Why Do Cats Watch TV? [ Check These Possible Reasons ]

Cats are curious creatures, and there is no way you can always keep them satisfied at all times.

One of the ways many cat owners curb their curious minds is by playing a TV in front of the cats. This unique feature raises quite a few questions in our minds. Do cats watch TV, or is it something else?

In short, the moving picture and incessant sound manage to hold their attention effectively.

Apart from that, there can be quite a few reasons for which cats watch TV.

In this article, we will take a look at the reasons why cats prefer sitting in front of the TV and passing the time. We will also answer some of the other questions that might come to you when you see your cat enchanted by the TV.

Why Do Cats Watch TV?

There is no definite way of saying that a cat is doing something for a particular reason.

We can only speculate what is going on in their minds. The same goes with their habit of watching TV.

In this section, we are going to posit some possible reasons behind this act. We may never know why the cat is doing it, but it should never stop us from imagining.

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Cats are incredibly curious when it comes to something that they do not understand.

TV is such a thing that they can see that the images on the screen are changing rapidly, and strange noises are coming out of the screen.

If your cat sees a computer screen for the first time, it will try to catch the mouse arrow once. It will paw the screen, jump at it, and try to catch it.

Is the cat mistaking the cursor as prey, or is it something else? We might never know. But we can never deny the unlimited source of curiosity that cats have.

Moving Images:

When we watch TV, we are watching fleeting images.

As your brain cannot register images separately after 18 frames per second, we watch a fluid motion on TV.

You cannot say the same thing for cats or dogs. Scientific proofs suggest that they can see images as fast as 40 frames per second.

The number might vary from cat to cat or dog to dog, but it is certainly high enough to make their perspective different from ours.

When the cat is watching a TV screen, they see images that are stuttery and changing slowly. It is completely unknown to them, and it catches their attention.


Cats are always susceptible to sound, and the sound and image may seem fascinating to them. When the sound is coming from a strange box that is constantly changing images, it is fascinating.

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Maybe It Is A Window:

Cats do not understand what they see on the screen.

We have all seen cats watching outside the window for hours, even when there is nothing. The cat might consider the TV screen to be another window, performing their usual behavior.

Animal Shows:

If your cat is addicted to Discovery or Animal Planet shows, your cat has higher hunting instincts.

Cats are essentially hunters for smaller animals, and when they see the small rodents, it might be really interesting to them. It is also possible that they are getting a different kind of kick by watching their long-lost cousins hunting large prey.

Do Cats Like To Watch TV?

It is hard to confirm or deny whether the cat likes to watch TV. The cat might be watching TV just for their curious mind to know what is going on.

The fleeting images on the screen with strange noise might be the kryptonite to your kitty. If they spend time watching TV with you, it is just a win-win situation for you and your cat.

Is It Bad For Your Cat To Watch TV?

It is not particularly bad if your cat is spending time with you staring at the TV. However, you have to be careful when you introduce your cat to the concept of TV.

At first, they do not understand what is going on.

If the screen shows something interesting to the cat, it can jump on the TV.

It is fine as long as the TV is attached to the wall, and there is no way the cat can destroy your TV. If not, it is always a risk for the cat and the TV itself. If the TV is on a stand, it can easily fall on top of the cat and hurt it.

So, we recommend that you keep the cat under supervision when letting the cat watch TV.

Why Do Cats Sit In Front Of The TV?

We have listed quite a few reasons why the cat is probably sitting in front of the TV. We might not pinpoint the main reason, but we can only guess what is happening in their minds.

Can Cats Understand TV Sound?

Cats have a sharp sense of sound in comparison to humans. They will perceive the TV sound like they are listening to any other sound. So, it is safe to assume that the cat can hear the TV sound quite clearly. However, the sound of the TV might be louder than what you might think.


Cats have quite a few quirks in their day-to-day lives. As every cat is different, we cannot guarantee that all the cats will be as enchanted with the illusion of TV. If your cat is interested, you have one way of keeping them tamed.

Just switch the television on, and your cat is enchanted with it till the next distraction swoops them off.

If you were curious about why it happens, we have given some of the possible reasons in this article.

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