Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies? Even At Night?

Wondering Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies? Well, you need to know the reasons I explained here in order to come this issue.

Cats, whether indoor or outdoor, house-trained, feral, or stray, all at one point make an eerie sound that resonates very much with a human baby crying. It will leave you feeling as if they are helpless and unhappy and the experience is just unnerving.

If only you know why.

For new cat owners, it will be one of the confusing things you will experience. It may be mystifying since in all instances when they do that, they appear to have no reason to moan in such a troubled manner.

However, for others who have owned cats for a longer time, each sound the cat makes means something.

And, that is one of the things we’ll find out.

But first,

Do Even Cats Cry?

Before we go through that, what does it mean when we say “do cats cry?” Is it the way they have tears in their eyes? Or, the sound they make when they meow?

Feline’s eyes may tear and water but, it won’t always mean they are crying. This is not their emotional reaction.

Yes, they cry, but not as resoundingly as humans do. Their eyes to not open the floodgates when sad or in pain. Rather, they become vocal and loud when something is bothersome for them.

Cat Crying Sounds

So, what does it sound like when cats cry?

Take a look at this cat whose owners tried to bathe for the first time and hear just how she sounds like.



It does sound like it was calling for help. You can’t really tell whether that is crying for a cat. But it tells you it doesn’t like what is happening.


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Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies?

Cats may cry like babies for various reasons including hunger, attention, loneliness & much more. Check the following to know more –

Seeking Attention

The main reason that your cat meows (or cries) is to get your attention. It is their way of telling you, “Hey, look at me,” or “Hey, I’m hungry.” My cat cries at me when I ignore her. When she doesn’t paw my foot, she meows to let me know she’s there.


Another good reason is when they are hungry. This is their cry that can quickly be remedied.

When I fail to give my cat her food on time, she follows me around while meowing. She won’t stop until she sees me with her dish.

Loneliness and Isolation

Loneliness and insecurity also make cats cry. This is especially true for kittens who have just been re-homed. Their feeling of vulnerability increases as they realize they are no longer part of their mother’s litter.

Isolated and afraid, their emotions intensify and so they cry. This is generally how they communicate their feelings and their need for reassurance.

Letting the crying kitten sleep in your bedroom will eventually reduce their weeping. However, understand that it is not just kittens that cry.


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Older cats may cry too. The disorientation caused by moving to a new place will make them feel stressed.

Their process of adjustment includes being vocal about how they are feeling. While kittens are easier to calm and reassure, older cats require more attention before they feel secure.

Unfortunately, some cats suffer from cognitive dysfunction syndrome as they age. This is similar to Alzheimer’s Disease in humans.

Felines with this degenerative ailment may experience occurrences of confusion that may cause them to cry out loud out of fear. Soothing background music can provide a little comfort.

Anxiety and Boredom

Cats, especially indoor ones may suffer from anxiety and absolute boredom. After all, felines are naturally intelligent and inquisitive.

Being held indoors, they quickly tire from their limited, 4-walled surrounding and may want to experience that vast amount of stimulating outdoor life.

If you haven’t noticed yet, cats are more active and playful at night. This is because nighttime brings them instincts that prompt them to go stalking or hunting for small prey.

Their nighttime cries mean they want amusement. They want to play. Giving them toys that stimulate their minds can help lessen their boredom.

While this is true for indoor cats, those who have plenty of access to the outside environment can be vocal for a completely different reason.

Territorial Instincts

Cats who have access outside of the house tend to mark out their territory. They do this by marking them with their scent and keeping a constant lookout for any intruders. Border disputes happen in cats, too.

When it does, an intense howling and yowling happen. Especially when the cat is inside the house and it catches an intruder just by looking at the window.

When it feels like it can’t do anything, that is when they will begin to cry to let you know they need to get out.

Illnesses and Stress

Cats are not shy to let you know how they feel. Whether it be hunger, fear, or confusion, they will find a way to let you know. Therefore, when they are sick, you will expect to hear more of their cries.

Illnesses make cats stressed. And, the more stressed they are, the more vocal they can be. Understand what is stressing your cat out.

A visit to the vet usually lets you know whether they are suffering from an illness or they are simply stressed out over something.


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What to Do When A Cat Crys?

If you think your cat is crying, pay attention to them and check them out. You can:

  • Pass your hand over his body to check for any wounds or injuries
  • Check for any discharges from the eyes, mouth, or nose
  • Ensure proper and normal breathing
  • Check private parts for anything out of the ordinary
  • Check his litter box

When your cat makes a distressing sound, be sure never to ignore it. While it is not always advisable to give them attention when they meow, sometimes they meow for good reason. So, always check on them.

Never punish them for crying. It will only make them distrust you and you won’t like that.

However, don’t give in. If they are used to getting everything they want when they meow, they will use that against you.

They may meow more and louder when you stop giving in. In most cases, rewarding quiet behavior gives them the idea that you like quiet cats more than loud ones.


1) Why do male cats sound like babies

Answer: The reason male cats sound like babies probably is the same as females. They either have excessive fear due to some external factors ( ex – moving to a new place ) or they are looking for a female partner to have physical relations.

2)Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies At Night?

Answer: Some cats cry like babies at night because of excessive fear or if your pet is a female, she might be in heat. That means the queens are fertile and ready to mate.

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