Why Are Huskies So Weird? ( Know The Reasons Here )

Siberian Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their wolf-like physical characteristics and loving behavior make them one attractive addition to the family.

You would love the presence of Husky in any situation. They are unique in every way possible. However, if you ever owned a Husky, you have observed that Husky’s behavior can range from goofy to dramatic.

It only takes one moment for your Husky to start behaving in an entirely random manner. It also makes them so fun to have around.

This article will look into this specific goofy behavior of huskies and explore the various related quirks. Let us start by exploring why Huskies are so weird in the first place.

Why Are Huskies So Weird?

Calling a Husky weird may not be a correct way of addressing their behavior. The word that you might be referring to is ‘reactive.’

Huskies generally are incredibly reactive in every way possible. Whenever you ask a Husky to do something it does not want to do, it will react randomly.

They are emotionally reactive to a great extent. This reaction often comes out as straight-out weird. We will look more closely into this behavior as we go deep down in the article.


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Why Are Huskies Acting Strange And Dramatic?

Before we jump into the reactive behavior of Huskies, let us understand the meaning of this term. Generally, reactive dogs are those dogs who have a strong emotional drive.

The sudden show of anxiety or aggression is most common amongst dogs, generally known to be reactive. However, huskies do not have any aggressive traits. Their reactive nature is mostly funny and goofy.

Now that you know how reactive behavior occurs in dogs, let us look into this particular behavior for Huskies.

If you don’t know this already, Huskies can be stubborn when it comes to any command. You do not need more than one command to trigger this reaction.

As huskies do not show any form of aggressive behavior, you see the aloof reaction to your command. They can do anything from whining, erratic behavior, lying on the floor and staring at you to howling. 

Another common feature for all of the Huskies is their playful nature. Their full-of-life attitude can be the reason behind their jumping motions or erratic running motions.

In the end, it is all fun and laughter when it comes to this behavior in Huskies. If you have an extremely trained Husky, the reactive nature is less in them.

Why Are Huskies So Difficult?

Huskies are intelligent and independent breeds. At first, both of these traits seem suitable for a dog that you will bring home.

However, a mix of these two behaviors is one reason why Huskies are so challenging to maintain or train.

When you try to teach a new trick, they will pick up the details very quickly. However, you should also expect a large number of restrictions on their end.

The independent nature of these dogs is detrimental to a fruitful training session. The goofy nature adds fun content to the situation, but it can get frustrating to many dog trainers.

You have to maintain a calming and focused environment while training a Husky.

When the Husky is comfortable following commands in a controlled environment, you can add distractions and follow the same regime.

Being stern is another trick to teach new things to Huskies. Slowly, but surely you will be able to raise an obedient Husky if you are patient.

Can You Stop A Husky From Being Weird?

In general, Huskies being weird is just a standard feature of this breed. There is nothing wrong with your Husky if it is behaving in a weird or goofy manner.

Their playful souls are just reactive in the way they know. But it can get to the best of us, which is why we are going to explore the primary way of stopping this kind of behavior. 


Having a dog and treating them with small bits of food to keep it calm is common in any household. If you want a trained Husky that responds to your calls and commands, you have to restrict free treats. 

We are going to explain this. Let’s assume that you have called your Husky inside the room or asked for a simple action.

The typical reaction of an untrained Husky would be to throw a tantrum at that place.

The last thing that you should do is bring it in by luring it with a treat. In this way, you would be encouraging this behavior of whining and goofing around.

Positive reinforcement is the sole technique while training a dog. However, when you are giving a treat to the Husky when acting out, it reinforces that behavior.

Experts recommend that you start training a Husky from the time you adopt them. The type of train that is most efficient for Huskies is called recall training.

This type of training will help much because of the independent tendencies of the huskies. When the training is complete, you can expect the Huskies to react less.

Obedience training is another form of training that can help the goofy behavior of Huskies.

An obedient husky is less likely to go through the phase of reacting weirdly to each command. No matter how much you train a Husky, you can expect some weird behavior from time to time.


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Is It A Bad Thing Your Husky To Be Weird?

You need to understand that these weird quirks make them who they are. Huskies are known for their loving and bold nature, but you will also realize how essential it is for them to be what they are.

Most of the reactive dogs let out these emotions through aggression. So, you have to be grateful that Huskies do not have a shed of aggression. Their weird behavior is the only way for them to let their emotions out.

If you still have a problem with their behavior, you can start training them from the beginning.

But in the end, you need to think about whether it is too bad for the Husky to act weirdly. There are ways to stop this behavior, but whether you want to go through that is entirely on you.


The bright blue eyes and wolf-Esque features only tell us about the majestic look of these creatures. Their personalities are another reason for their world-renowned fame.

Their weird behavior is just a reaction to your commands or calls. The intelligent but independent breed needs a particular type of training to get rid of this behavior.

However, quirkiness is one of the traits of Huskies, and you should think before you decide to take care of this.

In the end, Huskies are fantastic in their ways, and loving them is incredibly easy for these reasons alone.