Why Do Cats Eat Their Own Hair? [ Here’s The Answer ]

You might have seen your cat swallowing tufts of fur from their body while grooming themselves and wonder why cats eat their hair?

There are quite a few reasons why a cat might be eating their fur, and let you know that below is all the essential information about your feline friend and the reason regarding why they eat their fur.

Your cat might be suffering from certain conditions or just might do it accidentally, but to know for sure, continue reading below to know exactly why your cat does that.

Why Do Cats Eat Their Own Hair?

So, why do cats eat their hair? Cats tend to eat their hair due to overgrooming and stress. Here and there, your cat might have a serious condition like pica on the off chance that your cat eats inordinate measures of its hair. Much of the time, cats eat their hair coincidentally.

In case your cat has a wild longing to eat hair, regardless of whether it’s yours hanging off of your head or her shedding hair on the floor, then, at that point, she might have pica, an over the top impulsive ailment that happens in cats, however in canines and individuals, as well.

At the point when a cat fosters an inclination for eating things that aren’t consumable, it is alluded to as “pica.”

Seeing a cat eat its hair off the ground is a disturbing tendency to indicate that your cat has pica. In the easiest terms, pica is the desire to eat things you shouldn’t.

Pica victims might need to eat things other than food, like texture, chalk, plastic, or even unpalatable plants.

Cats might start to eat their hair, assuming they have pica, regardless of whether their hair has effectively tumbled off their body and is on the floor. Eating hair once doesn’t imply that your cat has pica.

Hair doesn’t seem like too tempting a feast, so think about each of the potential justifications for why your cat might want to chow down on such an odd thing.

In specific cases, cats go to eat peculiarities to stand out enough to be noticed, whether or not it is a “great” consideration or not.

Regardless of whether you censure your kitty for eating hair, you’re giving her some form of attention, which might be a reason for that behavior.

Eating hair may likewise be a response to stress in cats. As per the ASPCA, pica can be a “dislodging conduct.” Maybe your cat frantically needs to play with her cherished mechanized toy mouse.

However, she can’t track it down, so she rather chooses to eat her hair. Even though it might sound peculiar, it’s essentially catlike.

At times, this sort of conduct moves past the wellspring of stress. It might start as a stressful response, yet twisting wildly as a usual propensity. At times, cats may likewise begin eating bizarre things, including hair.

Assuming your cat grooms herself to an over-the-top degree, it likewise might be connected with stress and unadulterated nerves.

At the point when a cat just doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to manage her sensations of vulnerability and disarray, she might go to something somewhat encouraging to her – – her grooming routine. Licking the fur relentlessly likewise regularly prompts unintentional utilization of hair, too.

Pica, in some cases, is an indication of a greater hidden affliction, regardless of whether food sensitivities or dietary insufficiencies.

When you notice a pet’s unexplainable dietary patterns, take her to the veterinarian to ensure it’s irrelevant to any medical issue.

When you know precisely what’s new with your pet, you’ll have the option to sooner assist her with overseeing the risky circumstance.

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How to prevent cats from eating their hair

Seeing your cat eat his hair can be testing, yet there are a couple of choices to stop your cat. Assuming your cat is long-haired and eats his hair, the most straightforward choice is to keep your cat’s hair short where he can undoubtedly arrive at it.

You might not have embraced a cat with long hair to keep its hair short. However, this is the ideal choice for your cat on the off chance that he eats his hair.

It’s more difficult to analyze cats. However, it is fundamental to comprehend your cat’s conduct to treat him appropriately. You can make your cat’s life more comfortable.

On the chance that her hair eating is stress-inspired, sort out what’s causing her nervousness, regardless of whether the presence of another canine or absence of consideration on your part.

If your cat is lonely, spend significant “together” time with her for something like 15 minutes consistently, regardless of whether you participate in a back-stroking meeting or toss a stuffed toy bird around for her to pursue.

Make “hair” out of reach to your cat in any capacity conceivable. For instance, try not to leave brushes with remainders of hair lying around. Likewise, assuming that you groom your cat, clear the floor subsequently from any cat hair.

On the off chance that you speculate fatigue as the trigger for your pet’s pica, put resources into some new, intelligent, and stimulating toys for your cat.

For extreme cases, counsel a vet close to you. Ask your veterinarian for trusted and legitimate suggestions to deal with the circumstances.

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Is eating their hair dangerous for cats?

Eating hair while grooming isn’t always considered dangerous. On the off chance that your cat eats his hair while grooming, it won’t hurt your cat. However, it isn’t great for your cat to ingest.

Eating hair can indicate fundamental conditions like pica, which we will discuss further. It is typical for cats to eat their hair, particularly when grooming themselves.

However, some of the time, cats eat their hair while they are washing.

Catching your cat eating an enormous piece of hair might make you haul it out of their mouth, which is smart. More modest bits of hair aren’t excessively risky for your cat.

Since cats use their tongue to prep themselves, they’re accustomed to consistently eating something like a tad of their hair. You likely possibly stress over your cat eating his hair when you see a major piece of hair hanging off his lip.

If your cat pulls lumps of hair off their body, then they may likewise eat it, even after they let it out. It may seem counterintuitive, but cats do it at any rate. Some cats are exceptionally spotless.

Cat hair has a bit of danger associated with it, but hairballs are more dangerous for your cats than just cat hair.

You might imagine that your cat eating his hair is horrendous. While it isn’t the ideal thing your cat can eat, its body knows how to dispose of the hair.

On the off chance that your cat eats a lot of its hair, then, at that point, anticipate that your cat should vomit a hairball in the following few days.

Hairballs can be frightening since you’ll hear your cat vomiting assuming the hairball is the reason. You can give your over-the-counter cat items to slacken hairballs and help your cat pass the hairball.

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Final Words

These are all the methods you can incorporate to deal with the hair eating habits of your cat. Not just that, all the information about cat hair and why your cat might be eating cat hair has been provided above.

With the above information, you can effectively deduce why your cat might be eating fur and implement the best solutions to deal with that problem. If these don’t work, it is best to consult a vet for professional advice.

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