Why Does My Cat Meow When I Pick Her Up?

Communication is the key to survival. Well, every living being on this planet has its means of communication. Like human beings talk to each other, dogs bark, ants leave behind pheromones, bats communicate by sound waves.

Similarly, cats also communicate by meowing.

So if you own a pet cat, it is quite natural that it relies on communicating with you by meowing. So apparently, when you try to pick her up, it tries to tell you something. That can either be affection or discomfort or any other such thing.

Why Does My Cat Meow When I Pick Her Up?

Your cat meows when you try to pick her up because it tries to communicate with you. It is quite normal for cats to do so.

It tries to show either its affection, its liking towards you, or it might try to convey some sort of discomfort, some kind of distress. There might be many more reasons regarding this. We will read about some of the obvious reasons in detail below.

1. Your cat likes your company

Sometimes your cat meows when they are picked up because they enjoy the affection shown by you very much. By meowing, they are making sure they get your complete attention. They are telling you that they want you close to them. They like the warmth of yours.

If you carefully notice your cat’s body language that is accompanied by the meow, you will notice a few things.

Your cat will give you a head bunt and start relaxing in your arms. It will not try to escape. Some cats might even trill when they are picked up.

So, when you pick up your furry friend, this meow confirms contentment. They try to greet you. It is their style of saying hello. They tell you that they are happy about being picked up.

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2. Your cat is hungry

Well, you might not have been giving enough attention to your cat, and apparently, it simply is mad. It then squeaks in a high-pitched voice. Then, before you start to freak out, you have to put down your cat and let it figure out what it wants.

If it directs you towards its food dish, there is your answer. Your fluffs are hungry.

You will find it sitting by the food dish and meowing until you feed it. It was her way of telling you that she did not want to be held at that time. She was hungry and wanted you to feed her.

3. Your cat doesn’t like how you picked her up

Well, it might be true that your cat loves being held and picked up, but even then, it might not always like the way you pick her up.

It is experiencing some sort of discomfort. If your cat meows when you pick her up, it is simply trying to tell you to change your approach to hold her.

The correct way to pick up your cat is to make sure that you fully support its whole body.

Never try to lift your cat by its front legs. It might be in great discomfort and slight pain. Also, you must give some time to your cat to get used to the way you pick her up before you directly start scooping her up.

4. Your cat is stressed

If you have emotions and experience mood swings, expect your cat to have the same. They are living beings, after all.

If your cat in general loves being held and touched, but suddenly she is throwing tantrums and is meowing, the possible reason could be that she is not in a good mood and doesn’t want to be held.

The reason behind her mood swing could be some disorder in the household.

There could be raised voices that might have got your cat scared, or there might be the arrival of guests or arrival of a new family member most likely to be a baby, or there could be another pet in your house that ended up fighting with your cat.

There could be medical reasons as well behind your cat’s agitation. Whatever might be the reason, a stressed cat prefers not to be held.

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5. Your cat probably doesn’t like being held very much

It is true that not all cats like being held. It then meows to show its desire to put it down as it doesn’t want to be held or touched. If your cat has a temperament, then you might expect a few scratches if you don’t put her down immediately.

There can be a few reasons why your cat doesn’t like being held. Maybe it was mishandled and was made to feel threatened in the past.

Cats, in general, like to have control over the things that happen to them. So it would be wise to let your cat decide whether it wants to be petted and made to feel relaxed or otherwise.

6. Your cat isn’t feeling the bond

If scooping every cat you see is your nature, if you can’t resist cuddling cute cats and getting a meow then, it’s not the cat’s fault here.

You have to understand that the cat might not have made up a bond with you yet. The cat that doesn’t know will meow and prefers to be put down because it is not comfortable with you.

If it is the matter of your pet cat, then the possible reason for the cat to meow when you pick it up could be that it is new to your household and overwhelmed by everything.

They are still getting accustomed to the new scents and sites. In that case, you have to give your fluffs some time to get cozy, and eventually, you might end up becoming its favorite human friend one day.

7. Your cat might not be feeling very well

Not everyone is at their best every day. Similarly, your cat might not be feeling her best that day. So, a meow is a sign that your cat might be in pain or physically unwell.

The weather might not have been suitable, or the food might have upset her stomach. In that case, instead of lifting her, you can gently stroke her back while she is lying on her own to avoid amplifying her pain or discomfort.

If your cat doesn’t generally meow when you lift her, but now she continues to meow to voice her discomfort, you might consider consulting a doctor.

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Just like other animal behaviors, there might be various reasons why your cat might meow when you pick her up. All you need to do is pay attention to the new, understand what your cat wants, and act accordingly.

You have to carefully get accustomed to the tone of meowing of your cat as well as its body language, as your cat’s only way to communicate with you is by meowing.

If your cat is jolly and likes to meow to show its happiness every time, then you are good to go.

It is well and good if you figure out a way to please your cat every time it whines, but if you can’t figure out the problem, don’t hesitate to call up a veterinarian.

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