What Kind Of Dog Looks Like A Pitbull But Isn’t

If you have ever come across the term “pitbull,” you probably know the stigma that it entails. Pitbulls are not a particular dog breed, and there is nothing called a purebred pit bull.

Primarily four dog breeds come under the category of Pitbulls. They are American Bully, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

These dogs are notorious for all the wrong reasons. If we consider the natural behaviors of these dogs, they are like any other hunting dogs.

They are banned from many cities in the states, and you are bound to attract some eyes if you move into a neighborhood with a pit bull.

However, many dogs breed like pit bulls due to their physical shape or square face when they are not Pitbulls.

Sometimes, they face the same treatment from others due to their similarities.

In this article, we will name a few dog breeds like that and discuss their features. Let’s start with the dog breed that resembles the Pitbulls the most.

What Kind Of Dog Looks Like A Pitbull But Isn’t: Here’s The List

1. The American Bulldog:

The uncanny similarities between the American Bulldogs and Pitbulls make it very hard to pick one apart from the other.

They have similar square faces, sturdy bodies, and structured jaws. However, the primary difference between them is their sizes are quite different from each other.

When the pit bulls can weigh up to a sheering 160 pounds, the bulldogs cross the limit by an extra 40 pounds.

These 200 pounds giants calmer than the Pitbulls. However, they need regular exercise and a fatty diet to maintain their strength.

Bulldogs are famous for their lovely and friendly natures. It is one of the reasons why Bulldogs are not a good guard dog despite their fierce look.

2. The Boxer:

The boxer comes high on the list because of their popularity. It is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and people confide them with the Pitbulls all the time.

Pit bulls are much smaller than the boxer and share similar behavioral traits.

They are stubborn, high energy, and intelligent breeds and have an intense prey drive. Fawn-colored boxers are the most popular type.

However, you can find multicolored or brindle-colored variants as well. The boxers have a very distinctive body structure, and that sets them apart from the Pitbulls.


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3. The Bull Terrier:

Bulldog and Terrier’s crossbreed, the Bull Terrier, are also commonly mistaken with the Pitbulls because of their similar muscular body structure.

The head of Bull Terrier has a very distinctive shave, and they have triangular eyes. Despite the physical dissimilarities, the behavioral traits of pit bulls and bull terriers hand in hand.

They have a stubborn, tenacious nature with a similar prey drive. Although bull terriers are relatively small in size, the muscular build can prove you wrong. 

4. The Presa Canario:

People have kept the Presa Canario as a guard dog on their farm, house, or protection. Their muscular body and black fur can be quite intimidating to people.

They are large guard dogs and can grow up to 150 pounds. You have to be an experienced dog owner to own a dog of this breed.

Their vast size can be quite problematic for many dog owners. You have to train them from the first to give them a good temperament.

They are famous for their suspicion of humans or any other animals. If you compare them with Pitbulls, the differences will be evident to you.

Despite their scary appearance, the pit bulls are much more harmless than these dogs. Pitbulls do not qualify as guard dogs because they are not as aggressive towards humans as Presa Canario. 

5. Dogo Argentino:

If you want a dog who will go on adventures with you and guard you at all costs, there can’t be any better breed than Dogo Argentino.

They are known for their extreme loyalty towards owners and sporty nature. Their name hints at their origin country, and they are visible in that part of the continent.

However, their nature is attracting many veteran dog owners. Their attractive white fur gives them a desirable look, and their bravery is gaining the attraction it should receive.

Despite having a large size, they often get confused with the pit bulls for their muscled structure. They don’t fall into the pit bull category.


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6. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier:

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is probably the most misunderstood dog breed compared to the traditional pit bulls.

They share uncanny similarities with the pit bulls because of their shared ancestry. American Pitbull Terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, and American Staffordshire were not separate breeds.

This breed of dog is famous for its distinctive smile, and they can be fantastic family dogs. Their behavior towards children makes them an exquisite choice for your family. 

7. Cane Corso:

The cane Corso is another guard dog on this list. They can weigh between 70 to 100 pounds, which is less than the average weight of pit bulls.

They also have quite different characteristics from Pitbulls. This breed is also recommended to the most experienced dog owners who have earlier experience working and guard dogs of comparable size.

You have to go on regular hikes and undergo a vigorous exercise regime to keep the dog in shape. They can also be more demanding of their owners. Pitbulls are more affectionate towards humans than cane Corso. 

8. Bullmastiff:

The Bullmastiff can be quite a handful for any dog owner. Their demand for an innovative exercise regime can be a problem for the most experienced dog owners.

They are an intelligent breed and will protect the owner without any prior training. Bullmastiff can bond with the owners pretty quickly, and once the bond is made, it is impossible to drive it away.

These large dogs look formidable in person but have very different behavioral traits and physical characteristics from the Pitbulls.

9. Ambullneo Mastiff:

Another Mastiff in this list is quite different from most of the breeds in the list. This breed is one of the newest dog breeds that resemble the Pitbulls and has the ‘optimal’ guard dog behavior.

They need quite vigorous exercise routines. However, their sensitive nature restricts you from being harsh during the exercise.

They are famous for their indomitable love for their owners and serve as an experienced family and guard dogs at the same time.

Pitbulls are comparatively smaller than this breed of dogs and possess different physical features. 


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10. Olde English Bulldog:

Olde English bulldog is another dog breed that is new to this world. This breed was created by the breeders keeping the old bulldogs in mind.

That explains the name. This breed is a mix of Bull Mastiff, American Bulldog, English bulldog, and American Pitbull terrier.

Having the shared ancestry explains the similarity between this breed and pit bulls. However, Old English bulldogs have a shorter muzzle and larger head in comparison to Pitbulls.


This article has described ten dog breeds that resemble the pit bull type, but they are not. The stigma of being harmful dogs haunts them despite being a dog at the end of the day.

There is never a bad dog, just a lousy trainer.

We have mentioned all dog breeds that need expert guidance because they possess more power than other dog breeds. They are harmless if they receive good temperament training from when they are a pup.