Why Does My Cat Swat At Me? [ Know The Reasons Here ]

Cats using their paws for everything is a natural behavior shown by them. But it becomes difficult to tackle when a cat starts swatting at you. Cats have their way of expressing their feelings.

It might be your cat cuddling with you when they are happy, while on the other hand, they might keep on swatting at you if they are annoyed with you. It is tough to judge when your pet cat is in what mood. 

Why Does My Cat Swat At Me?

So to know more about why your cat swats on you, let us jump into some factors mentioned below.

1. They might be playing with you

Swatting is a common nature of cats, often displayed by them, especially when playing with toys. Kittens are generally rougher when swatting at human beings because they are yet to mature on using their claws.

And therefore, they lose control and harm their owners. But for the adults, it is not that they won’t swat at you.

But the adult cats know how to control their claws. If you use your hands while playing with your pet cat, they might consider your hand a toy. You shouldn’t be surprised if your cat starts swatting at you in such a case.

2. Showing redirect aggression

This can become a common cause for your cat swatting at you. If it sees something outdoor, like another outdoor cat or a bird flying around, it might show its aggression to you. Since its paws are the only source of communication, they might show their aggression by swatting at you.

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3. Stress or fear

Cats are excellent at hiding their emotions. Therefore, finding out what triggers their stress and emotions can be difficult for the owner. However, certain things might help you to find their feelings.

Your cat might be making loud noises, or they might be swatting at you after shifting to a new house.

It might mean that your pet cat is under some sort of fear or stress. A vet is the best person who can help your pet cat be relieved from such anxiety.

4. Any underlying illness might cause your cat to swat at you

Swatting could be a significant sign that your cat is dealing with some kind of pain or underlying illness. If so, you should take your pet cat for an immediate check-up to get things in control. Some of the problems are listed below.

  • Your cat might have developed hyperthyroidism.
  • It might have seizure disorders.
  • Your cat might be traumatized.
  • Their mind can decline due to old age.
  • Arthritis or any kind of dental problem.

It would be best to get your cat checked up as soon as they show such signs in their body.

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Why does my cat swat at me when I stop petting?

Cats are very adorable, and thus they always want to be cuddled all the time. A significant reason for your cat swatting at you when you stop petting them is that they didn’t want you to stop.

It wants you to continue petting, so it strikes you when you stop petting. But sometimes, continuous petting for a very long time might make your cat feel very overwhelmed.

It might be possible that while you were petting your cat, your cat might have overstimulated.

According to some research, if your cat is overstimulated, they will instantly swat at you, signaling you to stop petting them. Swatting or biting is their mode of communication at such times.

Why does my cat swipe at me for no reason?

Sometimes, you might be walking around the house during your free time, and you see your cat suddenly swiping at you for no reason. And if you are not wearing full pants or something of the same sort, you might end up hurting yourself.

Cats can swipe at you for no reason, which might mean that they want your attention. Most swiping of the domestic cats is playful, but sometimes, they also swipe at you to show their redirect aggression.

It becomes challenging to understand every move of your cat, and similarly, swiping is no such exception. Swiping mostly happens at times when they are playful and want your attention.

They can also swipe at you out of fear or anxiety, and on the other hand, swiping with their paws might also mean that they are trying to assert their dominance over you. It is infrequent when your pet cat swipes at you to show aggression.

Why do cats swat at your hand?

As mentioned before, your pet cat might swat at your hand while playing with them. If you use your hands while playing with your pet cat, you should be very cautious.

While playing, your cat might think of your hand as their toy, and just like they play with a toy, you might also cause harm to your hand in a similar way. Unless and until your cat is in an aggressive mode or something, swatting at your hand means that they are playing with it.

How to prevent a cat from swatting?

Aggression might come due to various reasons. If your pet cats begin to swat at you for any reason, prevent them from striking. It is bad behavior, and if you allow your cat to swat at you all the time, they might increase doing so, and you might end up hurting yourself.

You should start assessing the problem in your cat ( if any ) and cure them or treat them as soon as possible.

If your cat swats at you while petting them, you must know that they have had enough of petting, and now they are asking you to stop.

If there is any sort of underlying problem or injury, take them to the vet to get them cured. And lastly, if your pet cat has developed any kind of fear or stress problems for some reason, you should get it cured quickly.

Else you might end up harming yourself by your cat swatting at you. Assess the situation, understand the problem and get them cured as soon as possible.

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Final Words

Swatting can take place due to several reasons. It might be your cat wants to play with you, or they want your attention, or they want you to pet them, or it might be due to some sort of injury, or it can be their aggression.

Considering everything, swatting is not a good behavior to develop and becomes very harsh if aggressive.

Though cat aggression comes very rarely, it might harm someone. Therefore, if you see your cat swatting at you frequently, take them to the vet to understand their problem and get things solved quickly.

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