Why Do Cats Like To Lay On Plastic Bags? [ The Answer Might Surprise You ]

Having a cat is like discovering something new every day.

Every cat owner has observed their cats reacting to certain things with exaggerated attraction or repulsion. Let’s say you have ordered something from an online store for the cat, and you are finally opening it.

However, to your disappointment, your cat would be more interested in playing with the plastic wraps than the gift itself.

We have all encountered this scenario, and we have all wondered why cats like to play on plastic bags.

The answer might be quite simple.

Although we cannot pinpoint the actual reason for every individual cat, we can surely guess the reasons behind this behavior.

The reasons can vary from the feeling of being wrapped up to the crinkly sound of the plastic.

In this article, we are going to look into this particular behavior in cats.

After discussing the possible reasons, we will delve into the safety of this attitude and whether you should stop it. So, let us start by looking into the plausible reasons.

Why Do Cats Like To Lay On Plastic Bags?

When it comes to a cat’s behavior, there is no hard and fast rule for anything. While a particular cat may be doing something for a reason, another cat commits the same thing for another. So, our best bet is to know the possible reasons that could make a cat lay on a plastic bag.

In this section, we will look into the several possible reasons why your cat is obsessed with plastics.


If you have noted the places your cat generally likes to sleep, you might have figured out that they need a warm and cozy place to spend more than half of the day sleeping. Even if you cannot deem plastic bags as cozy, it is so for a cat.

A plastic bag is more capable of giving much-needed insulation than you might think. Although plastics are a choking hazard for kids and cats alike, it does not stop your cat from wrapping itself in the bag.

Apart from that, the crinkly sound of the plastic bags is also a familiar sound to them.

When cats were inherently wild, they used to take shelter on heaps of leaves, which used to make the same type of sound. It is entirely possible that you are still true to its root and reacting to plastics on an impulse.


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If you have ever been an owner of a curious cat, you would know what we are talking about here.

As my cat is curious about almost anything, it is a time of joy when something new comes into the room. While most cats do not like changes, some leap to anything new.

Whether a cardboard box or plastic bag, a curious cat would play with anything within its reach.

If you have seen your cat pushing small off a cupboard or desktop, it is probably its same curious behavior.

Plastic is a better alternative because of its unique texture, sound, and lightweight nature.

They can push it around, bite it, and scratch it without any effort. If you compare the things that cats generally interact with, plastic bags are unique to them, and it is not a surprise that they love plastic bags so much.

Some Snugging:

Cats and snugging go hand in hand. Some cats cannot restrict themselves from another opportunity to be snugged.

Although the canines are easier to snug because of their toned-down nature, some cats like when you snug them.

If they are not letting you do it for whatever reason, they will try to do that themselves.

 While the best-case scenario is when they let you do it, plastic bags make the cats self-sufficient.

They can mold the bag according to its size and shape. Heat insulation and the sound might be a few bonuses for the cat needing snugging.


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Plastic bags have a unique sound to them. Curious cats would love to jump on it and be enchanted by the crinkly sound it makes.

It might not be interesting to you, but you need to remember that the hearing sense of cats is much more vast than humans.

Their hearing capability proceeds into the ultrasonic region, which is unrecognizable for humans.

More interestingly, mice communicate in the ultrasonic range.

The unique crinkly sound may be more interesting in the ultrasonic region, and that is why your cat is jumping on the plastic to get the most of it.

Attention Seeking:

Some cats are more attention-seeking than others.

You cannot predict whether a cat will be attention-seeking or not. Although the breed of the cat has a severe effect on this behavior, any cat could be like this for no apparent reason.

When the cat is playing with plastic, guess who is getting the attention.

If you are prone to interact with the cat when playing with plastic bags, the cat will remember this causality. Hence, whenever the cat is not getting enough attention from you, it will grab your attention by playing with plastic bags.

Why Are Cats Obsessed With Bags?

Cats are just themselves when playing with the plastic bags you have dropped on the floor by mistake.

The cats are attracted to unique things in the room, and they try to make sense of the thing inside their personal space.

Apart from that, the unique sound and texture draw them.

Snugging could also be a reason why the cat is probably obsessed with cats. In the previous section, we have given a more detailed description of the possible reasons why your cat is obsessed with bags.

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Is It Safe for Cats To Play With Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are fine till they are not. To be on the safe side, you should not let your cat play with it as it can go wrong fast. There are two possible hazards of playing with plastic bags:

Choking Hazard:

Plastic bags are not good for children and cats because there is a huge risk of choking them. As they are not breathable materials, cats can get themselves wrapped in them in an uncomfortable position. As a result, never leave a cat alone when there is a loose plastic bag in your room.

Eating Plastic:

Cats also tend to bite almost anything they find interesting. Plastic bags are not an exception either.

Biting once or twice is fine, but if your cat ends up eating the plastic, it cannot be good. Cats cannot digest plastic, and it can create blockage in the lower intestines. It can result in several ailments and may lead to surgery.

As a result, it is best to keep any plastic material away from the cat and make sure they do not end up eating it.

Why Do Cats Like To Lick Plastic Bags:

Plastic bags have a unique texture, and cats might like them for some odd reason. Apart from that, cats tend to smell and taste everything they find interesting. So, this might be the reason why your cat likes to lick plastic bags.

Is It Harmful To a Cat To Lick A Plastic Bag?

It is generally best if you do not let your cat interact with a plastic bag at all. Licking plastic raises the risk of the cat ending up eating the plastic. Apart from that, you don’t know if the plastic contained something dangerous to cats, and there are still traces of it. So, it is best if you do not let your cat lick a plastic bag.

Ways To Prevent Your Cat From Licking or Eating Plastic Bags:

There are some pretty simple tricks to keep your cat off plastics, let alone eat or lick them:

  • Keep plastic contained where the cats do not have access. It could be a closed cupboard, a locked self, or any safe place.
  • Remove plastic bags from the vicinity of the cat straight away. Do not encourage this behavior by keeping the plastic bag there, although you supervise the situation.
  • Keep your cat fed and hydrated at all times so that they do not feel the need to eat those.
  • If there is an exposed plastic wrap to one of your furniture, you can use cat repellents to keep them away. However, this can be quite a tedious smell.


Cats like to sit or wrap themselves in plastic bags, and there is no denying the fact. We have discussed several reasons why the cat might be doing so and why it could be dangerous.

Our recommendation would be to keep plastic bags and cats separate because the line between fun and danger is blurry when it comes to plastic bags.

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