Why Does My Cat Meow Loudly In The Other Room?

A cat’s meow is one of the common ways to try to communicate with us. Understanding the meow of your pet cats will help you and help your pet cat live peacefully.

It might be concerning if you see your cat meowing loudly in another room. The cats majorly meow in another room as a mode of communication. They can meow whenever they require attention, are hungry, or need attention.

They can also meow when they have any underlying illness, require help or feel distressed. Most of the pet cats also meow as an emotional response.

The tone and loudness of a cat’s meow are important because all the meows are not of the same tone. Sometimes, a cat’s meow might mean something is wrong, and thus you have to know the meow of your pet cat. Below are some common reasons why your cat might be meowing in another room.

Why Does My Cat Meow Loudly In The Other Room?

Below are some possible reasons for your cat meowing loudly in the other room:

1. Your pet cat might be having some kind of illness

Cats are excellent in hiding their underlying physical illness. There are some situations when they are hurt and have underlying pain that they cannot handle.

Some diseases can also change their appetite, resulting in being more or less hungry at times. Pet cats generally meow at their owner when they are too hungry and need food.

When the cats have any underlying illness in their body, they do not meow at you. The cats will try to stay away from their owner and not let you touch them and stay still.

The cat’s meow will not come out unless treated or inspected.

You will have to understand their body posture carefully when they are meowing because it might give you an indication of the illness in their body. If you feel that your cat is facing any such type of illness, you should take your cat to the vet immediately.

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2. Cats also meow when they require attention

Some breeds of cats, especially the Siamese, meow a lot when they need attention. They are extremely vocal.

If your pet cat indeed requires attention and you somehow don’t scratch them through their body, your pet cat might meow loudly and jump over you. Your pet cat might go to another room and meow loudly, being very vocal if they genuinely need attention.

If this is the cause of their meowing, you should spend more time with them by petting them or playing with them.

This might also change their behavior as they will come to know that you will pet your cat whenever they start meowing. If it is the case, try to teach your cat that you will pet them if they are quiet.

3. Your pet cat might be aging

As the pet cats start aging, some bodily functions start degrading. Majorly the eyesight of the cat. This might not cause a problem during the daytime because their extra lips help them.

You might also be walking along with them, and thus they can move around. But at night, it becomes an entirely different story.

If a cat cannot see where they are and what is happening around them, they will start meowing loudly.

If you feel that your cat is meowing due to lost eyesight or any kind of age-related issue, make sure to place them somewhere near you. At least they can smell you, recognize your voice, and might stay calm.

4. Tired pet cats tend to meow loudly

The pet cats are tired and stressed out very quickly. The most common causes of stress are any sort of big move, a new baby in the house, or any guests visiting your place.

If your pet cat’s surroundings are likely to be damaged, your cat might tire out very quickly. The better part of pet cats is that they get suited to a new house, or baby, or any new people. But the worst part of this case is that they start meowing very loudly.

If you feel that your cat is meowing due to any stressful situation, try to understand the problem and remove it if possible.

You cannot remove a new baby from the house, but you can reduce the interaction of your pet cat with the new baby. Another effective strategy is to spend quality time with your pet cat and make them calm down.

5. Your cat might meow loudly in another room if they are stuck in something

Although this is an uncommon case to happen, it can happen. Your cat might fail to climb the curtains, couch cushions and beds and ultimately get stuck.

Sometimes, they might stop and sit there until they find someone, but they start meowing loudly at other times.

Closets are another culprit that causes the cats to meow loudly. The pet cats prefer to sleep inside the closets, and it is very easy to shut the door and walk away.

But when they wake up from their nap, they will start meowing loudly to ensure that they are stuck inside the closet. The pet cats are more likely to meow loudly when they are stuck inside, often getting stuck inside the closets.

6. When the cats want to be social, they start meowing loudly

The friendly pet cats start meowing loudly when they meet and greet people outside. Your cat might be sleeping, but they would love to greet them when they listen to the doorbell.

Your cat will start meowing loudly when they start greeting people at the door. You cannot do anything about this because this is your cat’s personality.

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7. Your cat might meow when they try to go out

Some pet cats are both indoor and outdoor if you also have a dog at your house. Cats will tend to pick up the behavior of other animals. Your pet cat might also stand at the door and start meowing loudly.

This lets you know that you will have to open the door to let them go in or out.

If this is something that your pet cat loves, take them out sometimes for a stroll. Scheduling their walk outside will also help them live peacefully and reduce their meowing loudly in other rooms.

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Final Words

These are some of the major reasons for which your cat might meow loudly in another room. Apart from these, your cat might also meow when they try to hunt something.

Therefore, you should be very careful about it all the time. You should know the cause of your cat meowing loudly and tend to support them to reduce their meowing all the time.

If your cats require attention, give them but do not give them much attention so that they understand that whenever they meow, they will get the required petting from you.

If there is any kind of illness underlying in your cat’s body, you should take them to the vet immediately. Else the illness of your cat might grow more and cause them distress.

It will also reduce their meowing in other rooms and prevent your problems. After all, it is your pet cat, and you would always like to keep them happy to live peacefully.

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