Why Do Siamese Cats Talk So Much? Are The Really Vocal? Here’s The Answer

Siamese cats are more expressive than any other cat breeds in the world. Every cat has its own physical and behavioral traits, and the talkative nature is the unique feature of Siamese cats.

Belonging from the Thailand royalty, Siamese cats know how to grab your attention when they need something.

They can also make more than a hundred types of sounds, and every call conveys a different meaning. This particular feature is one of the reasons behind their notable popularity.

However, it also signifies that they crave attention more than other cats as well. So, you need to know this trait before adopting a Siamese cat of your own.

This article will explore the possible reasons for their talkative nature and help you understand the meaning when your Siamese calls you next time.

Why Do Siamese Cats Talk So Much?

Siamese is a vocal cat breed, and they can express their desires through several sounds. We can consider the meows as a form of communication with humans.

If you notice a cat communicating with another cat, it will never be through a meow. This form of communication is only for humans.

If your cat is more vocal than any other cat in the household or more vocal in general, you have to understand that this is a natural trait of the cat.

However, Siamese cats may talk more due to a plethora of causes. We will go through the probable reasons one by one in the following subsections.

Craving Attention:

Before adopting a Siamese cat for your household, you have to understand that Siamese cats need more attention and care than most other cat breeds.

The talkative nature is an outcry for grabbing your attention. Most of the cats will retaliate from your touch, but Siamese cats are nothing like that.

They will love you as you show more affection towards them. If the Siamese cat is meowing incessantly, it probably wants you to play with them or pet them.

You cannot get rid of this behavior in a day or two once you have responded to its cries since it was a kitten.

That is why we recommend Siamese cat owners do not encourage this attention-seeking behavior.

Approach the cat when it is quiet, and start a playing session. In this way, the cat will understand that you will give them attention even without the repeated calls.

Being Hungry:

If the Siamese cat is meowing every time you are entering the kitchen or going near the food bowl, it probably wants you to feed him.

You have to discourage this kind of behavior. Otherwise, it will give positive reinforcement to the undesirable trait.

You can provide them with food when they are quiet. If this technique is not working, you can maintain a feeding schedule to train them accordingly.

If you encourage food-seeking behavior, then Siamese cats will continue to meow whenever it wants food.


Siamese cats are social animals, and they love the idea of spending time with others. Staying with the cat for a prolonged period every day is a crucial criterion for Siamese cats.

If you have a job that keeps you away from the house most of the time, then Siamese cats are not for you. Separation anxiety or loneliness is driving the cat to be more vocal than usual.

If that is the reason, you have to consider taking a pet sitter when you are away or adopting another pet for the household.

It does not take away the requirement of your presence, but Siamese cats will be better in this way.


Cats generally do not like a change in their schedule. If you have made any significant changes to your Siamese cat’s routine, it might face anxiety issues.

Cats often become more vocal when they are suffering from anxiety.

If your Siamese cat has become more talkative suddenly, you have to look for any apparent change in their schedule or environment.


Any sudden change in behavior can be concerning for any cat owner. If the Siamese cat asks for your attention, you can take it to a veterinarian for a regular check-up.

The cat can catch a kidney or thyroid disease, which increases the appetite.

The Siamese cat can feel hungry or thirsty in these conditions. It can also develop some internal pain, and the cat can react to it as well.

Mating Season:

If your Siamese cat did not go through the process of neutering or spaying, it could go into heat. It is a mating season for cats, and cats can behave unnaturally during this.

If the non-neutered Siamese cat has become more vocal suddenly, it is probably looking for a partner. Neutering or spaying the Siamese is presumably the best way to get rid of this problem.


Old cats often develop memory-related problems. This phase makes them react unnaturally, and the yowling is probably the effect of that.

Aged Siamese cats often feel disoriented at night.

You can take the cat to a veterinarian for some prescription pills to help it in this condition. You can also leave the light lamp open for the cat to help with the disorientation.

How To Keep Your Siamese Cat Quiet?

An overall idea about the probable reasons for the vocal nature of Siamese cats can help you.

There are several ways by which you can address these issues to keep your Siamese cats quiet. We will suggest some useful ways of keeping your Siamese calm.

  • Siamese cats may demand more attention than most of the other cats, but receiving love will make them stay quiet and lovely as well. So, you can spend as much time as possible with the cat. You can play with them or train them to do various activities.
  • You can not encourage the cat when it is demanding something to eat. You can let the cat eat something when it is quiet. It also holds when the Siamese cat is asking for attention as well.
  • If the cat has recently developed this behavior, you should take it to a veterinarian for a check-up.


The extreme vocalization is a part of any Siamese cat ownership. There are several reasons for which the Siamese cat might start incessant meowing or yowling.

Most of the time, it is nothing but the Siamese cat asking for your attention. But you have to make sure that the Siamese cat is receiving all the attention and love from you.

It is better to take the Siamese cat for a check-up no matter what. If there is nothing wrong with the cat, you can start training the cat for calmer behavior.