Why Are Pitbulls So Affectionate? [ Know All The Reasons ]

It is sad how Pitbulls have gained negative popularity in the canine community. They do not deserve it. For a bad reputation, people still think they are unpredictable and aggressive.

But, this is not the truth. If a person owns a Pitbull, he knows how well-behaved and affectionate the pup is.

When socialized, Pitbulls take humans as their best friends and develop a strong attachment with them. Here in this article, we try to figure out why Pitbulls are so affectionate to their owners. 

Why are Pitbulls so affectionate?

Pit Bulls are affectionate because, from the very first day of their lives, they love human companions. The dog breed shares a corrupt history of engaging in dog fights for years. As a result, people generally misused their skills in illegal dogfights. But later, Pitbull breeders started discovering the generous, caring, and tender side of the canine. So their bonding with human beings is long enough to make them affectionate, especially to their owners. 

Pitbulls generally show their gentle, faithful, and kind behavior towards their pet parents. They even have a unique ability to befriend children within a brief time.

If Pitbulls grow with children around in the home, they can even serve as nanny dogs for the rest of their lives.

Even those Pitbulls who typically show aggression towards other animals can share affection with people. When it comes to Pitbulls, they are fond of human beings. 

Even though the affection of a Pitbull is natural, some factors can also trigger this emotion. Below are a few of those probable causes.

Learn bite inhibition

Years ago, in the 1800s, dog breeders crossbred two species to get Pitbull. As this new species featured sturdy frames with athletic qualities, people used them as fighting dogs.

The show arrangers usually utilized the skills of this intelligent, responsive and affectionate dog in the wrong way.

However, during the training of fights, dog handlers taught them to bite inhibition for safety reasons. That is why Pitbulls are typically less likely to bite than most of the canines out there. 


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A perfect partner in all works

If you look back, you will see how people of the United States of America used Pitbulls as all-purpose herders.

Even to date, this breed offers services in different fields. While a harvester can use them as farm dogs, intelligence departments utilize their skills in police services. 

On the other hand, Pitbulls serve as watchdogs, hunter pups, and even nanny dogs with utmost excellence.

The way they work with people aids them in developing a special bond with human beings. This phenomenon provokes Pitbulls to become loving towards the entire family of their owners. 

Pitbulls are grateful

When you see Pitbulls as domestic dogs, chances are the owners rescued them from the shelters. In many cases, the dogs bear a rough past, where they faced cruelty or plenty of negligence.

So, when a kind-hearted person rescues the pup and shelters it with loads of love and respect, Pitbulls can feel the love.

They show gratitude to the owners for the rest of their lives and express thanks with affection. It is not even surprising if you notice the love of the Pitbulls towards you in their every action. 

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How do Pit Bulls show affection?

Pitbulls generally show affection by staying close to you the longer they can. They are snuggle buddies who love to lean, cuddle and climb to your lap throughout the day.

If you let your Pitbulls cuddle you all day long, they will be the happiest.

The pups also show their affection through jumping, licking the face of their owners, wagging their tails, gazing happily at you, and sticking beside you as long as they can. For all these reasons, dog-lovers choose Pitbulls also to have emotional support. 

But, you and your family probably want to know how Pitbulls show affection towards you. Following are some common behaviors you can expect from an affectionate Pitbull.

Never get away from you

Affectionate Pitbulls are like lazy persons who want to throw their weight around. They tend to lean to the person they adore the most to express their affection towards him.

They even love to play around with you, go underneath your legs while sitting around, and put most of their weight on you to show affection and gratitude.

Jumping on you to cuddle

Training and socialization make Pitbulls tender towards people and animals. It will even surprise you how an aggressive dog can turn into an affectionate creature with loads of kindness for the owner. Pitbulls do not bother about personal space and tend to jump on you and hug you probably all day. 

No matter what you are doing and what time it is, they only want to stick by your side to snuggle you. Pitbulls are very sensitive about their emotions and instantly develop bonds with their owners.

Also, the moment you start embracing them, they return it through every possible action.

That is why, when you stay away from the dog, they develop separation anxiety. It is also an expression of intense love and affection towards the owner. 

Offer plenty of kisses

When Pitbulls become familiar with every member of the household, they build a bond with each one of them.

Then you will notice the dogs showing affection and gratitude through a heavy dose of kisses and lickings. Also, remember they expect a small patting or a tight hug from you in return.

Never leave your side

Pitbulls can be your forever buddy, no matter where you go or what happens.

They do not leave your side to let you know how grateful and affectionate they are to you. Pitbulls can offer you company in the workout, leisure time, nap time, and even during household chores. Their loyalty is beyond any question. 

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Do Pitbulls have a favorite person? 

Yes, Pitbulls can have a favorite person in the family, but also they quickly make bonds with other persons. Generally, the dog favors an individual in the family, and chances are the person interacts with them the most. Pitbulls attach with the member of the family who trains them regularly. They even tend to follow the commands of that person more quickly than they do with others. 

Generally, Pitbulls show a strong favor towards the alpha in the family if he brings them home and trains them.

But it is not like Pitbulls grow disliking to the other members of the family.

On the contrary, if you socialize your Pitbulls very well, they can form a special bond with their new masters after re-homing. Despite having a favorite person, they typically do not reserve affection for only one person and know how to spread love. 

How to build a better bond with your Pitbull? 

Pitbulls always require an authoritative person in the house who can train them. When you bring your Pitbull puppy home, you can notice aggression and temperament in it.

But, with regular and strict training, you can tame the dangerous qualities of the dog while making it more affectionate.

It also helps you to feel more attached to the Pitbull. Below we have shared some of the tricks you can follow to build a better bond with your Pitbull

Start guiding it from a young age

Train your Pitbull from the puppy stage to develop a strong bond between you and your pet. So, vets suggest every Pitbull parent commence guiding their pets from a young age.

If you start it early, chances are your Pitbulls will become more obedient and affectionate towards you.

Continue the training and socialization process, as those not only assist in building better bonds but also make Pitbulls respectful towards you. 

Spend quality time

Pitbulls are like children, the more you interact with them, and the better the bond builds between you. So, try your best to take some time out of your busy schedule.

Spend time with your four-legged partner.

No matter how rough your day went, these precious moments would always uplift both of your moods. Also, spending some time with Pitbulls can curb their separation anxiety. 

Take a stroll with your canine companion

As Pitbulls are hyperactive and energetic dogs, they love to burn off some steam through sports, exercises and even walking.

So, make Pitbulls your workout and strolling partner from an early young age. It not only provides you with sound health but also strengthens the bond between you. 

Playfully socialize the Pitbulls

Pitbulls are attention-seekers like kids. If you play with them all day long, they will be happier than ever.

So, next time when you spend some quality time with your Pitbull puppy, socialize it through playing with it. If you teach the puppy how to behave, chances are the adult Pitbull grows more kind and caring. 

The more you follow these steps, the stronger your attachment will become with your Pitbulls.

Also, if you want your pet to be calm and affectionate, make sure you behave the same way with it. Your adorable behavior towards them makes the Pitbulls more affectionate in return.

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Does Pitbull show affection towards other Pets? 

Yes, Pitbulls generally show affection towards other pets, as they are the most socialized pups ever. When we say Pitbulls are loving, caring, and affectionate canines, we mean they show affection to both people and other animals. The key is socializing them from an early age.

If you take the Pitbull puppies out to the park or any public places daily, they get to meet other pets there.

It helps them to behave cordially with other animals for the rest of their lives. 

It is always better to educate and socialize your Pitbulls from a young age. It provides you with a better result, and you can ensure other people, those pets, people, and children, are safe with your dog.

If you have another cat and dog in the household with a Pitbull, you will be surprised to see how affectionate this breed is with other animals.

They love to play with each other all day long, do silly things, cuddle each other, and develop an intense love for other animals.

If your Pitbull plays with a domestic cat and shows affection towards it, nothing is surprising!

Again, all these are possible only if the Pitbulls learn discipline and get proper training from a young age.

Professional trainers suggest introducing them to other domestic animals to get better-socialized Pitbulls. Only that ensures the safe co-habitat of two different animals under one roof. 

Final thought

We hope that our blog has made it clear that Pitbulls are very affectionate not only towards their master but also to other pets in the household.

Nothing but your attention, love, guidance, and strict training make Pitbull’s great pets with hearts full of kindness. Remember to express love in your behavior so that your Pitbulls will return it to you.