What Does It Mean When A Cat Grabs Your Hand? [ It’s A Secret ]

When your pet cat tends to grab your hand, it might mean that they adore you too much and wish to express that to you. When the cats tend to be closer to you but not touched, they might catch your hand so that you cannot stroke them.

They might stop you from typing on your phone, laptop, or tablet. By doing so, they mean that you should solely focus on them and pamper them. There are some reasons for which your cat might grab your hand. Let us check the possible reasons.

What does it mean when a cat grabs your hand?

Pet cats are cuddly and beloved companions of human beings. While we love and pamper our pet cats dearly, they might sometimes come beside you and grab your hand. In some cases, they even bite you.

But, have you ever thought about why your cat grabs your hand or bites you? Well, your cat might have a feeling of overstimulation, play, annoyance, or even sometimes signals an injury that might have happened to your cat.

When you see that your cat is grabbing your hand and biting you, try to redirect them with a soft toy so that they can bite the toy instead of biting your hand.

Every person has a different explanation and reason for their pet cat grabbing them orbiting their hand. But in most cases, the explanations are common. Therefore, we have listed some of the possible causes of your pet cat grabbing your hand below.

1. Your cat might crave your attention

One of the major reasons your pet cat might hold your hand is that they are craving your attention.

Maybe, your cat wants a bite of the tasty sandwich you are having, or maybe they simply want you to adore them and pamper them.

Even if you are busy talking on your phone with your client and your cat is sitting beside you, they might grab your hand. It means that they want your attention. In other words, your pet cat does not want to be ignored by its favorite person.

2. Expressing gratitude or happiness

Whenever you see that your cat is grabbing your hand and starts licking it, it might mean that your pet cat is happy, pleased, and comfortable with you and your behavior.

They try to express their feeling of happiness for being there with you.

And thus, your pet cat might grab your hand and start kneading it. It is almost similar to the act when they were kittens and licked their mother for the food and care that they were receiving.

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3. Your kitty might be annoyed

When you see that your cat is placing its paw on your palm with a strange look, it might mean that they are agitated and annoyed with your behavior.

At that time, it is better that you open the food can for them as soon as possible so that their mind is diverted and they do not do something wrong that might create a mess around you.

4. Your kitty might show affection to you

It is like two humans are holding each other when your cat places its palm on your hand. It means that your cat is adoring you and wishes to love you all the way long. They want to be in touch with you in some way or the other.

There might be situations when your pet cat is too tired, and they don’t want to be stroked but rest all day long, but still, they want to tell you that they love you too much by placing their paws on your hand or grabbing them.

5. Showing true love

Your pet cat might hold your hand for several reasons, among which showing love is a major cause. It means that your kitty likes your company and chooses to be near you all the time. As a result, your pet cat might grasp your hand sometimes when they are near you or sitting beside you.

They might also offer their paw to you if they are lying beside you and are not in the mood of being cuddled. This becomes a viable option for the kitties, but most cat owners do appreciate the same.

6. Security is a major reason for which your cat grabs your hand

For security reasons, some cats might want to grasp your hand. It means that, as an owner, a major advantage of owning a pet cat is the security and comfort that they offer.

On the other hand, when a cat is holding your hand or is lying on you, it means that your pet cat feels secure and safe under your care and supervision. This thing might differ from cat to cat. It is because your cat might be more focused on defending you and taking up a protector role.

7. Your pet cat has no one to talk to

Finally, your pet cat might be lonely and wants your attention. For instance, you might be on an important phone call, and your cat tries to block you and prevent you from talking. At that time, they might grab your hand, telling you that you need to give them attention at that time.

If this happens very frequently, you should not get irritated as an owner.

It shows that your cat loves you very much and wants to spend more time with you. It might also mean that you need to spend more time with your kitty.

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Why does my cat grab my hand and bite me?

Whenever your pet cat grabs and bites you, it defines its attacking nature. That means they will tear them apart by scratching and biting you. But that does not mean that your cat will hunt you all the time.

They simply perform the actions that come naturally to their mind. You should designate playtime for your pet cat. Around one hour every day is enough to play with your cat.

But try to break down the playing time. Keeping toys for your kitty is also essential because they might bite the toy and tear them apart instead of biting your hand.

You must pay more attention to your cats. If your cat does not want to be rubbed in some area, it will bite you. If you do not remove your hand too fast, they will try to chase your hand.

Sometimes, when your cat is biting your hand, it also means they are irritated with you. Since they cannot use their vocals for expressing their dissatisfaction, they start biting you.

What does it mean when your cat grasps your hand and licks it?

If your cat starts licking you and your head, it means that they are considering you as their buddy. They might mean that they are in a bad mood and wish to be pampered.

It might also mean that they are not happy with the situation they are dealing with, whether playing, snuggling, or petting.

She wants to take a break. It is essential that you pay more attention to the body language of your pet cat at this time and understand their behavior, whether they want to pet or whether they wish to relax.

Sometimes, your cat might also bite you before licking to means that it is their time for grooming.

Before you start petting them, you will observe that they bite some portions of their body to remove the dirt. This is a common and natural behavior of every pet cat, and at this time, you must pay proper attention to your kitty and start grooming them.

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Final Words

For several reasons, your cat might grasp your hand, bite them or lick them. It might be because they want to draw your attention towards something or show their irritating nature, or it might be to show affection and love to you.

Whenever you see that your pet cat’s beautiful paws are connecting with your palms, do not ignore them. Try to understand what your kitty wants. If they want to love, try to pet them gently with your hands.

And if they are hungry, open the food can in front of them, just like your pet cat is there to provide you comfort and security.

Similarly, your cat also expects the same from you. Therefore, as an owner, you have to provide them with the affection, comfort, care, and security they need.

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