Why Does My Cat Stand On My Feet? Reasons Are Here To Know

Cats are the second most preferred pets after dogs, which is right for many reasons. They are the most innocent animals on this planet, and there are several unique traits that only your feline can exhibit.

It involves covering their food, thinking that their owner will steal it, ready for unlimited play and fun all day long, that heart-melting meow whenever they see their owners, and much more.

Besides these, there are two particular traits I believe many of the owners reading this article want to know.

Those two traits are standing and attacking your feet. If yes, read below and get answers to both of these queries.

Why does my cat stand on my feet?

So, let’s understand why your cat keeps standing on your feet.

It’s their way of showing affection towards you.

Animals can not speak or express their affection towards their favorite human in multiple ways, as we do.

Hence, they have a unique way of doing the same, and that’s standing and sitting on your feet. If you’re your cat’s favorite human, be ready to find her on your feet while brushing your teeth, eating, working on your system, or every other time.

Cats don’t like sitting on the couch as dogs do. Hence, they end up sitting so close to you that they land up your feet.

Another thing about this behavior implies that your cat can follow you for even your slightest movement by standing on your feet. Hence, cats love standing on your feet.


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Your cat is feeling anxious or fearful of something

Another reason behind your cat standing over your feet can include her feeling of fear or anxiety about something.

Standing on your feet or lying next to you takes away the feeling of insecurity.

So, if your cat usually doesn’t stand or sit on your feet but has started to do the same more often now, notice the following behaviors.

  • Is her tail hanging down or tucked underneath the body?
  • Is her head lowered?
  • Is your cat exhibiting signs of fear and crying like never before?
  • Isn’t she leaving even for a second?

If you notice any of the above behavior(s) with your cat, she is fearful and anxious about something. As a cure and to feel secure, your cat will stand or sit on your feet.

Keen to get your attention

It is common for all domesticated pets. If you cannot give proper attention to your cat or any other pet or the cat feels it isn’t getting enough attention from its favorite human, she will sit or stand on your feet to seek some time of attention.

So, next time if you notice your cat standing on your feet, leave your work aside and give her your good time.

Learned behavior

While some cats stand on your feet naturally, others may have learned to do this.

For example, as said above, cats and other animals sit/stand beside their favorite soul to get noted. It can or cannot be a learned behavior.



Some cats keep following their humans to get some food or their favorite treats if hungry. It is not a common way for many cats to ask for food but not rare, though!!


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Why does my cat attack my feet?

If you own a cat, you must have experienced this. You’re sitting on your cozy couch with a cup of black coffee in one hand and another one holding your Sunday magazine.

Suddenly, your mischievous cat jumps over you and goes all the way down to your feet, and treats it to her chew toy.

Right? Sometimes you may anticipate this, while the other day, all this may appear as a shock. Why is she doing this and attacking my feet? Below are some common reasons for this.

Remember, cats are prey animals.

Renowned cat experts and vets claim that the number one reason behind cats attacking your feet is that cats are prey animals.

As they are used to climbing up and scratching every other thing in their range for excitement or releasing their anger, they may find your feet a potential object for the same.

This behavior gets triggered due to their DNA and the nervous system.

They find attacking your feet a fun game.

Just like dogs have an exceptional hearing ability, cats have tremendous skills when it comes to hearing.

So, whenever you move here and there, your cat assumes that it sounds funny and inspires it to jump over your feet to scratch or bite.

It also signifies their hunting nature when even the slightest of noise could activate their senses.

The cat is just bored!

More than humans, the animals find it difficult to pass the time when there’s nothing to do.

For example, if you’re not lending proper time to your cat and have nothing to play with, she will look after other outlets to filter out her energy reserves.

A common way is by scratching or attacking your feet. But as a knowledgeable human, take your cat’s attack as their way of showering love.

She wants to instruct you to leave her alone!

No matter how affectionate bonding you share with your cat, sometimes your cat may desire her time, and during that period, she won’t tolerate any interference.

So, if you have just completed playing with your cat or just fed her and she bits you and runs away, leave her alone.

In a nutshell, attacking your feet can also mean your cat has got enough attention or doesn’t want to continue playing further.

Is there any psychological reason(s)?

Although psychological reasons are the first ones to rule out, some cats exhibit some medical issues like hyperthyroidism, owing to which the cat may attack you.

Some cats may also attack your feet if they got separated from their mother too early or lack the training to bite harshly or swiftly.

So, these are the popular reasons why your cat might attack your feet then and now.


It’s a fact that every animal expresses its love and affection towards the owner uniquely.

While to others that way might appear strange, deep inside you and your cat know the bond of affection between the child and parents.

So, does your cat express her love towards you by standing on your feet or by scratching or licking it while you’re asleep?

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