Why Do Cats Sleep In A Ball? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Cats are extremely paranoid of their surroundings at all times. Due to their small size, they were always at a disadvantage in the wild. Even though most of the cats are domesticated now, they did not get rid of their ways to protect themselves.

When it comes to cat behavior, you can infer the cat’s state by checking their small gestures. Sleeping in a ball shape is also one of those hidden messages. If you wonder why cats curl up when they sleep, you have come to the right place.

Most of the time, it is about their safety. Sometimes, curling up can also mean that the cat is conserving its heat. Apart from that, sleeping in a ball shape near you also means that they trust you quite a lot.

In this article, we will look at the possible causes of cats curling up into a ball while sleeping. So, let us explore this in more detail in the following section.

Why Do Cats Sleep In A Call Shape?

As we have said previously, today’s domestic cats have borrowed quite a few behaviors from their ancestors. Survival instinct is probably one of the most crucial aspects of those. So, there has to be a reason why these cats follow a particular behavior for such a long time. There are quite a few reasons.

So, let’s dive into the reasons responsible for the cats still following a simple sleeping position for centuries.

1. Nature and Nurture

Cats have been following the same tradition for hundreds of years.

So, it is not very unlikely that the previous generations of the cat also followed the same behavior. As cats borrow a significant portion of their traits from their mothers, it is safe to say that the cats have followed it for generations.

2. Protection:

Cats are always paranoid of their safety, and it is one of the main reasons your cat gets spooked so easily.

As their size is not comparable to the larger predators, protection from other animals was a must.

In the wild, cats have to go to extreme lengths to make sure they are safe while sleeping. Sleeping is a vulnerable state to them as they are defenseless.

When the cats are lying in a curled-up fashion, they protect their most vulnerable part, their belly. So, it is quite natural for them to protect it when they are leaving themselves vulnerable.

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3. Warmth:

The average internal body temperature of a cat is almost 5℉ higher than humans.

So, cats lose heat faster than humans, and they have to conserve their warmth. When the cat is lying in a curled upstate, it restricts heat to escape from the body.

Apart from warmth, they are also sleeping in their most comfortable sleeping position when it is in the shape of a ball.

The cat can also react very fast when they are in this position. So, if they face a dangerous situation, they can go straight into flight mode.

4. Ailments:

We have previously mentioned that the curled-up position is their most comfortable posture to sleep.

When the cat is suffering from some ailment, it will try to sleep when it is hurting. If it is not a normal sleep for the cat, it will find an unusual spot away from you to sleep.

It is a clear indication that you need to take your vet to a cat. It does not always mean that the cat is severely ill, but there is a high chance of being true.

Cats understand when they reach the end of their lives.

In those cases also they go to a far place and go away without anyone by them. And you have guessed it correctly; it almost looks like they are sleeping in their usual curled upstate when they pass away.

5. Fitting Into Small Space:

You have probably seen that your cat is more interested in the packaging box, rather than what you have bought for them.

Cats have something with those small spaces, and they will do anything to fit into it.

By sheer chance, if they find a box where they can sit, they will curl up and sleep in there. As curling up takes the least amount of space, it is also the best way to fit into those small spaces.

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Do Cats Like Balls?

Cats love playing with balls. There are so many toys in the shape of balls and have different textures to keep your cat busy. Most of the cats will react to a ball and play with it.

You can even play fetch with Maine Coons, Ragdoll, Siamese cats, and many more. While it is not observable in most cats, you can always train them to do this.

If you wonder which product you need to keep your cat buys, VAPKER 30 Piece Assorted Color Sparkle Balls would be perfect. They come in a variety of colors, and there are plenty of choices. The texture of these balls is exciting for the cats.

Why Do Cats Curl Up Into Balls When Sleeping?

As we have mentioned previously, various reasons for which a cat can curl up into balls when they are sleeping. To make a list of the reasons, here are the reasons:

  • Protection
  • Warmth
  • Comfort
  • Nurture

To understand each reason better, you can read the section where we have discussed the issue.


When cats sleep in a curl-up position, it is perfectly normal for them. It is one of the most common postures while sleeping. If they are belly up or curling upon you, it means they trust you with their lives. However, keep an eye out for the behavior because it can be an indication of something bad.

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