Why Does My Cat Lay On My Stomach When I Am Pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you might notice your cat frequently trying to be around you and following you around the house.

It might even sleep on your stomach whenever they get a chance. Such a change in their behavior might leave you wondering about the reason behind their sudden attachment to your belly.

Why does my cat lay on my stomach when I am pregnant?


Cats are sensitive creatures, which is why they usually lay on your stomach when you are making a beautiful life inside you.

Cats have a powerful sense of organs, and they know about the slightest change in their surroundings. They become well aware that you are bringing a new life into the world and bonding with it.

When you are pregnant, there is a change in your smell due to the pregnancy hormones that the cat can easily detect.

Your average body temperature also rises when you are pregnant. The cat loves your warm belly and therefore loves to lie on your stomach and cuddle with you.

Can cats sense pregnancy?

Yes, cats can sense pregnancy very well. At times, they can detect that you are pregnant even before you are aware of it.

There are specific means through which your cat can see that you are carrying a baby inside your belly:

1. Change in smells

Cats have a very well-developed sense of smell. Researchers claim that their ability to detect scents is 9 to 16 times stronger than human beings.

There are many hormonal changes in your body when you are pregnant, and your cat can easily detect it.

Your body begins to produce more estrogen, progesterone, hCG hormones, etc. which changes your usual smell.

It encourages the cat to behave differently around you, including its enthusiasm to lie on your stomach.

2. Behavioral Changes

There are a lot of apparent behavioral changes in you during your pregnancy. Even though you might not be aware of it yet, the cat can detect these behavioral changes.

Cats are very observant creatures and can see the slightest change in you. Cats notice the difference in your eating habits, sleeping schedule, and overall activeness, which helps them sense your pregnancy.

They can even detect your mood swings and the variety of emotions you feel during your pregnancy.

3. Body movements

Cats also notice the way you walk, how you sit and carry out your daily activities. They can read your body language very efficiently, which helps them to deduce about your pregnancy.

During your pregnancy, your steps become heavier, and you often tend to arch your back unconsciously. You might also waddle instead of walking normally when you are heavily pregnant.

These changes in your posture and body movements help the cat to sense that their owner is pregnant.

4. Body heat

Your body temperature rises by a few degrees when you are pregnant. Although you might not be able to realize it, your cat can feel the warmth of your belly.

They are quite fond of such cozy spots and love to rub their bodies on it.

If you notice your cat getting very affectionate towards you and continuously tries to cuddle with you, there is a good chance that you might be expecting.

Possible reasons for a cat’s laying on your stomach when pregnant.

Cats have a higher body temperature than humans and love to rest on warm spots. During your pregnancy, your body temperature is often higher than other people.

Cats love this extra warmth and, therefore, always try to lie on your belly to feel it. They also try to rub their body on your warm belly as it gives them a cozy and comfortable feeling.

They become incredibly cuddly during your pregnancy as they become fond of the warmth of your body.

There are a lot of changes in your body during pregnancy. These include physical as well as hormonal changes.

The cat often becomes curious about the difference in your scent and tries to familiarize themselves with the new smell.

Lying on your stomach also gives them a chance to bond with your unborn baby.

Since they can smell scents undetected by the human nose, they get familiarized with your baby even before it is born. The cat might lie on your belly out of sheer love for you and your baby bump.

Cats also notice that you are often tired and less active during your pregnancy. They are well aware of your changes in movement and your decrease in mobility.

Since you stay tired in bed most of the time, your belly becomes the perfect resting place for your cat. They can snuggle with you without getting disturbed by your frequent movements.

The cat begins to treat your warm belly as their perfect resting perch. It also allows them to stay close to their favorite human being.


Cats are incredibly affectionate and caring towards expecting mothers. Their behavior around you during your pregnancy is a sight to behold.

The cat will keep you happy and lighten your mood throughout your pregnancy. You will surely cherish the bond formed between you and your cat during this time for the rest of your life.


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