Why Do Cats Rub On Shoes? [ Here’s The Answer ]

All animals tend to figure out the happenings around their environment primarily by sniffing or smelling. So it might not be very surprised if your cat rubs itself on your shoes because it might be trying to figure out the smell of all the things that you have carried along.

It can be the smell of the earth, the smell of another cat, the smell of food that it likes, or some similar things that fascinate the feline. It could also be taking the smell of your sock to recognize you. Well, there can be many more reasons behind this behavior.

Why do cats rub on shoes?

Your cat rubs on your shoes because it likes the fact that your shoes have your scent. They feel territorial of the shoes as it makes them feel secure.

Also, when a cat rubs on your shoes, they try to smell many things from your shoes. They might end up finding a smell that they like or something they might despise. There are quite a few things that add to the list of why cats rub on shoes.

Your shoes smell like you, and your cat loves them

Your cat adores you and is your biggest fan. It will take up your smell wherever it can seek it.

Your shoes contain the unique scent of your sweat, and your cat loves it. So if you notice your cat rubbing against your shoes or sitting on them, they are in great comfort as they feel secure and loved.

When cuddling with your shoes, it also mixes up its scent and yours to make its territory.

Cats feel that humans are their hairless companions that they need to care for. Cats bond this way to stay close to you to show their love and care towards you.


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Your shoes represent comfort to your cat

Your smell is your cat’s comfort and cuddling on your shoes.

Everything in your house that has your scent is likable to your cat, your books, your sheets, your clothes, and everything. These felines have a very saturated sense of smell and know exactly out of all the scents in the environment which one is yours.

So when you are at work or away from home, your cat cuddles up with all your belongings to seek comfort and security. Your cat can end up spending hours sitting on your shoes.

Shoes with laces are a game for your cat

Your cat might be very playful, and your shoes might be one of its props; if you have laces sticking out of your shoes, then voila! Your cat is up to its mischief. They might think of the lace as its prey and chase after it to catch it.

If your cat sits on your prey, it means that it has caught its prey.

It might think of the lace as a snake or some worm and try to catch it. Its instincts will be to chase away the snake as it is a sign of danger, and they are protecting you from the snake.

Shoes are toys for your cats. So if you want to save your shoes, you have to tie up the laces when you are not wearing them.

They are marking their territory on their shoes

Cats are believed to have scent glands underneath their paws and on their heads. So when they are rubbing against your shoes, they are trying to mark their territories with their scent glands.

Sometimes cats mark their territory by urinating around the area it wants to be.

Well, this must be too much at times, and you will be left with no other option other than throwing away your shoes. So just in case you want to save your shoes from your cat, you have to keep them away from its reach.

Hence it shows how possessive your cat can get about you.

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Your shoes might be warm

When you take off your shoes, they remain warm for quite some time. Cats grab this opportunity and go straight to the warm spot to sit and relax.

Your cat will not get up from them until the warmth is lost or they find something warmer.

It’s the same with anything else you use, whether your shoes or the couch or the bed. The cat feels warm, plus it gets your scent, which is a perfect place to relax or take a nap.

Cats take a longer time to warm themselves up. So an already warm place would be perfect for your cat to rest.

So, you can also place a blanket somewhere around your house, which will entice your cat to sleep on its blanket instead of your warm shoes.

Your shoes smell unfamiliar

When you come home, you bring a wide range of scents inside. Your cat being inquisitive, smells to figure out what the smell might be. For instance, the smell of soil, the essence of some food that you might have stepped on, or the pheromone of some other feline.

If your cat doesn’t like the scent, it will walk off, but if the new scent fascinates the cat, it might rub against your shoes to get the scent on itself.

Why does my cat cuddle with my shoes?

Your cat might be very fond of you and loves your scent. It cuddles with your shoes because it has your smell, and your cat likes to have that smell on itself too.

They feel secure and comforted when around your smell as it trusts you and believes no harm will come near it.

Your cat simply loves you and all the things that have your scent. So now, they might even consider your shoes into their territory. Hence it cuddles with your shoes, knowing that you are nearby.

Why does my cat sleep in my shoes?

Your cat loves your scent and the warmth of your shoes. It makes the feline feel safe and secure. It gets the highest feeling of comfort and love.

When you are not around or at work, your shoes fill your absence, they rely on this scent for its comfort and security. With all the assurance and coziness, the cat sleeps perfectly even in your absence.


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Cats love to roll over and rub themselves against your shoes because they love your scent. They feel like the shoes are their territory of comfort. They tend to seek possession of your belongings.

They feel connected to you by taking control over your pieces of stuff. The rubbing of your cat against your shoes is simply an act of love, affection, and playfulness.

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