Why Do Huskies Cry So Much? Here Are The Reasons You Should Know

Huskies are a close relative to the wolves, and they generally howl to communicate with other animals. So, it is pretty easy to confuse a regular howl with crying.

But, you can also come across the situation where you find a crying husky in the night-time.

As it can be pretty intimidating to find your beloved Husky cry, you must understand what might cause this behavior. So, why do Huskies cry so much?

Although huskies are quite an independent breed, they are quite fond of humans.

So, there can be several reasons that can stem this behavior in Huskies that originates from you. There can be fear, excitement, loneliness, separation anxiety which can be crucial factors.

In this article, we are going to address each one of them in more detail. Then we will also explore how you can make your Husky stop from howling its heart out. Let’s begin.

Why Do Huskies Cry So Much?

Huskies cry so much maybe because of fear, excitement, boredom, hunger, emotional states, or pain. If you find your husky crying or howl out of nowhere or even at night, many times these reasons are enough to give us a clue.

Howling is one of the primary methods for communicating with humans, and we often perceive it as crying.

As huskies are not very distant from the wolf family, it is natural for them to notify you if something is wrong with them.

Among the many reasons behind this kind of behavior, fear, excitement, boredom, or pain are the most common causes.

We will dive into these reasons in more detail so that you can understand them better next time and find ways to stop them as needed.

Reasons Why Husky Cry:

As we have mentioned in the previous sections, there could be multiple plausible reasons for which your Husky can try.

As their owner, we have to understand the actual reason and address it as soon as possible. We have made a list of few possible causes of this behavior:


Huskies belong to the working dog category and are known to pull sleds for long distances through the snow.

Hence, they have a very major requirement of exercising continuously.

All the husky owners are requested to put the Husky through rigorous exercise twice every day. It will not only keep the husky content but also keep several health issues away.

So, when you are not playing with the husky or go through their exercise regime, they feel bored, and it is never a good situation when it is so. Howling or crying is just its way of grabbing your attention, and they are deft at it.

If you have suddenly stopped the exercise routine, you will often see the husky cry during its supposed exercise time. It is a telltale sign of boredom.

It would help if you also made sure that the Husky is getting enough time with you. It is often the case that Huskies cry when they are not spending time with their owner.


Huskies are a sucker for attention & affection. When the Husky is crying for your attention, you have to be extremely careful with the situation.

If you start playing with the Husky when it cries, you may be making the situation worse.

If you know that you are unable to spend much time with the Husky, and it is the primary reason why your Husky is crying for you, then follow these steps:

  1. Wait for the husky to stop whining.
  2. When the Husky is relatively passive, slowly approach and pet them.
  3. Spend most of your time when they are not crying or calling you.
  4. Avoid petting when they are crying.

If you do this, then time will slowly heal the crying, and you will be out of the situation soon.


Huskies are generally extremely bold animals as they had spent their lifetimes in the wilderness with other huskies.

However, fear could also be a reason behind their crying behavior. Although this situation is more observed for the baby huskies, you can also find an adult husky cry if it does not like the environment.

While the baby huskies will grow out of this behavior, the adult ones might need your intervention.

Separation Anxiety:

Although huskies are an independent and intelligent breed, they have grown quite fond of humans. They have lost the need to hunt independently and mainly depend on their owners for food and shelter.

As a result, they do not take separation lightly, and it can have severe effects on the Husky. It sounds almost synonymous with their attention-seeking behavior, but separation anxiety is quite a severe case.

When they feel that they do not have much-needed attention, Huskies will try to grab your attention by howling or crying. Hence, leaving your husky alone for prolonged periods can also cause this behavior.


When a dog starts to behave differently than their habits, you have to suspect that there can be something wrong with their health.

And it holds for Huskies as well. The very first thought that should come to your mind is whether they are alright or not.

Dogs have a limited medium for communication, and howling is their primary mode.

So, if the Husky is suffering from any injuries or cuts, you have to address them swiftly. Crying or howling is their instinct to alert others about their situation.

Hungry or Thirsty:

The nutritional requirements of a Husky are more than most other dogs because of their extra need to stay fit.

So, you have to make sure that you are following a strict diet regime for the Husky. If your Husky is crying just around their feeding time, it is most likely because they are hungry.

However, it would help if you did not feed them right away. You have to wait till the husky stops whining, and then you can feed it as you want. Thirst can also be the reason why they are whining a lot.

So, you can ask a few questions to yourself when you observe that the Husky is crying. Here is a list of those questions:

  • Have you spent sufficient time with the Husky recently?
  • Have they eaten their food?
  • Do they have a cold water supply?
  • Have you played with the Husky recently?
  • Is your Husky hurt or in pain?

If you are confident about all the answers, then the Husky is probably crying for no reason, and they will stop eventually.


  1. Does husky make themself a good service dog?

How Do I Get My Husky Stop Crying?

Knowing the primary cause of this behavior will help you in stopping your Husky cry.

We have mentioned most of the legitimate reasons in the previous section, and we will address all the solutions here.

You have to remember that the first thing you should check is whether they are suffering from any disease or injuries.

If so, you have to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Otherwise, please continue with the list and address them accordingly.

A Proper Diet:

Having a proper diet is a must for a breed like Husky. It should have sufficient nutrients to support their active lifestyles, and it should not contain excessive fats that can hinder their activity.

Also, maintaining a diet schedule would be great for the Husky. If you are not sure about any of it, you can visit a vet for a diet chart.

Spend Time With Your Husky:

Huskies are highly social with their owners, and they prefer to spend as much time as possible with them.

Being unable to do that can hurt your relationship with the Husky, and they can become bored in the household.

So, make sure that you spend sufficient time with your husky. You don’t always need to have exercised with your Husky. Just playing with them or petting them would be sufficient for the Husky.

Proper Exercising:

Exercise is a crucial part of owning a Husky. As Huskies were a part of the working dog category, they need a heightened need for exercise and activity.

So, it is advisable to exercise your Husky at least twice every day.

Without a proper exercise regime, the Husky can become bored, and it can also run away in search of good exercise. So, if you want to avoid such crying sessions, you have to follow the guidelines appropriately.

You can help your Husky exercise in many ways. You can either take them on a long walk or for a swim at the local pond.

You can play fetch with them as well. It is on you to decide how you are going to have the exercise session. As long as you fulfill their need for exercise, you should not have a problem with crying for this reason.


Many husky owners have commented that their Huskies become bored very quickly. A bored husky can be quite hard to contain as they become destructive and loud at the same time.

So, you must ensure that the Husky is busy at all times. One of the best ways to do that is by playing with them.

However, it might not be possible for you to do that when you have to stay away for work. So, having copious amounts of toys at their disposal should be able to do the trick as well.

Chewing toys can be great for this purpose as you don’t need to be present to keep them entertained.

If you are busy with something at home, then a good puzzle game will also be helpful in this regard. You have to ensure the safety of your husky, and you are good to go.

A Visit To The Vet:

If you are not finding any particular reason for this kind of behavior, then taking the Husky to the vet also does the trick.

Not only can the vet take a close look at your beloved husky, but you will also know if there is something wrong with it.

A regular check of the Husky’s health will go a long way as their owner. They will be able to give you expert advice on their whining behavior, and you can take a sigh of relief if the Husky is alright.

Husky Crying For No Reason?

If you go through the possible reasons one by one, you will realize the actual reason behind their howling or crying.

If you find out that the Husky is crying out for no particular reason, it is probably trying to get your attention for fun. The Huskies will react like this if you have reinforced this behavior in the past.

All you can do is wait for them to stop whining and then approach for a petting session. It will show that the crying will not help the Husky in achieving what they want.

We know that it is hard to ignore a loud crying husky, but attending to it will only work against you. So, you have to keep your patience and approach the Husky when it is not crying.

Also, one common mistake for the Husky owners is to punish them for this behavior.

It will harm your relationship with the husky, and they will grow fearful of them. Eventually, they will develop behavioral issues if you continue punishing the husky.


Huskies are a fabulous presence in every household. But from time to time, they develop these behaviors that can disrupt the peacefulness of your house.

Although howling is one of their primary forms of communication, excessive howling can be quite disturbing.

In this article, we have given you all the possible reasons for this behavior, and we have shed some light on how you can stop them from doing so.

Mostly, you will observe that these are all common concerns for your husky well-being, and taking care of them is your duty as an owner.