Why Do Beagles Have Big Ears? Know The Reasons Here

Beagle proprietors cherish playing with their long floppy ears, and no one can blame them! Their vast ears are what genuinely separates them from so numerous different canine varieties. 

Consolidate their droopy ears with their impressive eyes, and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Beagles are so mainstream.

However, do you know there’s a logical explanation behind them having such huge and floppy ears

Those big, fluffy, and delicate ears that drape low from a Beagle’s head may look adorable, yet they have a generally excellent purpose behind being so enormous. Let’s understand this in the below section.

Why do beagles have big ears?

For this, there’s the short answer; their big ears are due to their breeding.

However, you should go in-depth to know more about how their broad ears help them in fragrance recognition and hunting/training. 

If you take a gander at a beagle, you will discern two things; one, their long ears, and how these enormous ears are set a smidgen lower than most canines.

So, let me specify the reason behind this. A beagle’s low-positioned long ears let him hang even lower than he would regularly and look longer than he is in actuality.

That implies when the Beagle gets a hint of something intriguing, his head lures near to the ground, and those stunning floppy ears get to work. 

Likewise, Beagle has a fantastic feeling of smell that is far superior to most other canine varieties, and those ears assist them with this also! 

You may wonder that having long ears that drag near the ground would weaken a Beagle’s hearing, but it’s not. Long floppy ears amplify their hearing capacity.

Just as kicking up each of those intriguing smells, a Beagle’s long ears also lessen the distant sounds meddling with their chasing. This makes them a pro at chasing and hunting.

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Why do some beagles have small ears?

But what if your Beagle has the direct inverse, i.e., instead of long floppy ears, your Beagle has small ears?

In such a case, it very well may be that you don’t own a Beagle’s pure breed; however, it relies upon how short your Beagle’s ears are. 

For instance, there are inconspicuous contrasts between the American Beagle and English Beagle in terms of ears length & shape. These are as follows.

American Beagle: The ears of an American beagle are somewhat more limited than their English counterparts. At the point when pulled out, their ears probably won’t reach to the furthest limit of their nose tip. 

English Beagle: The ears of an English beagle are longer than their American varieties and are just adjusted at the tip. At the point when you pull their ear full length, it will reach to the tip of their nose. 

The thumb rule says that if your beagle has small ears, he/she could either be bred in unfavorable conditions or isn’t a pure Beagle breed. 

Why do beagles have ear flaps?

An earflap, also called a pouch, or marginal cutaneous pouch is a small cavity near the ears’ base. There are three following reasons why beagles have ear flaps.

  • These flaps help the beagle in flattening his ears. 
  • These flaps act as a sound barrier, aiding them in hearing.
  • Last, the ear pouches aids in the easy detection of high pitch sounds, even from a distance.

Do beagles have good hearing?

Yes, beagles have an excellent hearing capacity owing to their big floppy ears. However, the same big ears sometimes cause hindrance in detecting sound from far-off distances.

Still, their quality smelling skills make up for this issue with their ears. This goes on the lines that a beagle’s smelling ability is much better than the other hunting canines like bloodhounds. 

Moreover, their big lips add an extra feather to their smelling ability by stirring the nearby scents to their nose tip.


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Beagles may be one of the smallest dog breeds, yet they have been reproduced to be astonishing hunters and chasers to which those huge saggy ears add as an advantage.

The entirety of the qualities, which are the long nose, neck, enormous ears, and swaying tail of a Beagle, is intended to assist them with smell detection. 

This longing to discover and follow in the wake of fascinating scents makes them extraordinary chasing associates.

However, it can likewise prompt issues in the home! Due to strong-smelling senses, Beagles will consistently be diverted by smells in your home, making it hard to calm them down.

Notwithstanding, they can cover-up for this obstinacy with their loveable nature.