Why Pitbulls Are The Best? Know All The Reasons Here

Discussing having Pitbulls as pets can seem like a pink elephant in the room. But let us talk about it and break the myths. Yes, we all know the Pitbull breed had a bad reputation a year ago; dogfighters utilized them as aggressive, fighting canines.

But with time, dog breeders start presenting Pitbulls as great pets.

Now, Pitbulls are one of the most demanding pets in the canine community. You can ask how an aggressive dog makes a great pet? Is it even safe? Let us tell you the facts about Pitbull in the rest of our blog.

Why Pitbulls Are The Best Dogs To Adopt?

Whenever people hear Pitbull, they imagine an aggressive dog with a massive temperament. But let us break the myth and tell you that all dogs have these issues.

Also, with strict and regular training, and socialization, you can make a Pitbull a great pet like all other pups.

Your good care can make them a loving and faithful pet that offers you lifelong friendship. Not only that, but Pitbulls also come with countless advantages. Let us tell you a few of those.

Pitbulls experience the least medical emergencies.

Having a pet with limited physical issues is like a dream come true. Owning a Pitbull can provide you this experience. Unlike most pure-bred mongrels, this dog breed does not often suffer from genetic diseases or other health issues.

If you own a Pitbull, you will need to deal with some common health problems, like a demodectic mage, patellar luxation. As none of these diseases are fatal, the life expectancy of a Pitbull is much higher than you think.

1. No need for grooming

The husky body of Pitbull generally comes with an elegant, silky, and short-haired coat. As the fur is short and sheds in a medium frequency, the Pitbull needs grooming seldom or no grooming at all.

Pitbulls also do not need haircuts as often as a long-haired dog requires. If you do not brush a long-haired pup, chances are the furs get tangled.

But, with short-haired Pitbulls, the owner does not need to worry about grooming, brushing, or even haircuts.

Even if you bathe them once in a while, they will not bother. Pitbulls generally require a bath once every one or two months. For this reason, owning Pitbulls is more hassle-free than adopting a long-haired pup.


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2. Pitbull brings an overload of love and affection

As we mentioned earlier, Pitbulls are loving, loyal, and affectionate dogs. Since aggression and temperament are common in dogs, Pitbulls have them too.

But, if you train and socialize the pups from a very young age, Pitbulls make great pets. Then you will be surprised to notice how adorable it becomes.

When they receive plenty of adoration from their owners, the Pitbulls also return love through cuddling, kisses, and snuggling.

They have an incredible personality and love the attention of their owners more than anything. No matter how rough your day went, you would never feel bored or alone with Pitbulls.

3. You will love their athletic nature

Pitbulls have two contradictory qualities, they are lazy, but they also love exercise. Having this dog is itself an adventurous journey, as you will get chances to unfold various natures of Pitbulls.

The dog loves being active and energetic as much as it loves snuggling on the couch. Pitbulls are generally husky and fit and also excel in weight-lifting.

If you are looking for a workout partner or a jogging companion, Pitbull could be the best choice for you. Pitbull can also be your swimming partner. What a happy life it would be with a Pitbull!

4. The pup can serve as a nanny dog

If you own a Pitbull, it can serve as a babysitter dog too. For their caring, loving, and affectionate character, they act as natural caretakers for your children.

Despite being a dog, Pitbulls can comprehend the vulnerability of an infant.

Along with caring for the kids, Pitbulls present themselves as warmhearted companions in front of the children. So if you are searching for a family pet, Pitbull can be the wisest choice.

Also, when socialized, Pitbulls behave more cordially with strangers than most other dog breeds.

However, leaving your children alone with Pitbulls is not an appreciable action, as both of them require constant monitoring of their behaviors.


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5. The loyalty of a Pitbull is beyond questioning

If you search for a word that describes a Pitbull, it could be loyal. Probably no other pup excites as much as a Pitbull does when it sees its owner.

The whole face of the Pitties lights up when they see their pet parent after a long day.

That is why we say Pitbulls unknowingly become a canine companion of their adopters.

As Pitbulls are hyperactive dogs that require games, sports, and even regular workout sessions, they can be a great dog partner of an athletic person.

Moreover, if a Pitbull senses the danger of its owner, the canine can risk its life to save its pet parent.

6. No need for a professional trainer

Pitbulls typically do not let you feel any absence of a human being. They are smart, and you will find no difficulty while training them.

The Pitbulls make great pets if you stay consistent while providing them structured and strict guidance. Training and socialization aid them to thrive better.

If you still ask why Pitbulls are great, why do you think they are not? The dog breed is probably the only one that generally does not require a professional trainer. Even a novice pet owner can train them to make them obedient. Their docility skill can amaze you!

What are Pitbulls good for?

Years ago, dog breeders crossbred Pitbulls as fighting dogs and utilized their aggression and ferociousness to win the dog fights. But with time, laws of many countries banned dogfighting and labeled those as illegal.

Now probably all of us know that with proper socialization and strict training, Pitbulls can be a great pet.

While we are only aware of the snuggling and cuddling nature of a Pitbull, many workplaces hire them for several services.

You will probably be surprised to know that intelligence departments select Pitbulls for working.

The social-butterfly dog with immense intelligence, loyalty, sturdiness, and stamina is the best canine for specialized jobs. Followings are some works Pitbulls can do with excellence

1. Sniff the drugs

Pitbulls can excel in sniffing out hazardous drugs. This quality makes them excellent police dogs.

Nowadays, police departments in many countries select Pitbulls as graceful police dogs. The Pitbull named Popsicle set the world record by finding more than 3000 pounds of cocaine in Texas!

2. Save lives by finding explosives

Can you imagine a four-legged animal having the ability to find explosives only by sniffing? There are several cases where Pitbulls assisted the intelligence departments or bomb squad in finding explosive materials.

3. Save lives in many ways

If you surf the Internet or turn over the History book, you will know how many times Pitbulls save lives. In various search and rescue operations, humans sought help from Pitbulls. Also, the dog does its job with an almost hundred percent success rate.

4. Bring a smile to your stressed face.

Through our blog, now you are probably aware of the loving and affectionate personality of a Pitbull. That is why they also serve excellently as therapy dogs. Pitbulls assist people to stay calm and happy.

The dog can be a great friend for those who are on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Although it is not like owning Pitbull cures depression, the joyous nature of the dog only uplifts the mood.


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Are Pitbulls safe to have as pets?

Yes, Pitbulls are safe as pets if you train and socialize them from the puppy phase. Pitbulls typically have a corrupt reputation for being intimidating fighting dogs while featuring aggression and temperament. But what we do not know is every dog features these two attributes, and you can tame these behavioral issues through strict training sessions. Socialization is the key if you want your Pitbull to get used to strangers or other animals in later life.

Like a human being, genetics, upbringing, and various other aspects shape the character of a Pitbull.

But in the right hands, the dog makes a great pet with plenty of affection and care.

Often willing-to-be pet adopters hesitate to own a Pitbull, thinking how safe their children would be around a Bulldog.

But, believe us, after strict training and socialization, your Pitbull can act as a nanny for your children. If a Pitbull grows in a family with children around it, the dog learns to love and care for kids.

Final thoughts

Pitbulls are the best dogs to adopt, as they can change your life for sure. Owning Pitbulls is a different experience than adopting other dogs because of the loyalty and affectionate nature of a Pitbull.

When you provide them their forever home, they return their love and care to you every single day.

After adopting them, you will never feel alone, as they will cling to you with intense commitment.