Why Do Cats Watch You Shower? Here Are The Reasons

Cats usually get fascinated by their owners, so they move around wherever they go. They also keep staring at them when they perform a specific activity. Among them, showering is their favorite one.

There is an assumption made on why cats watch your shower. It can be due to the cold and seemingly smooth surface of the tiles, or it could be due to the sound of flowing water. However, you may feel surprised as to why your cat is looking at you during your shower take or following you to the bathroom’s door.

Why do cats watch your shower?

It certainly makes you feel strange about your cat watching you shower. But you need to observe and understand the behavior closely. There could be various reasons for your cat looking at you and enjoying it while you are in a shower.

At times it could be that you own a beautiful bathroom with a good-looking toilet, carpet, sink, and bathtubs, making them feel good and cool to touch.

Lastly, we can say that as we perform most of our valuable grooming sessions in the bathroom, it could be the reason for the cat looking at you curiously. However, it can also be because you are the center of their attention, and therefore, they may be looking around you all over the places you go, even if it is a toilet area.

Few of us could feel confused with the way of looking. Besides the amusement of watching their behavior, this may appear weird to you. However, among every habit of theirs, however strange it is, there is a reason or a logic in it.

While if your cat looks at you as you shower, you may also feel vulnerable and less likely to clean and get refreshed.

So let us study whether watching you while taking a shower is among them. Overall we will still have to know about various other things like do all cats enjoy watching their parents take showers. Follow us till the end of this article to get interesting answers.

1. Curiosity

There is a proverb called “curiosity kills the cat”. However, the shower does not kill them, but your pet can feel curious why you are showering on a closed surface with a smooth carpet area.

Bathrooms might also confuse them, as it is distinct from the rest of the rooms. Also, they have outstanding and cold tiles where your cat can feel the touch, particularly in the midsummers. They can also smell the products that you use in your bathroom.

So, there is a possibility that your cat is curious while the water is flowing from your shower. A few cats also enjoy being in the sink or bathtub, and others like to consume water as it drops slowly in your bathroom.

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2. Litter box Business

There is also a possibility that you have kept their litter box inside the bathroom. It is the last place to visit inside a house because it has privacy, so your cat can enjoy it. However, at times, if you pay close attention, it can be your cat asking you to leave the bathroom as they may be willing to use it. 

If you keep the litter box in the bathroom, then it is likely that he may be staring at you while taking a shower. You could also hear his sound as ‘meow’, which could mean that they want some privacy too. So, they want you to leave them alone in the bathroom area.

3. A secret place to hide

A cat always looks for a clean and healthy area to hide or for a peaceful time all alone. The cats may be willing to find some space to enjoy their time far from the disturbance and crowded area of your room.

Few cats look for a cardboard box, while some look for the highest shelf. But few find comfort in a laundry basket, or the sink, and nevertheless a bathtub.

A laundry basket has its owner’s fragrance, so they feel comfortable sleeping in their clothes.

It also makes them warm and comfortable to lie down. Thus, it can be a reason why your cat is looking for a place to remain away from everyone or hide from a stressful situation.

4. They are looking for attention.

If you are closing the bathroom door and thinking to leave your cat out of your bathroom, then they will start to scratch the door to get inside.

It is particularly applicable when you lock the door from inside. Hence, there is a clear possibility of your cat trying to drive your attention.

5. It is Their Regular Routine

Most cats do not change their habits or schedules. It can be that you are interrupting their routine with your shower. So, you can expect to find them at the door of your bathroom or even keep staring at you till you are done with your shower and open the door for them.

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Why Does My Cat Sit in The Shower After I Shower?

There is a huge possibility of your cat sitting in the shower even after you shower because sometimes the cat feels like enjoying the cold area of the tiles once you have finished taking a shower. They also love to touch the coldness of the bathroom floor adjacent to their fur.

There can be another possible reason for your cat sitting in the shower even after you have finished. Your pet loves to accompany you in the bathroom or wherever you go.

Besides, you might have kept their litter box there for its use, and so they may follow you to the bathroom area. Thirdly, they love to smell the fragrance released from your bathroom products, so they might be curious to smell it.

Fourthly, they are intrigued by the smoothness of your tiles and sinks along with the bathtub. They even love to touch the water while you are in a shower in the bathroom.

Why does my cat meow at me in the shower?

Your cat meowing at you in the shower could mean that he is confused about you showering or grooming yourself in the bathroom. It can be one of the reasons that they want to follow you but do not want to get the water to touch his fur.

Besides, there can be another possibility of you hiding in the bathroom and thus looking for yourself. They may do it to get your attention and may even start scratching your bathroom door while you are still inside.

How to stop your cat from watching you shower?

If you want to stop your cat from watching, you can change their eating time. Besides, you can even try giving your pet a toy or an attractive thing to play with, so the mind will change from joining you to the bathroom.

However, if you do not want to dishearten your cat, you can also play a small game with them just before your bathing to drive away their attention from you.

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Key Takeaways

Lastly, we can conclude that while taking a shower, your cat can follow you to the bathroom due to the above reasons. However, give close attention to why they are gawking at you during a shower.

If you know your pet well, you will be quick to understand. Also, your cat may become familiar with water and get intrigued to accompany you to the bathroom area as there is enough peace inside your bathroom.

Besides, during the cold winters, your cat can be seen accompanying you to the warm bathtub as the cat possibly looks for cleanliness and comfort areas for their relaxation.

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