What Can I Use Instead Of A Cat Carrier ? 5 Cat Carrier Alternatives

Using a cat carrier is always a good option. But what if you don’t have one? Some certain situation demands alternatives to a cat carrier. In this article, we will discuss 5 cat carrier alternatives that you can use when things do not go as planned.

Taking the cat on a long drive or a veterinarian can be the most annoying part of owning a cat. Cats do not like to stay inside a cage for a lengthy duration of time.

It is always a tedious fight with the cat every time you attempt to get the cat in confinement. If you have tried to force the cat into the crate too often, cats may develop a fear or aggression towards cages.

Or, you could be a new cat owner and did not find the time to buy a cat carrier. You need to find alternative methods to carry your cat for traveling by car or plane in those cases.

This article will give you five alternatives to cat carriers that you can use to keep your cat safe while traveling by car and answer a few frequently asked questions.

Cat carrier alternatives:

This article focuses on the various cat carrier alternatives that you can use while traveling by car. Cats do not like traveling, and they can get hasty or uncomfortable in the car.

They can get wild in the car, which can harm the cat, or the people present there. That is why the cat owner must ensure the cat’s safety by putting it inside a cat carrier.

But the unavailability of a cat carrier can exacerbate the situation. You can use the following simple alternatives to take the cat on a drive without compromising the safety-

1. Cardboard box:

Using a cardboard box as a cat carrier is most probably the easiest and quickest solution to this problem. You can find cardboard boxes at any hardware store or in your home.

The softness and durability of cardboard boxes make them suitable for your cat’s sharp claws. You need to find a cardboard box of appropriate size so that the cat remains comfortable inside.

All you need to do is poking a few small holes in the cardboard box for ventilation.

You can put the cat inside the cardboard box and close it with duct tape so that it can’t jump out of it. In this way, you can get yourself a cheap but single-use cat carrier.

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2. Plastic tote:

The plastic tote is another viable alternative to conventional cat carriers. The plastic tote is a common household utensil, and you can use a covered plastic tote as a cat carrier.

However, you can make some holes in the tote to maintain proper airflow. Plastic can be rough for the soft fur of the cat.

So, you might need to use a cloth or rag to make the surface suitable for the cat. A towel will also provide a stable surface for the cat to sit on, as plastic can seem slippery to them.

However, you may need to find a cover for the plastic tote so that the cat does not escape when you are busy driving.

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3. Laundry Baskets:

This solution may not be a comfortable solution, but you can use it if you do not have access to a cardboard box or plastic tote.

Laundry baskets have natural holes on the sides and a stable bottom. You may need to make sure that the laundry basket can carry the cat’s weight, and the holes are not so big that the kitten can escape through them.

Once you make sure of those two conditions, you can use a binding material to fix two baskets to keep the cat inside.

The most significant drawback of this procedure is that the cat may not feel comfortable inside laundry baskets.

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4. Pillow Case:

The pillowcase method may seem an extreme technique to take the cat on the road, but you can use this method if you do not have any other choice.

Experts suggest that cats become calm when they are in dark locations, and a pillowcase helps create a temporary blind place.

While many cat owners use this methodology to put the cat into the carrier, you can carry the cat to the destination in this way as well.

You need to keep the cat in the car’s footwell or let someone else hold it after putting the pillowcase over the cat’s head.

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5. Purse:

You can also modify a large purse to hold the cat to travel by car. Cut two windows on the side of the purse and use chicken wire to keep the cat inside.

You can use twist ties to hold the chicken wire with the bag. In this way, you can have a cat carrier in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In this section, we are going to answer two questions that cat owners ask frequently. Having prior knowledge can get you out of a complicated situation.

1.Is it illegal to drive with a cat if they are not in a carrier?

If you are letting the cat roam freely in the car, the police can pull you over and find a large amount of money.

However, if you are restricting the cat’s movement in any way possible, police will not charge you any fine.

You need to check with the state laws beforehand not to put yourself in an unforeseen situation.

2. Can a cat ride in a car without a carrier?

Keeping a cat inside a cat without a carrier can distract you or the driver when jumping around. Sometimes, cats can get sick of the car ride if you did not train them well.

So, experts suggest that you should keep the cat restrained in some way so that it does not pose any threat to your or its safety.


All the cat owners will agree to the statement that carrying a cat in a crate is probably the hardest part. If your cat does not like the conventional cat carriers or you do not have a cat carrier, you can use the cat carrier alternatives, as we have mentioned previously.

When you are taking the cat on a car ride, you should restrict the cat’s movement.

If you do not follow the state laws, you can get charges of reckless driving and animal cruelty. More than that, you should always be careful about the safety of you and your beloved feline.