Why Do Pitbulls Drink A Lot Of Water? [ Know The Reasons ]

Like every living being, Pitbulls also need some water breaks to quench their thirst. But it is never okay to drink excessive water, especially for Pitbulls. If your pet regularly drinks more than needed water, chances are it is suffering from some underlying diseases.

Often pet owners ask why their Pitbulls drink a lot of water and whether it is normal or not.

According to the docs, if your Pitbull drinks more water than needed, you should be concerned about the fact.

Why do Pitbulls drink a lot of water?

Generally, Pitbulls drink a bit more water than regular dogs due to their size and hyperactivity. There is a secret formula to calculate how much water a dog should inhale daily. First, weigh your pet. Then calculate 1 ounce or 1⁄8 cup of liquid per pound of your Pitbull’s bodyweight.

The outcome will be the required amount of water for your lovable four-legged friend.

So it translates to there is no settled number applicable for every dog, especially when it comes to hydration. As Pit Bulls weigh a bit heavier than other breeds of dogs, it is sometimes natural to take water a bit more.

As a Pitbull owner, you probably should know how energetic your dog is and how much it loves the playtime.

Some Pitbulls drink a lot of water after playtime due to exhaustion. So is there nothing to worry about if your Pitbulls drink a lot of water? To answer it, first, you need to know how much is ‘a lot’.

Since now you can easily calculate the fluid needs of your Pitbull, check out how much water it drinks regularly.

If the dog takes a little more only after the playtime, then it is okay.


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But, if the mongrel continues to swallow more fluid than needed, then there is something off in it. This concerning condition obliges urgent medical care.

If your Pitbull drinks a lot more water than required daily, chances are it is suffering from a disease called Polydipsia.

It often comes with another issue called Polyuria, where the Pitbull urinates a lot. Below are some general reasons that cause Polydipsia in your loyal friend Pitbull, which are as follows.

1. Simple dehydration can become severe

Excessive heat, play, workout, sickness, or any infection can cause dehydration in your Pitbull and provoke them to drink more water. It can even make your energetic and active Pitbull lethargic suddenly.

Neglected dehydration can be fatal for your lovable pup.

The only way to resist it is by taking your Pitbull to the vet as soon as possible. There are some home remedies you can try, but nothing substitutes a proper medical treatment.

2. It could be acute or chronic kidney disease

The two common signs of kidney disease in dogs are Polydipsia (increased thirst) and Polyuria (excessive urination).

When the kidney of your Pitbull cannot work well while processing toxins, it requires more water to do the job efficiently.

That is why Pitbulls with kidney dysfunction have an unlimited thirst.

Along with Polydipsia and Polyuria, kidney insufficiency can show other symptoms like vomiting, lack of appetite, diarrhea.

If you notice your Pitbull companion shows any of these symptoms, do not delay calling for medical help.

3. It could be Diabetes mellitus

Polydipsia and polyuria can be symptoms of many underlying diseases, and one of those could be Diabetes mellitus.

The pancreas of a dog produces Insulin hormone that controls blood glucose levels.

But, in a diabetic Mellitus condition, the pancreas either produces more or less insulin and the health system of your Pitbull does not respond to it.

So body glucose level gets disrupted and triggers excessive thirst and urination in your loving pet. Diabetes is a severe medical condition that requires a fast diagnosis.

4. Your Pitbull can have Diabetes Insipidus

Even though diabetes insipidus is very rare in pets, you cannot eliminate the chance. It is originally a disorder that affects the power of conserving water of your Pitbull.

Because of it, your four-legged friend drinks and urinates excessively.

If the kidney of your loving dog fails to respond to the hormone ADH, the animal cannot conserve water.

If the problem is not that serious, often the vet prescribes synthetic ADH. But if it gets severe, you will probably have to expect hospitalization.


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5. It could be a sign of liver disease

If your Pitbull suddenly wants more water and urinates frequently, chances are it is suffering from acute liver disease. The liver is a multi-purpose organ.

So, when it fails to work, it shows multiple symptoms, including Polyuria and Polydipsia.

You could also see vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss in your dog.

While treating your Pitbull, doctors often need to perform a liver function test to comprehend its condition. If he notices any disorder, your Pitbull will get quick treatment with the assurance of fast recovery.

6. Medication can have side effects

Even certain medications cause Polydipsia in Pitbulls.

Some anti-inflammatory pills like prednisone increase the thirst in your Pitbull.

Vets prescribe these types of drugs to cure medical conditions like asthma, allergies.

Medications that are similar to furosemide also trigger Polydipsia. If your Pitbull is going through a neurological disorder or so-called seizure condition, vets often prescribe drugs like phenobarbital.

7. Poor diet triggers excessive thirst

If the regular diet of your Pitbull lacks hydration or only contains 5-10% water, the dog needs more water to fulfill its dryness.

Also, check out the sodium level in the diet of your Pitbull.

Excessive salty human food, especially snacks, can be poisonous for them and increases their thirst.

So next time, before offering sodium-rich treats to your canine, think twice. It can lead to a severe medical condition only treatable by medical professionals.


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How much water should a Pitbull drink a day?

A grownup male Pitbull should drink 55-60 ounces of water per day. However, it fluctuates depending on various circumstances. The amount of hydration they require is quite a lot, as they are heavier than most dog breeds. Generally, vets ask to calculate the water requirement of mongrel by a formula of 1 ounce of fluid per pound of bodyweight.

It somehow provides an idea to the owner of how much water a Pitbull should drink.

However, there is no exact amount unless your vet notices something unusual and limits the water portion.

The required hydration amount differs depending on several factors.

During the summer days or after playtime, your Pitbull can get exhausted and drink more than usual.

There is nothing wrong. To sum up, Pitbulls need almost 4-6 cups of water per day.

They can demand a bit more after a long session of the activity or while lactating. But, if your Pitbull drinks even more than that, it can warn of an underlying health issue.

Do Pitbull puppies drink a lot of water?

Yes, Pitbull puppies drink a lot of water since they are heavier than most puppies of other breeds. While a newborn Pitbull puppy weighs almost 3-5 pounds, puppies from other breeds weigh only 1-2 pounds.

According to a general rule, a puppy requires almost ½ to 1 ounce of water per pound of its body weight. It sums up that a one-year-old Pitbull for 40 pounds needs 30-32 ounces of water on average to stay healthy.

Apart from the size, there are multiple reasons behind the more water requirement of a Pitbull puppy.

The reasons can be high activity level, diet, and metabolism. Since Pitbull puppies love to play until they get exhausted, it is okay to drink a bit more after playtime.

Also, while depending on breast milk, puppies do not need more hydration.

But, when they do not get mother’s milk and start consuming dry or canned foods, their water requirement increases a bit suddenly. Still, if your Pitbull puppy drinks more water than usual, then it is the vet who can tell whether it is normal or not.

What happens if a dog drinks too much water?

If a dog drinks too much water, its body function gets disrupted and can even die. Drinking a lot of water can cause water intoxication in the body of your pet. It mainly causes electrolytes-imbalance in the dog if it is not urinating or throwing up.

The whole phenomenon disturbs the function of all the vital organs, including the brain. Water intoxication can cause brain damage, heart failure, and even death.

If the condition is not that severe, it shows mild symptoms like vomiting, lack of coordination, glazed eyes, excessive salivation, and discolored gum.

But any delay in medical treatment can lead to troubled breathing or even fainting of the animal. So, if your dog shows any of these symptoms, head to the local pet hospital immediately.

Final thought

While identifying the hydration amount of your Pitbull, do not only rely on the numbers.

Use your common sense too. Every dog has different demands. It is okay if your Pitbull drinks a bit more water than usual since the amount of hydration depends on several factors.

But, if the portion crosses the highest limit, then immediately ask for help from your vet.