Why Does My Maine Coon Stare At Me? [ See The Reasons Here ]

Maine Coons are the second most popular cat breed in the United States. They are also one of the kindest and friendliest cat breeds in the world.

If you have a Maine Coon cat in your house, you have probably seen that the Maine Coon is staring at you for no apparent reasons.

As you know that cats have a minimal way to communicate with you. So, even the smallest of indications are essential when it comes to cats.

Staring in your direction is one of those small indications that they might want something from you.

So, in this article, we will explore this particular behavior that Maine Coon cats show. Let us start by briefly explaining this behavior of staring at you.

Why Does My Maine Coon Stare At You?

Maine Coons are highly affectionate towards their owners. Staring at you is rarely something that should concern your cat.

Most of the time, it is just the harmless demands of your Maine Coon or the affectionate nature shown. As per the Maine Coon owners, when the Maine Coon is staring at you, they want to be fed.

There can be several more reasons for this behavior, and we will explore each of them in this section. These are the probable reasons behind the behavior in question:

1. Feeding Time:

Most of the time, Maine Coons stare at you when they are hungry, or you are approaching feeding time.

They do not have many ways to communicate their wishes to you, and staring at you and calling you is the best you can do.

So, next time when your Maine Coon is staring at you, check whether the food and water bowls are empty or not. You can also check if the time when it is staring at you coincides with the time they usually eat.

2. Safety:

Safety becomes a concern for the Maine Coon if you have adopted the cat recently.

Cats take some time to adjust to new situations, and the cat is probably cautious of its environment. If the Maine Coon is not comfortable with you, it will keep an eye on you until you become familiar.

3. Attention:

Maine Coons require love and affection more than most cats. Although they are an independent breed in the wild, they become dependent on you for almost everything.

Maine Coon cats are a lot to take care of for that very reason. They want your undivided attention at all times. When it feels that you are not giving attention, it will always stare to grab it.

4. Fascinated:

Cats are curious creatures. We have all seen the video of a cat jumping into a plain cardboard box for absolutely nothing but curiosity.

Maybe that is the reason for this behavior as well. A Maine Coon cat stares at you when it does not understand what you are exactly doing. It is probably their attempt to understand your activities.

5. Space:

Although Maine Coons are incredibly social, they might need their space sometimes as well.

Especially if your Maine Coon has a traumatic past, they can choose to hide whenever a visitor is in the house. Staring at you or the visitor is their way of showing that they need some space.

6. Territorial:

We all know how territorial cats can become when it comes to a particular section of the house.

When you introduce its area without his acknowledgment, it results in a staring contest between you and your cat. This behavior is noticeable between two cats.

7. Hunting:

The cats can go into a long staring session when they are about to hunt.

It may appear that the cat is staring at you, but in reality, they are seeing beyond you and towards a target. They have their focus on these things, and you will not even come close to a staring contest with a cat.

8. Daydreaming:

If your Maine Coon is staring at you without giving away any expression whatsoever, it is probably daydreaming its way through the day.

This situation is more observed for older Maine Coon cats.

If you see that your Maine Coon cat is staring at you for absolutely no reason, slowly blink at them. If they blink back at you, you will know that everything is alright.

Why Does A Maine Coon Stare At Purr and Me?

Maine Coon cats have an affectionate and loving behavior towards everyone. Although they have a minimal way of showing their love and affection, they do it in the cutest way possible.

If the Maine Coon is staring at you and purring, it is probably the sweetest gesture you would see from your cat.

Maine Coons are deft at showing their emotions towards you. If you show your love for the cat, they will amplify it in their way and show it to you.

Hence, staring and purring should give you all the satisfaction of being a Maine Coon owner.


In conclusion, we can say that if your Maine Coon is staring at you, it probably wants something from you.

You can observe whether they want to love, attention, food, or water. Generally, those are the main reasons behind the staring behavior.

Otherwise, it can also be because of their portrayal of love and affection. In any case, you should love your Maine Coon all the same.