White Pitbull With Black Spots: Everything You Need To Know

Pitbulls are a widely popular breed of dog known for their strength as well as their adorable nature. They come in a wide range of beautiful coat colors.

Among all the colors, the white Pitbulls fascinate people the most for their silky coats and the beautiful patches or spots on their bodies.

They are one of the most sought-after varieties of Pitbull, and people often wonder about their nature and characteristics and what causes them to have such a unique coat color and pattern.

White Pitbull with black spots: everything you need to know

Many people love the white Pitbull for its gorgeous coat color and its typical Pitbull personality.

These dogs usually have black or brown colored spots spread around different areas of their body, giving them a unique and attractive look.

They are often nicknamed the ‘moo moo Pitbull’ because their body patterns are similar to the marks on a cow’s body.

However, these spots do not affect their personality & temperament in any way, and they are quite similar to regular Pitbulls.

These Pitbulls are comparatively expensive in most places and sought by many people.

You should never adopt them for their physical features and instead adopt them only when you feel an emotional connection to the dog.

Since they have a white coat, they are known to have a lower melanin content in their bodies than the other Pitbulls.

They are more sensitive to sunlight, especially if they have a red nose too. It makes them prone to sunburn and certain types of cancer caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Therefore, they should not be exposed to sunlight too much and need to be kept in the shade if possible. The white female Pitbull weigh around 35 to 50lbs while the male ones are heavier with a weight range of 40 to 60 lbs.

They have a glossy and short coat, with black spots scattered throughout different parts of the body.

Some of the white Pitbulls even have black spots on their tongue. They also have a wide range of eye colors like Brown, hazel, red, black, etc.

These dogs are very loyal to their owners and can attack viciously if they sense any danger. White Pitbulls have aggressive tendencies that can be controlled with proper training from a young age.

Pitbulls are fit for a house with a commanding and firm owner. They can be very friendly and loving if they are trained to do so.

With proper care, they can be gentle and can act as ideal pets for children and the elderly. These dogs are very active and need a great deal of exercise to maintain their health.

They should never be left alone as they are prone to separation anxiety. Neglecting them can also cause behavioral problems and make them more aggressive and violent.


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Why do some Pitbulls have black spots?

The black spots on a white Pitbull’s body have always been a matter of astonishment and fascination for people.

Although the proper answer for such a phenomenon was unknown earlier, recently researchers have found through various tests and data collection that white Pitbulls develop black spots on their bodies due to breeding accidents.

There is a probability that Pitbulls with different coat colors were bred together, which led to these adorable puppies’ birth.

Those dogs were later selectively bred to retain the coat color and the beautiful spots. Since then, there have been a large number of Pitbulls born with a white coat and black or brown spots on their body.

However, these spots are not uniform, and they are scattered throughout different areas of their body.

Have they considered a separate breed?

No, the white Pitbulls are not considered a separate breed. Although their coat pattern and coat color are quite different from the regular Pitbulls, it is merely a variation of the American Pitbull Terrier.

The only difference is that usually, Pitbulls with an extra coat color do not have any spots on their body while the white Pitbulls have black or brown spots on their coat.

They have a similar personality and temperament to the other Pitbulls.

However, they do have a unique nickname called ‘moo moo Pitbull’ because their body’s pattern resembles the patterns of a cow. Their weight and height are the same as the regular Pitbull, and they are friendly and active.


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Do they need any specific diet and training?

Their dietary requirement and their exercise needs are quite similar to any other American Pitbull Terrier.

The dog must get all its nutrients from the food it eats so that it can remain active and healthy. They need to be fed foods with a fair amount of calories.

Meat and meat products are ideal for their daily nutritional requirements, and they should be incorporated into their diet in one way or another.

You should also ensure that they get their vitamins from their diet and plan a balanced diet for the dog if possible.

These dogs need regular exercise to stay fit. It is recommended to take them out for at least half an hour of walk twice a day.

If you are a lazy person, then the Pitbull is not your ideal dog as they need an owner who can match their energy level.

They are perfect for houses with a yard as they need some space to run around and play.

It is not advisable to take your moo moo, Pitbull, to the dog park until it has been socialized enough to stay calm in the presence of another dog.

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White Pitbulls can be a proud addition to your home if you are determined to invest your time and energy in the dog.

These dogs need lots of love and care. Proper training is an integral part of shaping them as ideal pets.

Though the white Pitbulls are widely appreciated for their spots, they are more famous for their gentle and loving nature.