Why Does My Pitbull Sleep So Much? [ These Are The Reasons ]

Many Pitbull owners often wonder why their pets love to lay down at a corner or yawn lazily while other dogs are always jumping, running. So, if you think it is only your Pitbull, let us tell you, almost every pet parent of a Pitbull is in the same boat.

According to a study, approximately 8 out of every 10 Pitbull adopters often visit pet clinics to report the same problem. So, is it typical for a Pitbull to sleep a lot?

Expert vets always suggest letting your dog sleep for about 12 to 14 hours per day. But, we cannot say the time applies to every dog breed. But, it is true, Pitbulls generally love their naptime.

Do Pitbulls Sleep A Lot?

Yes, as we mentioned earlier, Pitbulls love to go for a nap that can last for about 14 hours. Contrary to their ferocious and dangerous characteristics, Pitbulls like to lead a lazy lifestyle. According to the experiences of previous Pitbull owners, these dogs tend to spend almost 75% of a day sleeping and resting.

While you can find your Pitbull napping from 12 to 14 hours, they can take a rest roughly for 6 hours after playtime.

Anyway, the time duration can vary depending on several factors. So it is normal if your Pitbull sleeps for 10 hours or 14 hours. But, if the time crosses 14 hours daily, then there is something off in it.


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Why does my pitbull sleep so much?

A grownup Pitbull generally sleeps 12 to 14 hours. But, due to multiple underlying health conditions, it can nap more than the average. If you own a Pitbull and feel concerned about the duration of its naptime, then there is nothing wrong. Pitbulls with typical activity schedules sleep almost 12 to 14 hours and rest for 6 hours a day.

The time is much longer than ours, but it does not mean they sleep more than required. Pitbulls generally need longer naptime to stay healthy and energetic.

Even a Pitbull puppy requires 18 to 20 hours of sleep per day to sustain brain development and healthy body growth. If you keep your pet more active and indulge them in work, the sleeping period can decrease a bit.

But, if you notice your adult Pitbull sleeps more than 14 hours and looks sleepy even after taking adequate rest, there is something off in your canine companion.

If a dog has a sound health and gets the required rest, it will not sleep more than 14 hours daily.

If it happens once in a while, then it is okay. But if your loving pet sleeps more than needed daily, then you need to take it to the vet immediately.

An unusual sleeping habit can sign some underlying health issues.

There can be several factors that provoke your Pitbull to sleep longer than required. Here we have discussed only some of the vital ones.


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Your Pitbull needs more activities

Usually, domestic dogs do not need to become active to fulfill their basic needs. Without any hunting, they get yummy dog treats full of essential nutrients.

So, compared to the life of a wild dog, a domestic Pitbull has lesser activity in a regular schedule.

As a result, this sedentary lifestyle can lead him to sleep more throughout the day.

Apart from it, if the house is way too small to provide enough room for playing, your Pitbull cannot fulfill their instincts.

So, before adopting a pet, you need to consider whether your adobe has enough space to be used as a playground.

If not, then you can consider buying some interactive toys to prevent their monotony. Often lack of activity and boredom results in laziness and drowsiness.

It can be a hormonal imbalance

Just like us, our pets also sleep more than typical due to any sickness. It is natural for an ailing Pitbull to take more rest than regular. So, if your Pitbull is currently suffering from any illness or recovering from any, you can expect a longer nap time than usual.

Experienced Pitbull owners often report hormonal imbalances that occur in their loving pets.

It can make your pet sleep more. Also, a disease called hypothyroidism triggers your Pitbull to sleep more. Hypothyroidism causes fatigue, tiredness, and sleepiness in a Pitbull.


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It can be other diseases or a sign of aging

Pitbulls, suffering from a digestive disorder, can sleep more than average. The poor metabolic rate can lead to an extended naptime for your Pitbulls, as they lack the energy to stay active.

Obesity could also trigger Pitbulls to sleep more.

It could also be trouble breathing that prevents your Pitbull from staying active or even awake. All these severe health conditions require an urgent visit to your vet.

Like any other animal, Pitbulls also lack energy due to old age.

While an adult Pitbull requires 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day, an aged Pitbull needs more resting time than that. So, if your Pitbull is over 7-8 years old, prepare yourself for a new canine schedule with added hours of sleep.

A longer nap for mental stability

Mental stability in a Pitbull! It can be shocking to hear, but it is true. Yes, even your Pitbull can undergo a mental breakdown due to various reasons.

Numerous aspects might come in their lives to lead their heart to break.

If they lose someone very close to them, they start to suffer from severe anxiety. It makes them tend to nap more to reduce their stress level.

Also, if you spend a little time with your Pitbull, it could suffer from emotional issues. So, while they are on the verge of their nervous breakdown, Pitbulls try to find solace during their naptime.

Chances are your Pitbull has diabetes

Often, the inability to produce adequate insulin in the body can make a Pitbull diabetic. The pancreas secretes insulin hormone that adjusts the glucose level in the blood.

But, sometimes, the organ fails to do the work, or the health system cannot react aptly to the insulin. A diabetic dog tires quickly and tends to doze off more frequently than ever. As a result, the canine gains the risk of having diabetes.

How many hours should a pitbull sleep per day?

A grownup Pitbull can sleep for almost 12 to 14 hours and can take rest for 6 hours a day. Like most dogs, Pitbulls also prefer a lazy lifestyle with lots of sleep and rest. If you are a new Pitbull owner, the sleeping habit of your canine companion can appear odd.

How can an active, energetic, ferocious dog be so lazy? Often people get worried seeing their Pitbulls sleep for almost 14 hours and think something serious has happened to their affectionate pet. But this is not the case.

Working dogs like detective mongrels cannot sleep longer due to their lack of resting periods.

But, domestic Pitbulls love to take a nap. 12-14 hours of sleep is natural for them, while they usually rest almost 6 hours a day. Your Pitbull can even feel more lazy and sleepy if you do not indulge in any activity.

Their sleeping habits are another shocking fact that can surprise any pet admirer. Like every being, Pitbulls also love to spend some alone time.

But they spend it by sleeping. Keep your Pitbull in a room by himself, and it can nap for hours. But, often, the nap time depends on how the pet parents raise their dogs.

If you keep your Pitbull always active, chances are they will sleep less. But, if the duration of the nap time differs a lot from the standard one, it can flag some severe health issues.

How many hours of sleep should pitbull puppies Need Per Day?

Pitbull puppies generally sleep for almost 18 to 20 hours a day. Naturally, puppies tend to sleep more than adult dogs, and it applies to most dog breeds. Generally, Pitbulls are lazy when it comes to sleeping habits. Even the adult ones tend to nap for almost 12-14 hours.

But, when it comes to puppies, you will get confused by their resting habit. Often puppies appear as cute bundles of joy, jumping, hugging, and running all over the place.

But, minutes after showing their playful, hyperactive side, they can doze off soundly. Pitbull puppies need this longer naptime with 18-20 hours of duration, as it can promote healthy growth.

During young age, sleeping aids develop the central nervous system, brain, and immune system in the Pitbull’s body. So, next time when you see your cute Pitbull puppy curled in a corner and sleeps soundly, do not disturb it.

But, monitor the naptime as that should not exceed 20 hours regularly. Still, if you do not feel comfortable with the sleeping habit of your puppy, you can consult with a vet.

Summing it up

As the typical nap time of your Pitbull can extend up to 14 hours, any addition to it signs multiple health issues.

If the pup sleeps more than 14 hours daily, take it to the vet for a thorough medical checkup. Also, try to spend more time with your dog to uplift their mood and ensure sound health with enough sleep.