Why Does My Cat Smell So Good? 5 Reasons You Should Know

Cats are very clean creatures as they continuously groom themselves. Many people have also noted that their cats have a peculiar smell that is very appealing and is quite similar to fruity, nutty, and earthy scents.

These mild scents coming from the cat’s body can be very pleasing to you, and you might wonder what factors influence it to have such a good smell.

Let us try to find out the reasons behind your cat smelling so good:

Why does my cat smell so good?

Cats smell better than most pet animals, even dogs. Cats love to groom themselves and keep their fur sparkling clean. It avoids any dirt or oil accumulating in their fur, which leaves them fresh.

Their saliva has some antibacterial properties and helps in intensive cleaning.

All cats do not have smells on their bodies that can be easily detected by a human being.

But, some cats have a very distinct mild smell that provides a soothing sensation to humans and encourages us to cuddle them more.

Their daily routine, including their diet, activeness, and bathing, affects the cat’s smell.

The scent you get from your cat also depends on your capacity to detect odors as some people just get a neutral smell from the cat that does not affect them in any way.

Reasons why your cat is smelling good

1. A sign of friendliness

Cats give off their most inviting scents when they are in a comforting and welcoming environment. Your cat must love being in your home and has made it it’s own.

It emits a good smell because it loves to be around you.

You might also notice the intensity of the smell increases when you pet the cat because they enjoy it a lot, and there is an increase in the production of hormones responsible for the smells.

Good smell is a sign of a strong friendship between you and your cat.

2. Cleanliness


Cats are very clean creatures, and you would notice them continually grooming themselves. They lick their bodies with their tongue to get rid of any dirt and oil residues.

Their tongue has a rough structure that acts as a brush to reach into all the body corners and make them sparkling clean.

Even if the cat stays indoors for most of their lives, they never give up the act of cleaning themselves.

Since they leave no dirt or sweat particles on their bodies, there is a significantly less chance of a foul odor.

In fact, their extra attention towards cleanliness goes them with a good smell appealing to humans.

3. It is related to our emotional bonding

Many of us are not aware of it, but smells play an essential role in forming an emotional connection with anything.

If you think about it, events from certain memories of your childhood have a specific smell attached to it.

The smell of pie might remind you of your grandmother, the smell of shaving gel might remind you of your father, and so on.

Our olfactory senses are critical in keeping a distinctive memory of someone or something in our minds forever.

If you can smell a lovely scent from your cat, you have an emotional attachment to it.

If you are an owner of multiple cats, there is a good chance that you might find all of them to have distinctive smells.

Such smells help you to keep them in your memory forever.

4. A recent bathe

You don’t need to bathe your cats very often as they can clean themselves up. But, there might be certain times when washing the cat becomes necessary due to the accumulation of dirt and grease.

You certainly use cat shampoos that have a mild yet beautiful smell. [ just don’t use baby or any dog shampoos

The fragrance molecules can stay on your cat’s body for a long time, mostly stuck on their hair follicles, leaving your cat with a good smell for a few days, which might have been detected by your nose.

5. It wants to leave a mark

Cats often emit a scent for their owners to easily detect them among a crowd or when they are lost.

Domestic cats have several glands responsible for releasing many different scents. Their musk is very appealing and helps you to fall more in love with them.

Many people have described their cat’s smell as fruity and pleasing.

This scent is usually more prevalent among female cats and the neutered male cats. Others have reported that their cats have a very welcoming nutty smell.

This smell of nuts, mostly similar to nutmeg, is secreted from the Pinna glands in the cat. These smells give them their uniqueness, which might help identify your lovely pet if it ever gets lost.


If you can smell the fantastic scents your cat emits, you certainly are a lucky human being. Make sure to cuddle with your cat more as it has an extra perk for you.

These smells will help you connect with your cat on an emotional level, and you will indeed form a powerful bond with your pet’s best friend.


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