What Can Dogs Drink Besides Water? [ Here’s A List ]

Having a dog as your pet is a huge responsibility. As a part of this responsibility, your concern about what your dog should eat and drink is genuine. Every pet owner wants to be doubly insured not to feed anything dangerous to your furry friend.

Just like a human body, canines require proper hydration.

It helps dogs in a variety of body functions.

Water is crucial for all living beings for survival, so keep fresh and safe water always ready for your dog. But besides water, are there any drinks that you can feed to him to ensure a healthy appetite for him? Let us find out below.

What can dogs drink besides water?

While dogs mostly drink water regularly, you can feed him other drinks too in moderation. Several beverages are available out there, which you can give to your canines. Some have good nutritional value, while some may act as a taste changer.

1. Coconut Water

Coconut water is rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and many other essential nutrients for your pet dog to strengthen the immune system. You can consider giving coconut water to your pet in small quantities.

Make sure that it is natural. Coconut water powder made especially for dogs is also available.

You can mix that powder in fresh water and let your dog relish it. It is a healthy option other than water for maintaining a hydrated body.

2. Juices

You might think that orange juice or any other fruit juice is an outstanding idea for your pet. But this is not always the case.

The juices that we drink contain a large amount of sugar which is not the best for dogs.

Although there are many nutrients in the juice, you should not risk it for the sake of your dog consuming sugar.

Many fruit juices are made especially for dogs.

These juices are made by reducing the sugar levels significantly while retaining the minerals and vitamins in them. You can include such products in the dog diet, but occasionally.


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3. Tea

Your dog can drink caffeine-free tea. Caffeine hurts the nervous system.

Instead, give herbal teas like peppermint, ginger, and chamomile that do not contain caffeine.

These will supplement your dog’s need for essential nutrients. Again, it should be occasionally and not every other day, even if your pet loves the taste.

4. Milk

While many argue that dairy products are toxic for dogs, it is not always the case. If your canine is allergic to lactose, then giving your furry friend milk is a strict no.

But lactose intolerance is an uncommon condition amongst dogs.

Offer them a little milk the first time to see how their body reacts to the intake.

But remember, too much milk can make your dog obese.

Milk and all dairy products contain high-fat content. An overweight dog is likely to develop more health issues.

If you see signs of any diarrhea or gas after milk consumption, do not feed him more in the future.

The digestive system of dogs takes more time to digest lactose. So you must control the quantity of milk that you give them.

5. Bone broth

Bone broth is a safe liquid for your dog. It is amazingly rich in vitamins and minerals.

As the name suggests, this drink can help in strengthening bones and joints.

You can easily make bone broth at home for your pet.

However, if you do not want to prepare it yourself, you can purchase it from the market. While purchasing, make sure to look at the ingredients. Do not trust packaging that contains onions as they are very dangerous for dogs.

6. Carrot juice

Carrots have enormous health benefits for dogs. Carrot juice will supply their bodies with vitamins, fiber, and potassium.

You can also give them carrots in solid form to eat.

Carrot juice is the best option if your dog is not well and is not willing to eat. You can very well prepare it at home within minutes.

7. Chicken broth 

Chicken broth is a super healthy drink for your pets.

If you want to feed this liquid to your dog, make sure you prepare it yourself. Broth purchased from markets has high salt content that is dangerous for dogs.

They cannot tolerate too much salt in food. Doctors recommend this drink when dogs are sick because they act as energy boosters. You can include this drink in your dog’s diet besides water.

8. Gravy

You can include gravy in dog food that you regularly give to your pet.

Make sure that you check the ingredients of gravy well before feeding them.

It should not contain milk or any other dairy product like butter.

You should also avoid additional flour, salt, and thickening materials. Too much salt can lead to sodium ion poisoning, while too many dairy products can cause diarrhea.

Since gravy is a liquid that your dog can eat daily along with the food, always take special care to double-check the ingredients.

9. Meat-based broths

These are high nutrient-rich liquids. Sometimes dogs, especially when they are young, cannot chew food, leading to vitamin or mineral deficiency.

In such cases, doctors recommend meat-based broths, as these liquids are an efficient way of supplying nutrients to a dog’s body without chewing.

Do not include this drink in your dog’s diet as and when required. You should give the food only on the recommendation of your vet.

10. Special canine beverages

Many beverages are available that are made especially for dogs. Explore the options in the online market before buying any product.

You will find many drinks that are tasty as well as healthy for your pets.

You will see a wide variety of juices, teas, and tonics. Check the ingredients mentioned on the packs carefully to avoid any negative effects.

Non-alcoholic beers are also available for dogs.

These beers are non-carbonated to ensure the safety of the dogs after consuming them. These drinks might be expensive, but you can try them so that your dog has something more than water to drink and enjoy.

Should your dog only drink water?

Your dog should only drink water regularly. For a change or to make a more encouraging drink, you can add some flavors to it. Several dogs approved beverages are available in the market that you can give to your puppy. But, make sure that the puppy drinks an adequate amount of water every day.

An insufficient water level in a dog’s body can make him lethargic, weak, and dehydrated. Vets say that you should give a dog 50 to 100ml of water per day per kg of his body weight.

It suggests water level varies depending on various factors, like the size and age of the dog, the kind of physical activity he is involved in daily, the weather type, and the food that you feed him with.

Certain medications can very well increase or decrease the amount of water your dog drinks. Make sure to consult your vet in any such situation.

You can take various steps to encourage your dog to drink more water. Praise them with either your gestures or treats every time they finish the daily requirement of water.

Always keep fresh water ready for them. When talking your puppy out for walks or play, carry water along.

This way, they will drink water even when they are not at home.

You can add flavored ice cubes, tuna, or broth to water so that they drink more often. It will act as a taste changer too. Giving wet food or soaking up dry food with a cup of water will also help.

What drinks should dogs never drink?

There are numerous differences between our digestive system and that of a dog. What might be healthy for you might be toxic for your pet. It is significant to know what is safe for their consumption before giving it to them. Here is a list of drinks that you should never give to your pets.

  • Grapes derivatives like wine, raisins, and juice.
  • A drink sweetened using xylitol
  • Alcohol and beer.
  • Caffeine in any form like tea or coffee
  • Sugary drinks
  • Too much milk
  • Onion and garlic paste
  • Soda and energy drinks

Final words

There is absolutely no substitute for water in a dog diet. We all know that dogs have a higher body temperature than humans. The only way of regulating body temperature in dogs is through panting.

Water also helps a lot in this process by making all the required nutrients available to the body.

It also benefits the removal of waste from bodies.

Besides this, water helps keep dogs hydrated, assists in better digestion, and stimulates the secretions of essential enzymes and acids that the body needs.

We understand your temptation to give a tasty beverage to your furry friend. But nothing is better than fresh water.