Why Does My Maine Coon Cry At Night? Here Are The Reasons

Maine Coon cats require a lot of care, attention, love, and patience from their owners. There are some vital points in your cat parentage where you must be cautious about your cat’s demands. Waking up to your Maine Coon crying in an entirely unrecognizable way can be pretty heartbreaking. So, why does a Maine Coon cry at night?

Your Maine coon cry at night because of attention, food, or love. Your Maine coon may be missing you or they are in hunger or thirsty.

This behavior can be quite draining when you are having a night’s sleep, and we will explain how you can get rid of this behavior while keeping a good relationship with your cat.

Why Does My Maine Coon Cry At Night?

Maine Coon cats can cry any time of the day. But the cries in the middle of the night become more apparent.

Generally, Maine Coons are independent cat breeds, and they try to make themselves comfortable in most situations.

However, there are a few cases that bother them more, and they are dependent on you.

Eating and drinking are the two most common reasons for the Maine Coons’ outcries in the night. However, we will discuss more reasons in this section. Let us begin:

1. Your Maine Coon Is Probably Hungry:

It is one of the most common reasons why your Maine Coon is probably crying. When the Maine Coon is nagging you regarding food, they have a very distinct voice and consistent calls.

If you see that the Maine Coon is crying around their feeding time, they are most likely hungry. However, at night, a Maine Coon can cry due to hunger if it stays up for a long time.

Generally, cats get hungry at night, which is why we recommend keeping some of the dry cat food in the bowl.

Keeping the food bowl empty throughout the night can be detrimental to the health of the Maine Coon, as it means that you are keeping the cat hungry for the entire night.

However, keeping food available all the time will be more dangerous for the Maine Coon. These cats are prone to obesity, and they will eat up the whole portion in a single time.

So, you absolutely should not leave the food bowl filled for the entire night.

If you observe that your Maine Coon is becoming fat at any point in time, consult a veterinarian for a healthy diet and exercise your cat daily.

So, keeping a full food bowl for the entire night is not an option for you. However, there are a few ways to avoid this scenario altogether. We will discuss the solutions when we will be going over the steps to stop crying.

2. Your Maine Coon Is Probably Thirsty:

Maine Coon cats have an unnatural love for the water. Not only do the Maine Coons love playing with water, but they also drink excessive amounts of water to stay hydrated.

Their demand for freshwater is unlike any other cat breed in the world. So, you have to make sure that the Maine Coon has a freshwater source at all times.

If your Maine Coon is crying in the middle of the night, and its voice is shallow, it is more likely due to thirst.

When the water intake is deficient, cats lose their ability to call appropriately. So, it is quite possible that your Maine Coon is probably crying because it is thirsty at night.

3. Attention:


Maine Coons loves attention, unlike any other cat. Maine Coons will thrive when you give attention, and it will love you in every way possible.

However, when you are not attentive, it can ask for your attention at any given time. You involuntarily make the situation worse when it comes to your Maine Coon crying for attention.

When the Maine Coon is crying for your attention, you should not pet it right away. If you pet them as soon as it starts to cry, you encourage the cat to cry for your attention.

If they are looking at you steadily and crying continuously, it is probably asking for your attention. There is an easy way out of the situation, which we will discuss in the subsequent section.

4. It is Probably Hurting:

Generally, cats can mask their pain. Maine Coons can hide their pain like any other cats. Hence, a Maine Coon cat can cry consistently with some erratic behaviors.

If your Maine Coon is protecting one part of the body while crying out loud, it is probably hurt at that location.

Be extremely careful when you are touching the cat as you can hurt even more.

The cat can even have an internal injury that can irritate her. So, you have to take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible if it gives any sign of injury.

5. Afraid:

If your Maine Coon is trying to hide along with constant howling, it is probably afraid of something. A cat can become afraid of several things.

A dog barking in the background, a loud horn on the road, the sound of a firecracker, or the presence of an unknown individual can make the Maine Coon afraid.

When you are in this situation, try to make the Maine Coon comfortable by taking it to a sound-proof and calm environment.

6. Loneliness:

Maine Coon cats can have severe separation anxiety when you leave them for a longer duration. When you go out for the whole day, the Maine Coons feel lonely for entire day.

Hence, they cry out as soon as you come back to them. If you keep leaving them in the house alone without any entertainment, the Maine Coon can develop depression and anxiety-related problems.

7. Traveling:

There can be a series of problems that a Maine Coon can face when you are taking the cat on tour or to a veterinarian.

Cats generally don’t like to remain caged for a lengthy duration, and space can seem cramped for such giant cats. When they feel agitated by something, they will keep crying.

8. Excitement:

When the Maine Coons becomes very excited, they do not cry, but the results are almost the same.

They will meow excessively throughout the time, and it will almost feel like they are crying their hearts out.

For example, if you have a habit of cooking for your Maine Coons, they will meow incessantly for the entire time. It might seem that they are crying, but they are not.

9. Shutting Door on the cat:

If you have owned a Maine Coon before, you know how much a Maine Coon hates being alone. They prefer strolling after you all over the house.

They are so clingy sometimes that they don’t even leave you when you are taking a shower. The worst thing that you can do to the Maine Coon is shutting your door on the cat.

They will throw a tantrum by meowing continuously. The same happens when they come back home from a fun excursion in the backyard and find a closed door.

10. Losing Sense of Location:

If you have an old Maine Coon cat and are crying out every night, they lose their grasp of memory.

Often senile cats have problems with cognitive functions, and they cannot recognize one part of the house from another. They often cry in this scenario. Taking the cat to a vet will be the best-case scenario in this case.

11. Looking for a Partner:

If you have a non-neutered Maine Coon cat, you would see that there is a particular time in the year when the crying habit becomes too much.

These cats go into heat and start looking for a partner. During this time, unspayed females become loud, and they often meow to grasp attention.

Ways To Stop Your Maine Coon Crying?

By now, you should be able to understand why your Maine Coon is crying at any particular time. In this section, we will give you some of how you can stop your Maine Coon from crying.

  • If your Maine Coon is crying because it is hungry, you can invest in an automatic cat food dispenser. You can also set that machine such that they offer food during the night as well.
  • A water fountain can be an excellent investment to maintain a fresh source of water for the Maine Coon at all times. They will not hesitate to drink water whenever they want. However, make sure to change the water once every day.
  • If your Maine Coon is crying to grasp your attention, the method to mitigate this situation is slightly different. You have to restrict yourself from petting it whenever it is asking for you. So, you can pet them when they are not asking. In this way, the Maine Coon will realize that it does not need to cry to get your affection.
  • Maine Coon can also cry because of an injury. You have to take your Maine Coon to a vet if you sense this problem.
  • Being attentive to the needs of the Maine Coons solves most of the problems.


Maine Coon cats can cry for several reasons. It may not be something where they cry with tears, but they can surely yowl and let you know about their discomfort.

Each possible reason has a different solution. We have given you all the necessary details to mitigate the situation.

In the end, if you show enough care and attention to the Maine Coon, you will not find it challenging to keep a happy cat.

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