What Type Of Cat Is Garfield? Are They Real? Here’s The Truth

What breed is it? What are the unique traits of a Garfield cat uncommon to other cat breeds? If you have a series of questions in mind regarding a Garfield, you are at the right place.

First and foremost, Garfield is a fictional cat that grew up in a comic film in 1978.

The same film became so popular, and so did this fictional cat that later on, it led to the release of a range of books and kid cartoons on the same theme.

In no time to release the film, books, and cartoons, fans became fascinated with Garfield, which gave air to the discussions over his breed, nature, etc.

Continue reading below to know everything about the fictional cat breed.

What type of cat is Garfield?

Garfield is the protagonist character of a comic strip by Jim Davis, who dedicated the film to his daughter.

The film centers around an overweight, orange color cat with black stripes all over the body like a Persian cat.

Garfield hates lazy Mondays, exercise, and his fellow character Nermal. He loves just two things, one is sleeping, and the other is lasagna.

What do you mean by Garfield?

Garfield is an American comic strip locally launched as Jon in 1976 and nationwide as Garfield in 1978 Garfield by Jim Davis.

The film revolves around the main male protagonist, the Garfield cat, Jon Arbuckle owner, and a dog.

The film and the cat have featured in over 3500 newspaper journals that gained the film a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most syndicated film. One interesting fact about the film is that it’s shot in Jim Davis’s hometown of Muncie, Indiana.


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How do you identify a Garfield?


The male cat Garfield is effortless to identify. How? Read ahead. In appearance, the cat is bright orange with black stripes all over the back.

He hates Mondays, exercises, and his fellow character Nermal. Being heavy, you’ll find him indulging in potato lasagna and sleeping.

The Garfield breeds feature short hairs like the ones you will notice on Persian cats.

In terms of appearance, the cat has a short nose and squat legs. Hence, these are some characteristics to identify Garfield from its closest match, the Persian cat.

History, personality, and features of Garfield

Let’s discuss in detail the history, personality, and noticeable features of Garfield below.


Garfield came into existence on June 19, 1978, at an Italian restaurant named Mamma Leoni’s Italian Restaurant.

As a cat, he has a good appetite for lasagna, and his obsession for the same swelled too much that the Italian restaurant owner had to choose between him and his restaurant.

After choosing his restaurant over the cat, he then decided to sell Garfield to a nearby pet shop for some bucks.

Months passed, and finally, in the same year, in August, Jon Arbuckle adopted him.

Due to its naughty behavior, he often lands on a series of adventures, from getting stuck in roll-up shades to getting locked in animal shelters.

Soon, he got signed by various film directors and slowly got his identity as an artist. But remember, Garfield is a fictional character, not real!


Personality-wise, it’s not challenging to recognize Garfield. A lazy body built with an unending passion for foods like cakes, pizza, and lasagna is what Garfield is all about.

One strange fact about Garfield is that he has an electrifying personality which doesn’t go well with his weight.

Garfield loves sarcasm and teasing his owner and teddy bear the most, but there’s another thing that compliments his personality.

He loves causing physical harm to his dog Odie and teasing Jon for his unpopularity among women.


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Cats are sweet, friendly, and docile. And the Garfield breed is nothing new to these features. Although a sarcastic cat, Garfield adored sitting next to his favorite humans and resting on their lap.

However, the cat finds some difficulty adjusting to strangers, and some examples are visible in his comic strip.

If you live in a quiet and calm environment, you may not find Garfield breed a perfect option due to its nature.

Other cool features of the Garfield breed include its weight, different body built, broad nose, and immense smelling abilities.

Garfield has unmatched smelling capabilities such that he can recognize one rotten apple from over 200,000 barrels.

Quite strange, and you’ll feel amazed to know that this smelling ability of Garfield is best next to the dogs!

Where does the name “Garfield” come from?

If you’re wondering from where the “Garfield” name comes from, here it is. The name Garfield came from the film’s producer, Jim Davis’s grandfather.

You will feel amazed to know that he resembled Garfield, and that’s how the cat got its personality.

The cat was born near a restaurant, and that’s how he came to know about his favorite dish, lasagna. The reason behind the cat’s overweight is her eternal love for lasagna.

However, Garfield failed to find himself a home and ended up in a pet store being an unadopted cat.

And one day, Jim caught the cat eating lasagna and decided to adopt him since he wanted a male cat for his next comic strip.

Naturewise, Garfield is a sarcastic cat filled with humor and the habit of replying to criticism in his way.

He loves his owner and dog friend, Odie but can’t resist teasing either of them. If you have seen the film, you must have noticed a teddy bear, and that’s his favorite toy or friend.


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What are the favorite foods of Garfield?

Garfield is an avid food lover; unlike the other cats of a similar breed, shape, and size, his diet is different and consists of items not always recommended for an average cat.

Yes, the diet of Garfield constitutes even those food items you won’t dare to feed any ordinary cat regularly.

For example, his most favorite dish is freshly baked lasagna. He can eat lasagna the whole day in every portion of the meals.

Another food he can not resist attacking is a doughnut. As doughnuts are sweet and fried, vets don’t recommend cats, but Garfield can not live without them.

Cookies form another vital part of Garfield’s diet, which you can feed him day and night. Have you ever seen a cat enjoying ice cream? If not, it means you haven’t seen Garfield.

The cat has a particular corner in his heart for ice creams, next to the only lasagna. Chocolate cakes and chocolate waffles are the other two 3-pack building food items for the hungry breed.

If that’s not enough, what if I tell you that Garfield can finish an entire pepperoni pizza in a single bite?

In a nutshell, desserts are the primary needs of a lazy and mischievous cat like Garfield. So, the next time you meet her, don’t forget to bring him some of the desserts mentioned above!


Garfield isn’t a real cat and merely a male protagonist in a comic strip by Jim Davis, who created it after his grandfather’s name Garfield.

Appearance-wise, you’ll notice Garfield, a lazy and overweight cat with a bright orange body-color and black stripes at the back.

His squat legs with a tiny nose make him irresistible to girls.

He is very sarcastic and loves teasing everyone who tries the same with her.

Although a fictional character, Garfield has succeeded in ruling over everyone’s hearts, especially Jim Davis and his grandfather.

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