Why Are Ragdoll Cats So Expensive ? Detail Analysis Of Cost

Ragdolls are one of the most popular domesticated cat breeds deemed for their exquisite appearance and social skills. They are premium quality cats with stunning blue eyes and a beautiful silky coat. Besides, they are intelligent, loyal, and cuddly with an amiable disposition.

Ragdolls are one of the highest-priced cats in the world. Depending on its pedigree, breed, and show quality its price varies from a hundred to a thousand dollars.

Buying one could burn a hole in your budget if you are not aware of the long term costs involved.

Normal ragdoll costs anywhere between $700 and  $1500. But if it is a show quality cat from very high titled breeding lines, the price might go up to $2000 or more.

No wonder that its uniqueness accounts for its high price.

Ragdolls are not easily available as other popular show quality cats. To develop unique qualities in them breeders require special expertise. Also, to obtain pure breeds with zero – infection, it requires a great amount of time and money

Getting the breeding patent from an acclaimed breeder, nurturing them till they are healthy, giving vaccinations on time, veterinary costs, food, and supplements are not so cheap. So, generally, the price depends on the breeder’s cost.[1]

If you are buying your ragdoll from a well-known cattery or cat breeder, you can ask for breeding rights by paying extra money.

If you want to bag one for cheaper rates, search in the nearby animal shelters or rescue homes. You might get it for a hundred dollars, but you won’t be able to know if it is purebred or not.

Before buying ensure that your kitten is a full-bred ragdoll. To bring new colors and patterns breeders outcross it with other potential cat breeds. But to be a full-bred ragdoll, it should be four generations away from the out-cross. If it is less than that, it is reflected in the price of the cats.

Average Cost Of Owning A Ragdoll Cat

The cost of owning a ragdoll cat includes meeting its food requirements, vaccination, veterinary costs, and grooming.

Veterinary Costs

Veterinary expenses cover a major chunk of ragdoll expenses. They include,

  • Wellness checks and routine tests:  Apart from regular wellness checks including blood tests; parasite Testing, FIV, and FeLV testing are done once in a year to check for potential infections. It could cost around $300 to $500 for one test. Worming should be done once every three months which will cost a minimum of $40. Tick and flea treatments costs between $35 to $40 per visit. [2]
  • Vaccinations: Initial vaccinations are usually in the range of $100 to $200.
  • Spaying and neutering: You needn’t worry about these expenses if your breeder has already done it. If not, it will cost you around $450 to $750 in a vet clinic.
  • Dental cleaning: To protect them from resorption and tooth decay regular dental cleanings are essential. Proper teeth checkup at least once in a year is recommended. If dental health worsens, surgery is your last resort and it costs more than $1000.
  • Cat health insurance and emergency expenses: Do not hesitate to take an insurance for your cat because it will cover unexpected needs of your cats. Sometimes the hospital bills could burn a  hole in your pocket, so getting insurance is a cautious move. Also, save a small fund for unexpected expenses including accidents, sudden illness, skin diseases, etc could go up to $1000.

Food And Grooming Costs

Maintaining good health of your cat requires paying attention to its food and grooming needs.

  • Food: Food costs vary depending on whether you buy packed food or grains or It could be anywhere between $50 to $100.
  • Litter: The expenses depend on the type of cat litter that you are buying. It varies between $50 to $100. If you are investing in a litter box you can escape from monthly litter expenses. A liter box costs around $500.
  • Lint roller brushes: The silky coat of your ragdoll needs lint roller brushes for coat brushing. It will prevent knotting. It costs around $50 to $80. A parlor grooming will cost around $80 to $100 per visit.
  • Toys and cat hygiene supplies: To keep them happy and entertained invest in some toys, this might cost around $100 to $200. Cat hygiene supplies include brushes, shampoos, nail trimmers, vacuum cleaners, etc and it will cost around $200.

In short, the cost of owning a ragdoll cat can be summarized below:

approximate cost of having a ragdoll cat



Ragdolls are categorized in different ways.

The price depends upon whether the cat is pet quality, show quality, or breeders quality. If they are from high – titled breeding lines the price varies from $800 to $2000.

These include show quality and breeders quality cats. They are generally purebred and GCCF registered. Pet quality ragdolls are cheaper when compared to them.

Breeding costs also affect ragdoll prices. The breed standard depends upon how many titles a cat has earned in cat shows. Such high-titled ragdoll cats cost more than a normal one.

The price also varies on different point colors on their coats. Seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream are commonly found colors.

The uniqueness in the color mixing in their mitted or bi-colored coat also contributes to its price.

Can You Buy A Ragdoll Without Being Scammed?

It is easy to get lured into ragdoll scams. But you can dodge it off if you are cautious enough. Always remember that genuine breeders will not sell their kittens for low prices.

Because to bring out high-quality breeds they invest a huge amount of money. So, do not fall for the deals offering kittens for cheap prices, free shipping charges, etc.

Most of the genuine breeders will have an authentic email, location, real address, contact details, and social media links.

If you smell a rat do a quick background check online about your breeder’s authenticity.  If you choose to trust an unknown breeder, it is difficult to ensure pet quality and you could be easily scammed. [3]

Here are some tips to avoid scammers:

  • Research about the breeder thoroughly before cutting a deal. Confirm your breeder’s authenticity by checking his address, location, website, and contact details.
  • Do not buy your kittens without seeing them first. If you are not able to visit directly, at least arrange a video call.
  • Check if the cash payment system is foolproof before sending the money.
  • Know your ragdoll cat breed standard before buying. Do not pay full price for kittens lacking ragdoll traits.

So get your ragdolls from a well-recognized, trusted breeder. Ask about its breeder’s quality and pedigree. Make sure you invest your money right.  [Read this]

If you smell a rat, drop the deal.


No matter how costly ragdolls are, they are worth the investment. Their extreme loyalty, intelligence, social skills make it ideal for our households.

This huge, cuddly furball will sway your minds at first sight. They are generally low maintenance, but you should take good care to maintain their living standards.

Chart down the expected expense before buying one and check if it is affordable, only then your cat can live a happy life with you.