Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail? [ 8 Reasons You Should Know ]

Owners of the cat are familiar with their pet behaviors. But specific traits can tell you a lot about their feelings, which could be a difficult one for others to understand.

One such thing could be a cat slapping you with its tail. With this, they may be willing to tell you something about their needs.

However, their tails are a physical gesture to connect to their owners. For this, you need to have a close connection with your cat so you can understand their mood very well.

Why Does My Cat Slap Me with His Tail?

Cats usually slap you with their tail because they may be willing to connect or talk with you. Also, it could be a sign that they want to grab your attention.

It could even mean that they are feeling lonely or irritated about something.

On the other hand, you need to pay close attention to your cat’s wagging tail as it could simply mean that they are hungry or want your love. However, a cat slapping you with its tail is not a serious issue to think about.

So, today we will study the different meanings hidden behind your cat slapping you with his tail. They are as follows.

1. Stay Far

If the cat is slapping you with its tail on your leg, it could simply mean that you are crossing its way. Thus, you should give him a way to move forward. So, it could also mean that you are making them feel afraid as you come nearby.

There are several ways that a cat could behave with you. Their way of communicating with you may usually depend on their mood. It is also common for them to strike their tail on you while you are sleeping. They may also show disregard to something using its tail on you. 

However, some cats may break something to show anger or start playing with their favorite stuff. They may even begin whacking their tail while you are watching your favorite shows.

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2. Irritated

Your cat could even slap you with its tail if they are irritated or violent. If your cat is making a sharp and rapid touch to you, it indicates its wild nature.

On the other hand, if there is a forceful movement of your cat’s tail towards you, it could mean they are irritated or upset about something. There may also be a reason the cat is unhappy about the human presence nearby.

So, they may quickly move their tail back and forth. If you notice such traits in your cat, it is a clear sign your cat is distressed or irritated.

Besides, some cats are frustrated if they cannot take revenge on the one who has harassed them. Also, some cats do not like cuddling or getting their bellies touched by their owners.

3. They are Hungry

If your cat is hungry, it will walk to you and touch its tail with a fierce look. However, they try to do this fast movement to seek your attention. The behavior implements that they are talking to you and are asking for food.

Cats prefer eating at the usual time every day, and they know very well when the clock is ready for their meal. Many times, cats strike their tail on you to request to give them food.

However, if you find your cat eating rapidly or struggling to take a bite of their food, it could mean that you have to change the meal course or offer them something else. Meanwhile, it could also mean that your cat needs medical attention even after the meals change.

4. Playtime

There could be times when your cat is looking for activity and attention simultaneously. Therefore, tail slapping allows them to communicate with you hassle-free, which means they do not want you to sleep.

If your cat is happy to see you, they will go down on you using her tail upright. You could also observe sudden and less vibrating jerks.

When a cat is seeking your attention, it may lie on its back for you to cuddle them on its belly or may even gently paw at you.

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5. FeelingAnxiety 

If your cat feels anxiety, it will kneel to the ground with a fast-moving tail. Your pet will sit down close to you and slap you with the tail on your back. The cats may try to drive your attention towards them for no reason.

When you go to another room or anywhere else, your cat may fold its tail around you. It is a sign from your cat that they are afraid of something. You can also see your little one following you all over the room.

A cat may also feel anxiety if there is an entry of a new member to your house. However, at times your cat may start tail slapping if they get bored of your cuddling. 

6. Accidental Touch

Your cat may whack their tail unknowingly to you. Also, cats feel great about their tail touching you unknowingly as this allows them to connect with you. It gives them great fun when you bother them.

Cats like to spend time with their close ones and may quickly run over to your feet when you are walking around. But if you ignore them, they will never like it.

7. Your Cat Is Wishing You

Your cat could wish for you just like humans do. They can say hello by wagging their tails. If you are coming back to your home from work, you may find your cat welcoming you simply by folding its tails over your arms. And it is also a beautiful gesture from your cat to feel the affection.

8. Your Cat Is Annoyed

If your cat is making a tail movement on the downside and swishing it to and fro, it could be a clear sign of your cat getting angry. For this, you have to give some time to your cat to recover.

On the other hand, tail slapping may mean the cats are getting annoyed or are angry with something. So you need to quickly stop cuddling your cat. 

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Final Thoughts

However, for centuries, people considered a cat slapping its tail as a bad omen. They are even superstitious about wagging its tail. Some people think they are always upset or anxious, but you need to pay close attention to your cat.

When you stay with your cat and try communicating regularly, you can understand their language well.

However, when you develop a close association with each other, you will observe their behavior and interpret them easily. Cats also slap their tail when they come back from a long journey. They are most likely to try to rub on you to show affection.

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