this, they require massive space for jumping over cupboards and result in damage to your house.


Before bringing a Bengal cat to your home, it is essential to do proper research about this breed and make sure that you are fully prepared to take care of it.

If you feel anything concerning the breed, ensure to consider the above tips before making a final decision. Bengal cats need a lot of attention, and they could become aggressive when left lonely, so think twice before getting a Bengal cat.