Where Should My Ragdoll Kitten Sleep?

All cat owners would agree that the days before adopting your first cat can be pretty problematic. All sorts of questions come to your mind, and probably that is why you are here as well. If you wonder where your Ragdoll kitten should sleep, you have come to the right place.

While the answer might vary with the kitten’s age, the kitten can sleep anywhere from a cat bed to your bed. There are many more options to explore, and you have to understand where your cat is most comfortable.  

So, in this article, you will get your answer to the doubt. We will explore each option and discuss the ups and downs for each of them. So, keep reading, and make your Ragdoll’s life comfortable.

Where should my Ragdoll kitten sleep?

Before enlisting viable locations where a Ragdoll kitten might have a good sleep, let us first understand the semantics of sleep and location in correlation.

Cats are light sleepers. They are nocturnal animals and have their instincts activated for hunting and foraging during the nighttime.

The Ragdoll, conversely, has had most of its innate hunting instincts bred out, gradually, over the years. It is not to say that they no longer exist; they do. But their reduced presence makes your job easier.

The first thing to remember is that an ideal sleeping environment for kittens should be a place they feel comfortable.

One must first determine their idea of comfort and how best to simulate such a setting. Safety and security are the watchwords here.

Cat Bed

A cat bed is an obvious choice for a kitten. Make sure to make the bed as comfortable as can be.

It is also advisable to put the bed on the floor or close to the floor. It is owing to a typical cat trait; wanting to jump off high vantage points. It can be potentially harmful to a young kitten.

Additionally, the cat bed ought to be in a room that is hazard-free. The kitchen, laundry room, store cupboard, etc., are the wrong choice.

 Kittens can be pretty active during the night and can get into trouble with easily knockable objects around them.

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Blankets on the ground

A little more DIY than a cat bed, a pile of blankets on the ground makes for a pretty comfy bed for a young cat. It has certain advantages- lightweight, easily movable, and quickly remodeled in case the blankets get soiled.

As with a cat bed, it is essential to first decide on a safe location and give the kitten an impression of security.

Cat-safe Crate/Kennel

A cat-safe crate also called a kennel or a playpen is a safe choice for a young cat. If you wish to have a good night’s sleep without having to check on your kitten at multiple points during the night, this is the way to go.

Cat owners often use a crate when the cat is recovering from an illness or injury. It guarantees confinement without providing an impression of imprisonment.

It is also a handy tool that you can use when introducing a new animal into the house. The crate is a barred hollow square that can be made quite homey with pillows and blankets.

It also lends the animal a sense of having their own home to retire to at night, a feeling they might come to appreciate.

Cat tent

A cat tent is very much like a human tent, except much smaller. It is for those cats who wish to sleep in an airier location while also being inside a tent to experience a certain degree of privacy.

The tent also works to block out errant lights and can help ensure a more restful sleep.

Cat tents can either be bought or DIY-ed. Whichever method you choose to opt for, this is an easy and inexpensive alternative to a cat bed or crate.


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The bed

A viable option for many, a lot of people prefer to sleep with their kittens in bed.

It has often proven especially effective for Ragdoll kittens because, as mentioned previously, Raggies are social beings and do not enjoy solitude.

Having their human parent beside them allows them to relax and, thereby, sleep better. However, it is only a short-term solution, and one should disregard it once it is time for the cat to learn self-sufficiency and independence.


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The key is to judge your cat’s needs with patience and care. There is no universal rule for the ideal sleeping spot; you may find that you have to try several options before finding the one that suits you best.

It would be best if you kept a few things to keep in mind, though: comfort, safety, a homely environment.

Clear the space of objects that might trigger anxiety(e.g., the litter box).

A sparsely furnished area works better than a cluttered one, and anything too high is an immediate no.