What To Do When Your Cat Catches A Mouse? [ Know Here ]

All cat owners are acquainted with the classic cat and mouse chase, and you indeed dread that one fine day your cat might bring a dead mouse into your house.

Mice are an easy target for your cat, and their body size is perfect to be their prey.

Although killing a mouse might give your cat the thrill of their life, you surely do not enjoy it as much. Let us find out what you can do when your cat happens to catch a mouse and bring it to you!

What to do when your cat catches a mouse?

Cats are quite unpredictable, and they cannot be quickly disciplined. They do things based on their personal decisions and moods, and you cannot prevent their actions.

Here are some of the things you can do when your cat decides to catch their favorite animal of prey. It might see them alive or might kill them and try to eat it.

Your actions should depend on whether your cat has brought an alive or a dead mouse.

1. Encourage them to drop the live mouse

Cats might catch a mouse and bring it to you alive only as a gift for you. They are quite proud of their hunting skills and might want to show it off to you.

If you notice that the mouse is still alive, you need to take immediate action. Encourage them to drop the mouse from their mouth.

If they are adamant and do not want to do so, you can distract them with their favorite toys and treats. Catnips come as a savior in such situations.

But, it can add another difficulty as the cat might release the mouse inside the house, leading to a pest infestation.

If possible, take your cat outside before releasing the mouse or close all the doors and windows of the room to prevent the mouse from escaping. You can later put it into a cage and remove it outside.

2. Do not bury the mouse

In case the cat has killed the mouse, it is never advisable to bury it within the boundary of your house.

Cats have a powerful nose, which helps them to detect even the slightest of smells.


Using their ability to smell, it can easily track back their prey to the place you buried it in. It will only go there and dig up the dead mice and will try to eat it again.

It is better to dispose of the mouse far away from your home or in a garbage bin that has a very tight lid.

Burying the mouse would only create problems as you will be left with a cat who has eaten a mouse as well as a hole in your garden.

3. Consult the veterinarian

Rodents like mice are known to carry many diseases that can affect your cat if it ingests the mouse. Many mice are infected with roundworms that can enter into the cat’s body.

The cat can also suffer from a condition called ‘toxoplasmosis’ from mice’s consumption as they carry the parasite for it.

It can also suffer from food allergies or have stomach flu after killing and eating the mouse. Hence, it is best to consult a veterinarian when you find that your cat has consumed a mouse.

It will help to rule out any possibilities of disease.

The doctor can run some tests on the cat and test its fecal matter and urine to determine if any parasite has attacked it. He/ she will recommend medicines accordingly to keep the cat healthy and safe.

4. Keep calm

You need to keep patience and be calm if your cat catches a mouse. They can sense the change in your attitude and emotions.

Most of the time, they brings dead animals only as a gift for you. If they get a hint that their prey does not amuse you, they might not want to come near you and will try to flee.

This will make it more challenging to get rid of the mouse from the grasps of your cat. You should act very familiar when the cat brings in the mouse.

Encourage it to release the mouse from its mouth and give it to you.

If they are convinced that you are enthusiastic to see the animal they have killed, they will happily hand over the mouse. You can quickly get rid of the rodent later without causing harm to your cat.


Killing small animals is an instinct of your cat. But you should discourage such behavior as much as possible.

It could lead to certain diseases in your cat. It is advisable to keep your cat indoors most of the time to avoid it from catching a mouse or any other prey outside.

Your cat’s safety should be a matter of utmost concern, and you should take necessary actions to prevent it from killing mice in the future.

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