Why Do Cats Like To Cuddle In The Morning?

Nothing can be more heart-warming than a cat who wants to cuddle. You cannot miss the opportunity when your cat wants to cuddle. Owners may notice that their cats like to cuddle at specific times in the day.

One common example is cats being extra affectionate in the morning.

When your feline friend wants your attention at the start of the day, there can be several reasons for this behavior. You will be able to find the exact reasons for the affection of your cat in the morning and what to do about it till the end of this article.

Why Do Cats Like To Cuddle In The Morning?

Cats cuddle in the morning due to their crepuscular nature. Crepuscular animals have a different sleeping cycle and activity pattern than humans.

Crepuscular animals like cats are most active during dawn and dusk hours, and they sleep during the day and the night hours. By cuddling, your cat seeks your attention in the morning.

Cats are usually very active during the dawn and dusk hours. Cuddles can indicate that your cat needs attention, food, or warmth. They get an energy boost in the morning, even after sleeping for long hours in the day.

The sleep cycle of cats is different from that of humans. One significant difference is the number of hours we each need to sleep. We require 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day, whereas cats want double that amount.

You must also understand that the sleeping pattern can vary from cat to cat.

For instance, as kittens grow up, they need 20 hours of sleep each night. Elder felines need more rest than the younger ones. Let us look at the reasons why your cats cuddle in the morning as follows.


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1. Your cat is hungry

Since your cat is wide awake in the morning, there are high chances she is hungry. She is cuddling to seek your attention. She may be looking for a meal or a quick treat from you.

2. Your cat wants warmth

Cats love to stay warm and go different ways to track down the heat. They can even cuddle with you in the morning to seek warmth.

She may be awake during the early hours of the day because of her natural sleep patterns and maybe expecting your attention. You can wrap it in a quilt, and it is an ideal target for the cat to seek the heat from. It is also a way for cats to prepare themselves for their daylight nap time.

3. Your cat might need a friend

Cats can entertain themselves with toys or watch birds outside. However, they also crave human attention and social interaction throughout the day.

Your cat might feel lonely or bored while you are asleep during the night. So when she visits you in the morning, she is restoring her bond with you.

It can give you and your cat much-needed companionship. One of the reasons for her extra affection in the morning is that she missed you in the night when you were sleeping.

If you observe that your cat craves too much attention in the morning and is too needy, consider getting a second cat. Both of them will be good playmates and will spend quality time together.

Follow safe and approved introduction techniques while bringing a second cat into your household. All cats do not enjoy sharing their house with others, and this situation must be dealt with carefully.

To put it out simply, cats wake us up in the morning because they want to spend some quality time with you and enjoy the company. They want to invest their energy in you during the most active hours of the day.

The natural sleeping rhythm of cats is the main reason why they wake us up early in the morning.

Cats are smart animals, and they know that getting you out of bed is the first step of getting food in their bowls. Health issues and boredom might be some other reasons why your animal wakes up.

We understand that this behavior of your cat can be incredibly frustrating. To start your day fresh and function well throughout the day, we need 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

It may not be possible if your cat keeps waking you up at 4 in the morning every day. Want to know how you can stop this from happening? Here are some ways to prevent your feline friend from waking up in the morning:


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ways to prevent your cat from waking up in the morning

1. Identify the reason why your cat is waking up

The first step is to identify why your cat wakes you up early in the morning or night. It can be due to several reasons, as discussed above.

It may be because she is hungry or simply due to her natural sleep cycle. Try to figure out the exact reason for your cat’s demands for morning snuggles. The precise reasons will make addressing much simpler.

2. Teach your cat to stop seeking attention in the morning

Cats are smart animals, and they know the reason behind their actions. There is a probability they come to you every morning as they know you will meet their demands this way.

According to experts, cats get killed by human trainers. They know how their actions elicit specific demands from us. You can use this fact to your advantage.

The best way to stop them from waking you up is to stop rewarding them for this. The next time your cat joins you in your bed before dawn, do not entertain her. Instead of waking up, try to remain in bed till your cat wakes up and goes away.

It will not happen at a single try, but keep doing it repeatedly.

The key is to make it through the annoying phase when your cat is attempting to wake up. Never give up in the process while she is learning to adjust. If you sleep much better, you can manage this.

3. Change the feeding schedule of your cat

Morning is the cat’s eating time, and they wake you up to get food in their bowls.

Your cat may be super egregious if they have a habit of eating as soon as you wake up. She has learned with time that waking you up is the step of getting food.

Experiment by changing your cat’s feeding schedule. Shift your cat’s feeding routine to afternoon or evening if they usually eat early in the morning.

Continue with the changes at least for a week, even if your cat continues bugging you in the morning. They will get used to it a little later. Slowly, their urge to wake you up early in the morning will also go away.

4. You can try an automatic feeder

Introduce an automatic feeder at home to influence your cat’s habit of waking up early. It will give control over your cat’s eating time habits. An automatic feeder will maintain your cat’s morning mealtime without you doing anything. It will train your cat to expect food from another source and not you.

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Final Takeaway

Morning affection in cats is due to several reasons, like it is the time when they are most active, hungry, and want to play more with you. You may also observe your cat purring while sitting next to you.

These activities can be annoying to you and may hamper your sleep schedule.

Follow the tips mentioned here to train your cat not to wake you up early in the morning. Whatever way you choose, consistency is a crucial factor. You can retain your good night’s sleep in no time by implementing these steps with consistency.

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