Why Do Cats Like Suitcases? [ Here Are Few Reasons That Might Surprise You ]

We all know how unpredictable the cat’s behavior can be. Curling up inside the suitcase is another confusing trait of the cat, which can bewilder anybody.

If you keep a briefcase or box in the room, the cat will likely go inside it and claim it. While it is an attractive trait of the cat, it can also suggest separation anxiety in your cat.

In the wild, cats prefer places where it can have a peaceful time away from predators. However, the need for such protection is not apparent in household settings.

They still prefer staying inside the suitcase for several reasons. This article will explore the various plausible explanations for which a cat might choose to spend its time inside a briefcase or box.

Why Do Cats Like Suitcases?


Cats have all sorts of quirks and traits. It is not always possible to figure out a specific reason for a particular behavior.

However, when you observe that the cat is spending most of its time near your suitcase or inside it, you need to observe other associated behaviors.

Most of the time, it wants space for itself when it is hiding inside the briefcase.

It is also possible that it loves the smell of you, and it wants to spend as much time as possible in the presence of your smell. In this section, let us start exploring the possible reasons behind this particular behavior.

The Old Instincts:

When a particular trait is as strong as the basic need for survival, it passes from one generation to another.

At one point in time, these smaller cats always felt the threat of being hunted. That is why they used to find the most secure places in the wild and stay there to measure safety.

These behaviors remain with the cats for generations.

The cat may see the suitcase to be a secure place for spending time. So, your cat’s love towards the bag might be the old instincts kicking in for their safety.


The need for protection from dangers is not a strong drive for hiding inside a suitcase when the cat is inside the house.

Hence, we cannot blame their instinct at all times. Cats love staying on their own most of the time. If you do not have cats like Maine Coon, Ragdoll, or Siamese, it will spend most of its time by itself.

So, you can consider that the cat is hiding inside the suitcase or box because it wants my time.

The briefcase also provides a warm and cozy place for the cat. The confined area helps the cat to maintain a preferable body temperature.

Your Smell:

The cat may be finding more than the serenity inside the suitcase. If you spend most of your time away from home, they can suffer from separation anxiety.

At that time, the cat will look for any place that reminds it of you. What could be a better place than your suitcase?

The smell of the bag reminds the cat of you, and it spends most of the time near your presence. It is a sweet way to look at this particular behavior of a cat.

If you have packed the suitcase for a trip and the cat is moving inside the bag every time you keep it open, it will probably ask you to stay.

Claiming Its Territory:

Cats are also territorial animals, and they live to proclaim their territory in every way possible. The cat is probably moving inside the suitcase to claim its possession.

If you have multiple cats in the house, there is a chance that the cat has a tough time keeping control of its territory.

They transfer their faint pheromone to the suitcase so that other cats do not come close to it. The pheromone is not recognizable to the human nose, but it marks the cat’s same territory.

As the suitcase smells like you, it is probably claiming you to be its property as well. Jealousy is common in cats, and it is also adorable to think that you are precious to them.

Separation Anxiety:

It is one of the concerning aspects of this behavior. Cats can go through severe separation anxiety cases if you spend most of your time away from the cat.

There are several signs of separation anxiety that you should be careful of. Some of them are:

  • Self-grooming to the extent when the hair comes out.
  • Urinating and defecating at the places where you sit
  • Destructive behavior like scratching on walls or sofa.
  • Eating habit disorders
  • Aggressive towards you.

If you observe any of these behaviors in your cat, you should spend as much time with the cat.

Your absence is creating deep emotional trauma for the cat. Hence, the habit of going inside the suitcase may indicate a severe case of separation anxiety as well.


Cats show all sorts of unusual behaviors, and it is not always possible to figure out the reasons for each one of them.

Hiding or going inside the suitcase is one of those behaviors that can indicate a sweet gesture or a case of severe anxiety. One thing is sure that the cat wants your utmost care and love.

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