Why Does My Cat Want Me To Watch Him Eat? Here Are The Reasons You Should Be Aware Of

Even wondered Why Does Your  Cat Want You To Watch Him Eat? 

Let’s agree – Our beloved cats have multiple wired behaviors, and we can not know all of them. But we do have some clue for most of their acts. This is a result of analyzing for a long time.

In this article, we are going to cover. Why your feline friend needs you to watch while she or he having foods.

But let’s start with a simple analogy:

Do you like eating alone? No, right? Most of us prefer a company while having our food. The habit of eating together with the family is inculcated in humans in their childhood only.

The entire family sits down together to have dinner and bond over food. However, the same does not apply to animals.

They are fiercely protective of their meals and like to have it in isolation. Animals do not like sharing their food. For this reason, they do not allow other animals or humans to be close to them while they are eating.

However, the cat species is interestingly devoid of this particular habit. Unlike other animals, cats want their owners to watch them while they have their food.

Why does my cat want me to watch him eat? Here Are The Possible Reasons

In case you do not want to read the entire article, here’s the TL, DR version:

So in short, your cat want you to watch him eat because that way they feel safe and assure theme-self that their owners are with them while they have food.

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Let’s continue-

Do you have multiple pets at home? Does your dog growl when you move close to him while he is eating, whereas, on the other hand, your cat avoids eating her food in your absence?

You must be confused due to this stark difference in personalities. Cats love to be watched and caressed by their owners while eating.


They are the most relaxed and vulnerable while eating their mood and need their human friend to look after them and get rid of any potential threats or dangers while they are eating.

Cats are not vigilant of their surroundings while eating and are busy licking and biting their meal. They trust their owner to be there for them while they have their food.

This is called affection eating or attention-seeking in cats. Sometimes, cats who are scared or and frightened of adjusting in an environment or due to some incident will need their owner at all times with them, especially while eating.

Cats who are affectionate eaters need their owner’s company while eating food. You might sometimes have to spoon-feed them.

Such cats demand to be caressed or simply looked at while having their meal. If your cat refuses to have food, bring her food bowl to your room and sit next to her while gulping down her food. Cats trust their owners and let go of any inhibitions or fears with them so that they can have food in peace.

1) Trust-

Imagine having to be constantly aware and conscious of your surroundings, even while having food. You won’t be able to swallow a single bite properly.

The same happens with cats. They have powerful instincts and are always watchful of their surroundings and mostly stay close to their owners.

The only time when they let off their consciousness is when they have food. They are incredibly vulnerable while eating and therefore need the company of their beloved human. If your cat refuses to eat food in your absence, that is usually considered as an act of trust and affection and loyalty.

Your cat completely trusts you even in a vulnerable position. She believes that you will protect her at all times and especially while she has food.

Your cat trusts you to guard your surroundings so that she can have her food in peace. Therefore, your cat wants you to watch her eat.

2) Habit-

Like human babies, catch certain habits during their infant stage that may be difficult to overcome when they grow up.

For instance, some babies develop a habit of sucking their thumbs as babies continue doing it even when they grow up. Similarly, affection eating is also a habit that cats develop as newly born kittens.

Most of the pet parents spoon-feed their cat during her kitten days or inject the food through a syringe in case she is unable to swallow.

Kittens need an extra level of care, and if you have often put your cat in your lap to feed her during her early months, it must have turned into a habit that she still follows. Therefore, she still demands your company while having food and wants you to watch her.

3) Threat or fear-

Even if your cat did not develop affectionate eating as a kitten, she might pick up this habit as a grown-up. At times this happens due to an incident of fear or shock that must have taken place while your cat was having her food or even otherwise.

Cats are susceptible animals, and even a small incident may cause a more profound impact on them, and they might fear being left alone.

Throughout the day, your cat can see you and stays next to you. However, the same might not happen when she is having her food.

She is unable to see you as she is busy concentrating on her food. This might result in panic or fear of being left alone. Therefore, your cat needs assurance that you are there even when she eats.

4) Illness-


Pet parents have to take care of their pets as babies. What happens when children refuse to eat food? Their parent’s spoons feed them.

Similarly, sometimes cats may also lose their appetite(1) due to any disease or ailment and will refuse to have her food.

She might only eat in your presence when she feels completely secure and at peace. If you affectionately caress your cat’s fur while having food, she will instantly relax and feel safe.


Certain behaviors or actions of cats might seem strange to us as humans, but it always has a deeper meaning to it, which we aren’t able to decipher at times. For example – they can meow when you cough

However, it doesn’t necessarily have always to make sense. There is a vast difference between human and cat psychology.

So now, when your cat wants you to watch her eat, you know it’s mainly because of the trust she has in you to keep her safe even at the most vulnerable times.  

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