Why Are Maine Coons So Popular? [ Know The Reasons ]

Maine Coon cats are like the stars of the cat world. The world-renowned fame of these cats speaks only a little about the fascinating traits of Maine Coons. You can easily consider it to be one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. If you have ever seen and interacted with a Maine Coon, you would not doubt the fame it has. In case you have not done that, you might wonder why are Maine Coons so popular?

The Maine Coons are so popular because of their adorable behavior. They are also huge in size which is another reason for their popularity. They are adorable. Their affection, friendliness, love, and care towards their owners are incomparable with other cat breeds makes them very popular.

The stunning looks and friendly nature are two other characteristics of the Maine Coon that set them apart from all other cats.

Apart from these few factors, there are many other reasons why they are so popular. This article will discuss all the fabulous things that are great about the Maine Coons. Read on to know them all.

Reasons Why Many People Like Maine Coon?


The personal preference of an individual can depend on the person entirely. There are many aspects of a cat that a person can like, and there are always some unlikable aspects.

So, in this section, we will cover all the interesting facts about this breed. You can decide the factors of your choice and why Maine Coon could be the perfect cat for you.


The sheer humongous size of the Maine Coon is probably one of the most intriguing aspects of this breed.

It is undoubtedly one of the largest domesticated cats in the world. While the average height of a Maine Coon is 18 inches, the length can be as high as 40 inches in an average Maine Coon cat.

If you compare these numbers with an average American shorthair cat, you would realize the difference in size. If you want a vast and cuddly furball, Maine Coons are the absolute best.

Intriguing Origin Story:

If you are interested in having a cat with an interesting backstory, then Maine Coon cats have three.

While one myth puts them in the middle of the French Revolution and connects the Maine Coon to the French royalty.

There is another story that points towards a connection to the great Vikings and Norweigian Forest cats. Another myth also unscientifically connects these majestic cats to the raccoons.

All of these stories stood the test of time, and you will be intrigued to know all of them before buying a Maine Coon.

The Lovely Behaviour:

Maine Coon cats are also famous for their amiable and loving behavior.

They are also known as ‘gentle giants’ because they have lovely behavior towards everyone, and they are larger than any other domesticated cats in the world.

They have a strikingly loving and caring attitude towards their owners, and they will let you know that very clearly.

Maine Coons often roam around the house after you, and they do not leave any space. If you want such loving cats, Maine Coons are probably the best for you.

Dogs of the Cat World:

Maine Coons are often known as the dogs of the cat world’. In this way, Maine Coons are unlike any other cat breeds in the world.

You can play fetch with your Maine Coon as they love the thrill of it. You can also take the Maine Coon for a walk using a leash ( Unbelievable, right?).

They possess many other qualities that are unlike any other cats and similar to many dogs that we love and adore.


If you have ever owned a Maine Coon cat previously, you must have known how vocal these cats can be.

Maine Coons can make their emotions known through various sounds, and it is interesting to watch a cat do that.

However, this feature can be too much for many individuals. So, if you want to have a cat who likes to let its presence known, Maine Coons are incredible at it.

Painless Shower Time:

Maine Coons love the feel of water because of their unique hydrophobic coat. Most of the time, you will see that the Maine Coon is splashing and playing with water.

So, you will never have a problem with the shower time because that can very well be the happiest time of the day.

Playful Breed:

Maine Coon cats are one of the most playful cats in the cat world. They will love to spend any opportunity with you, and playing is probably the best time to bond with a Maine Coon.

These large cats need a lot of exercises to stay in size. As Maine Coons tend towards obesity, you should spend a considerable amount of time playing with them.


There are many reasons to love a Maine Coon cat. In this article, we have given the crux of a Maine Coon cat’s desirable qualities.

While some of the qualities may seem desirable to specific individuals, some may not like them. In the end, it is about your priorities, and you will be the best person to decide whether you want a Maine Coon, or not.