Why Does My Ragdoll Cat Follow Me Everywhere? [ Here Are The Reasons ]

Ragdoll cats are known for their affectionate behavior amongst cat lovers. One of the most popular behaviors that they show frequently is tagging along everywhere you go.

You might be wondering why they succumb to this behavior. It might be a sweet gesture not to leave you alone for a moment, but there could be a lot more than what meets the eye.

So, have you ever wondered why your ragdoll cat follows you everywhere? It might be due to their affectionate behavior, hunger, or a protective stance. You never know what is up with your cat unless you pay close attention to them.

So, if pondering about this question has brought you here, you are at the right place. This article will discover the possible reasons behind your Ragdoll’s unique behavior of following you around.

Why Does My Ragdoll Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

The behavior of following you everywhere is one of the best traits of having a Ragdoll cat. Even if there is nothing wrong with the cat, the Ragdoll can follow you throughout the house. So, it might become tough to understand if any other reason is triggering them to do this.

But, there can be quite a few reasons to trigger this kind of behavior in your Ragdoll. Some of them are boredom, protective nature, needing company, attention, hunger or thrusts, etc.

We will slowly cover each one of those possible reasons in this section. Let us start with the most common reason, which is showing affection.

Being Affectionate

Ragdoll cats are incredibly affectionate towards their caretakers. There are various ways through which a cat can show this affection to its owner.

Following them around the house is just one of them. So, when you see that the Ragdoll is not leaving you for a sec, you must be proud that you have a beautiful connection with your cat.

It shows that the cat chooses you no matter what. The act of following you around is just its way of showing that they are fortunate to have you.

When the Ragdoll starts showing this kind of behavior, there is no form of privacy. It would help if you did not even shut the door when you are going to your bathroom, as they consider it to be a saddening act. Some people can even consider this behavior to be clingy.

However, Ragdolls show an incredible amount of affection for their owners. So, it should not come as a surprise if they prefer to spend most of their time with you either.

No matter what, following around is a charming behavior from a Ragdoll cat, and you have to appreciate their effort in showing that you are loved.

Physical Touch

We can say that many cats are generally independent of their owners as they like to spend their time with just themselves.

However, we cannot say the same about Ragdolls. They are pretty dependent on their owners in terms of emotional and physical needs.

Ragdolls love to get petted and play with their owners. No matter how much you pet a Ragdoll cat, it might not be enough. Apart from that, Ragdolls make a fantastic lap cat due to their manageable size as well.

They expect you to treat them that way, and following you around is probably their opportunity to get as much of you as possible.

As intelligent breeds, they know that the more time they spend with you, there is a greater chance that you will pet them.

When you see that the Ragdoll is following you around, your job is to acknowledge this effort and pet them. You should return all the love you are getting from this fantastic cat breed.

Protecting You

You can say that getting a Ragdoll cat is like having a dog in the house. There are quite a few traits that ragdolls share with a regular domestic dog. Protecting you from any unknown threat is just another one of their similarities.

Ragdolls are always cautious of what is going around their respective owners.

They will protect you from any harm that can come to you. It is a lovely gesture for a cat, and it is also rare from other cat breeds.

If you look into the behavior, it is pretty natural to protect the person who takes care of you. However, Ragdolls also do this because they love your presence. When they are following you around the house, they may be making sure you are safe at all times.

Lack Of Companionship

While Ragdoll cats show incredible affection towards attention, they also need a substantial need for love.

It is better to research the breed you want to adopt. During the earlier research, it should have been clear to you that you need to spend a lot of time with your Ragdoll.

However, there could be many reasons for which the need for attention is not getting met for the Ragdoll. So, the cat can express possessive behavior towards you, and the following traits might be the case.

If you believe that the cat picked up this behavior after you started a new job or started spending time away from your cat, then you can dedicate specific hours to play and bond with your cat.

It is on you to build the relationship from the ground up, and it is also on you to salvage if something goes wrong.


Cat owners often depend on interactive cat toys to keep cats occupied when they cannot be around. While it might be true for most cats that we know of, this simple trick might not work on the over-affectionate cats, such as Ragdolls, Maine Coons, or Siamese Cats.

You will have to be physically present to keep them happy. While the toys can keep them busy for a short period, they will not entertain the cat for long. Being present for these cats is much more rewarding.

When the cat is left alone for an extended period, it will get bored of the loneliness. So, it may tend to follow you around as a means to spend more time with you.


Being hungry is also one of the reasons behind this behavior. As the Ragdoll is entirely dependent on you for their food and water, it might just stick to you.

Generally, cats prefer to have a schedule for almost everything. When you cannot stick to the same schedule every day, it becomes uncomfortable for the cat. It becomes quite a big problem when you are missing their eating schedule.

Cats do not like any changes to their eating habits at all. As a result, they can follow you around so that you give them food. It is quite natural for a cat who prefers to stick with you for no reason at all.

However, there could also be a situation when you are not precisely late in feeding your cat. But the cat can become hungry themselves and ask for food in its way.

If that is the case, remember not to feed them right away. It is better to wait until the cat is calm and then provide the necessary amount of food. In this way, they will not follow you around for food.

Prior Trauma

You have to remember that the previous trauma can also make the cat do this behavior. The situation is direr than you might have thought. Although prior trauma is less likely to be present for purebred cats from breeders, it is possible for shelter cats.

For these cats, affectionate behavior can also seem like possessive behavior.

They tend to form a very unusual behavior towards you, which can almost be called insecurity. They stay in constant fear of losing you, and it forces them to follow you around.

You have to be cautious about this kind of behavior in your cat. There are some common giveaways that you need to know:

  1. The cat might show clingy behavior, which can transform into aggression quickly.
  2. If any other person or animal interacts with their human, the Ragdoll can become excessively aggressive.
  3. Your cat will make its discomfort known by being excessively vocal.
  4. They will ask for your full attention at all times.

You have to remember that this behavior is entirely addressable, and you will have a normal affection from a Ragdoll with a bit of care and affection. Always keep in mind that your Ragdoll will need all the love you can give.


In this article, we talked about Ragdolls’ typical behavior of following their owners around the house. It should be clear that this behavior is quite natural for a Ragdoll to show.

However, there could also be some other reasons that can guide the cat to do this. Be attentive and love your Ragdoll to the fullest.