Why Do Pitbulls Like To Cuddle So Much? [ Know Here ]

People presume Pitbulls as one of the most dangerous and ferocious dogs living. The aggression, temperament, and corrupt history all have made Pitbulls as badly reputed pups.

But, the moment you start training it, you will notice a surprising change in your pet. Training and socialization explore the soft sides of their character and make Pitbulls more kind, benevolent, and loving.

However, along with the affectionate nature, several factors shape Pitbulls as cuddle buddies. Check out this article to know more about the cuddling nature of your Pitbulls.

Why do Pitbulls like to cuddle so much?

Like any other dog, Pitbulls also cuddle mainly for their affectionate nature. Apart from fulfilling their emotional requirement, the pups can cuddle because they need warmth and love. Since Pitbulls are loyal and grateful to their owners, they always try to bond with their masters.

So, they express this affection towards their owner through cuddling.

Apart from these three reasons, a specific hormone or the pack personality of Pitbulls makes them a loving, cuddly friend who stays forever with their pet parents. 

There are only a few dog breeds that are as affectionate, cuddly, and caring as Pitbulls.

So, if you wonder why your precious Pitbull likes to cuddle, you are in the right place. Below we have described elaborately all the factors that provoke Pitbulls to hug their owners throughout the day. 


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Pitbull gets warmth by cuddling you

If your Pitbull has one parent with long hair, chances are the pup can grow longer fur. But, usually, pureblood Pitbulls have silky, short hair that gives them an elegant look.

Even though the short hair provides a great benefit of minimal shedding, it does not offer Pitbulls enough warmness. It is the reason why Pitbulls like to cuddle you constantly to get warmth from your body. 

Often Pitbull owners, in scorching hot weather, love to keep the low temperature in the house. This chilling or freezing weather can soothe you, but your pet probably does not like that.

Due to short fur, their coat cannot provide enough warmth to them.

That is why Pitbull owners often experience the invasion of Pitbull in his private space.

They want to stay close to you and cuddle you because the cozy atmosphere provides them with sufficient warmth, which the short fur fails to offer. 

Many Terrier parents love to get a constant hug from their pets. While Pitbulls love to cuddle them, most owners also prefer to snuggle their furry friends as long as possible.

But, for some Pitbull owners, this constant cuddle can be a problem.

So, in that case, you need to find something that provides them almost the same warmth which Pitbulls get from you. 

There are multiple toys, dog houses, and other options you can find in the market that offer Pitbulls an intimate, comfy, and warm atmosphere.

The pups love to stay in their cozy dog houses when the house is freezing, even during scorching summer days.

Also, it will be a great idea if you pile up fluffy blankets, towels, pillows, or even clothes to make a warm cave for your furry friend.

Express their affection through cuddles

When it comes to expressing emotions, no dog breed can be as exuberant as Pitbulls.

While other mongrels express their affection or gratitude towards their masters through only a gentle lick or wagging tail, Pitbull jumps on you, cuddles, and snuggles you throughout the day to show its love.

If you think your pet only stays beside you to show how much it respects you, then you are wrong.

Pitbulls rather sit on you, kiss and licks you while cuddling, only to let you know the amount of affection they hold for you.

There could be many reasons behind such an over-expressive nature of Pitbulls, but we will tell you the most important one.

The dog breed is one of the most oversized lap dogs. If they get any chance to throw their weight on the body of their favorite person, they will be the happiest. 

Being physical dogs, Pitbulls tend to be so cuddly to their masters.

Their service as herding and hunting dogs has made them use their body to control other animals physically. That is why modern Pitbulls show their affection through physical instincts such as cuddling, licking, and snuggling. 


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Want to befriend their masters

Despite having such a troubled past, Pitbulls tend to quickly bond with their owners and the family. Pet owners often share their experiences of rescuing Pitbulls from the shelters, where the dogs generally face a lot of abuse. 

So, considering the corrupt past Pitbulls bear, now you probably understand why they show love and gratitude to their masters in every action.

It is another reason the dogs tend to stay loyal and friendly to the family, no matter what happens.

You will see very few loyal dogs like Pitbulls, who can even risk their lives to guard their owners. 

Since Pitbulls are so childish, they expect an equal amount of love and care from you in return. Also, while they try their best to befriend you, they do not want to leave you.

Pitbulls require all your attention, adoration, care, and time.

Even if you spend hours with them to develop a bond, you will know they can never get enough of being with their human friend. 

So, all these phenomena provoke the pups to snuggle their master or favorite person as long as they can.

So we suggest, even if you provide them with intelligent toys, try to spend at least some decent hours with Pitbulls and let them cuddle you as much as they want. 

Naturally tend to live in a pack

Like any other dog, Pitbulls are also pack-animals. In the wild, they typically live in a herd with their four-legged family members. So, if we genetically look for the reason behind this cuddling behavior, it could be the pack mentality. 

That makes Pitbulls tend to bond with and snuggle their family members, be it a dog or a human being.

We have already mentioned how they love to befriend their masters and express their emotions through cuddling and snuggling. All these behaviors are the result of their pack mentality.

As Pitbulls are pack animals, they do not like to stay alone.

So, wherever you go away from them, the dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Their cuddling nature makes them want you to sit by their side all the time.

That is why they jump on your lap and hug tightly the moment you enter the home.

Their experience as fighter dogs also provokes the pack mentality. That is why Pitbulls always need a companion who spends time with them.

As Pitbulls are pack animals, they love it when you direct or guide them. After a long day at work, when you come home, you can see the excitement in the eyes of your pets.

Pitbulls get agitated to have you back because they consider you as a leader.

That is why they eagerly wait for your command to follow and cuddle you tightly to express their love and respect towards you. 


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Oxytocin hormone is the science-backed reason

There are even some scientific factors that make Pitbulls tend to cuddle more. We have mentioned earlier that Pitbulls endure separation anxiety when you are not around.

That is why they cuddle you to relieve the stress and anxiety the moment you reach home.

Now, you can ask, why does only cuddling help them release the tension? It is because hugging and snuggling help to release oxytocin hormone in the animals. The other name of it is the love hormone. 

As cuddling makes both you and your pet happy, let them hug you as long as they want, if possible.

It not only aids in strengthening the bond but also helps both of you to release the stress.

So, next time when your Pitbull jumps on your lap to cuddle you, do not resist. Maybe it just wants some way to relieve the anxiety. 

Final thought

We hope our article has changed your assumption of a Pitbull. Many people consider them as the most aggressive, ferocious, vicious, and dangerous dogs ever because they have never seen cuddling, caring, and loving Pitbull in their lives.

So, if you plan to have the puppy, do not hesitate. Commence training and guiding it from the very first day. You will have an adorable, snuggling, and loyal furry companion who will never leave your side, no matter what happens.