Why Do Cats Like Fish? [ Know The Reasons ]

If you have ever viewed cartoons, you might have seen that cats are very much obsessed with fish-eating. But, have you ever thought – why do cats like to eat fish? Cats seem to be very selective with food, but almost every cat responds quickly to the smell of fish. Various questions start to pop into your mind – Is this type of meat best for cats? What type of fish is best for cats? This article will eradicate all your questions, and you will get to know about your cat’s fascination over the fish smell, about the best type of fish to feed your cat, and various other risk factors.

Why do cats like fish?

Cats are considered fish-hungry creatures, and various searches show that cats only have an appetite for fish and nothing else. But this stereotype is not true at all. Though several cats go crazy for fish, not each likes to fish. Some cats can be allergic to fish. No sound will perk your cat’s ears more than the sound of tuna cans opening in the kitchen.

If you feed your cat with delicious fish, your cat will lick the entire bowl in just a few seconds. But, cats are entirely land animals, and fish do not come in their regular diet. So, why do they like to eat fish? Probably, cats love fish due to its meaty taste and strong smell, and to know much more about this, read on.

  • During ancient times, ancient Egyptians used to lure cats into their homes by using fish, but the real cause of your cat’s love of fish is because they are opportunistic feeders.
  • Fish are enriched with nutrition, acts as a good protein source, and include a strong smell that makes them more attractive and appealing.
  • Cats require a good number of nutrients along with the proper amount of fats and oil in their diet, so they like to fish.
  • Cats are obligate carnivores. So they love to eat fish very much, and it also provides the best source of taurine with amino acids.
  • Cats like fish very much as they get access to them without going out hunting and without doing any work.
  • Cats can like fish as their ancestors learned to love this meaty and delicious meal, and your cat can grab a bowl of fish without hunting.
  • Practically, fish make your cat’s stomach full, and the smell seems to be much more pleasant to their nose.

Can my cat eat fried fish?

Every pet owner thinks of this question sooner or later – can your cat eat fried fish? The simple answer to this question is yes. Fried fish is safer than raw fish for your cats. To feed your cat with fried fish is not harmful, but it becomes too fatty for your cat. Fried fish could lead to obesity and several other health problems in the long term.

It can also cause various digestive issues in a short period. Feed your cat with a limited quantity of fried fish if possible. As per pet nutritionists, your cat could gulp fried fish but only occasionally. Make sure to remove the bones and skin once you offer it to your cat, as in that way, it becomes safe and healthier. But, do not feed your cat with fried fish as it could give your cat an upset stomach.

However, cooked or fried fish is safer than raw or uncooked fish. Raw fish can lead to indigestion problems in your cat, and raw fish also includes various bacteria and worms that could lead to severe damage to your cat. Different fish like tuna fish have a high quantity of environmental pollutants with mercury.

Raw fish also contains a compound called thiaminase, hindering your cat’s thiamine process, which is a vital B vitamin. Moreover, if your cat does not get a sufficient quantity of thiamine, your cat will suffer from various neurological problems that will ultimately lead to death or convulsions. So, it is better to feed your cat with fried or cooked food but in a limited quantity.

What type of fish cat likes the most?

Cats love to eat low and medium-fat fish like salmon, tuna, herring, trout, or sardines. These all types of fish are protein and taurine-rich and offer them healthy nutrients in a simple form that they can digest quickly. Various fish types are available, but not every fish is best for your cat. So feed them with healthy options. But, to select the best fish type, there are various things that you need to think about:-

Fat in fish

Fish laden with too much fat is not an ideal meal for your cat as it might cause problems in digesting the fat. Feeding your cat with butterfish that includes too much fat might lead to indigestion in your cat. After eating high-fat fish, your cat can get diarrhea, vomit, become defocused, and show laziness. So, always feed your cat with low-fat fish, such as tuna or salmon, as they love these fish.

From where the fish come

Where does the fish get trapped? Where is the fish coming from? From which type of water is the fish coming from? These are vital things to consider. Prevent feeding your cat with freshly trapped fish from ponds or sweet waters, as it could be laden with several bacteria and parasites that will make your cat sick. However, it will be great to stick to commercial fish, as it is coming from farms, where the fish grow in better and safer conditions.

The cooking style of fish

Feed your cat raw or fried fish in small quantities, as it could become unhealthy for your cat. So, to avoid this, feed your cat with cooked fish, which is much easier for them to digest, as cooked fish does not involve any additives or oil. Be careful about cooking fish as it could lead to various unwanted harm.

How much fish should a cat eat?

If your cat is like other cats, probably your furry friend loves to fish. But how much fish should a cat eat? Eating fish belongs to cat culture. Fish always offer acquired taste, but some cats have the taste to its extreme level. Some cats refuse other food in front of fish, and it appears as a mystery. As fish includes lots of good quality protein, taurine, and fat, your cat’s taste buds are attracted to them. Let us know about various fish and what amount to feed your cat.

Tuna fish

However, fish is not a healthy diet, just like plain meat. Various cats love to eat Tuna fish, as this fish is rich in phosphorus and deficient in fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and D with different B vitamins. When the fish is packed in oil, it can cause a deficiency of vitamin E, resulting in painful inflammatory situations. So, feed your cat with Tuna fish in small and occasional treats as it has a low amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

Wild Salmon

Canned salmon includes bones but is deficient in various vitamins. Some salmon fish, whether canned or fresh, come from farmed fish. Always feed your cat with farmed salmon fish as it contains a sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Feed your cat with an occasional quantity of wild salmon as large quantities could degrade your cat’s health.

Feeding tips for cat

  1. A small quantity of seafood or fish flavoring your cat’s treat, such as chopped sardines and shrimp, is not a problem and offers some vital nutrients to your cat.
  2. If you are buying packed cat food, ensure to select premium products with ingredients of good and natural quality.
  3. You should use cooked fish rather than meat in homemade recipes until you choose low mercury fish like wild salmon or tilapia.
  4. If you are cooking something healthy or fish for yourself, it is good to share some portions with your cat also.

Can ragdoll cats eat fish?

Ragdoll Cats are a massive breed among the species, and these types of cats require a diverse diet rich in vitamins and proteins. Ragdoll cats crave better meat sources too, but the meat ingredients need to be specific. Ragdoll cats are very different from other types of cats. They tend to eat in larger quantities in comparison to other cats. They are local and will tell you when they require more food, so food quality matters a lot. If you feed your ragdoll cat with poor quality food, then your cat will never become satisfied and intake enormous amounts of unwanted ingredients, which ultimately results in health problems.

Various cats can get crazy at the sound of a can opening, and the love of cats towards fish is obvious. However, cats do not eat fish as often as they like, and if they are fond of the fish, they will gulp it quickly. But, can ragdoll cats eat fish? Yes, but only once or twice a week, to avoid appetite or as a treat. Ragdoll cats require a more specialized diet, so some fish like tuna can harm their body.

How to tell if a cat is allergic to fish?

Fish allergies usually come with dermatological symptoms, and you might view small areas over your cat’s body that got reddened where fur has been removed. You might also see that your cat has watery eyes and a runny nose, and in this situation, take your cat to a vet. The lesions need to get removed quickly to avoid complications. Also, remove fish as soon as possible from your cat’s diet, as fish acts as an allergen that enhances allergic reaction and makes your cat uncomfortable.

End Thoughts

Don’t you love it when your cat becomes obedient as soon as you crack open the food can? No wonder, as you are the only sole provider of your cat’s whole diet and without your feeding, they cannot survive. You have a lot of responsibility for your head, and just like a loving pet parent, you always give your best. So, consider which food is best to give to your cat. Cats most probably love fish and starve for it. So it is your responsibility to feed them delicious fish food in small quantities.