What Breed Of Dog Is Born Without A Tail? Here’s The Complete List

Dogs are fascinating and adorable creatures, and every breed is gifted with some unique features. It is interesting to note that a few breeds of dogs are born without a tail.

Their tails are missing from their body naturally and do not need any artificial means like docking. These dogs might lack the ability to wiggle their tail, but they certainly can win the hearts of many people.

What breed of dog is born without a tail?

All dogs do not have uniform physical features as all of them have different ears, different face structures, other tails, etc.

Some breeds of dogs are even born without a tail, which is preferred by many people. It is considered cute and adds an extra quirk to the dog.

These dogs are naturally born without a tail and fall under the category of Bobtail breeds.

The T-box genetic mutation is usually responsible for such a phenomenon. Some dogs have a tiny stub for a tail and are often perceived as born without a tail. Some of these dogs are:

1. Brittany Spaniel

Brittany spaniels were initially bred as a gun dog for bird hunting. Most of these dogs have a tiny inconspicuous tail, while others are born tail-less, all thanks to mutation.

These dogs are very active are still used for several sports.

They are filled with lots of energy, and they love to have fun and play around. Brittany Spaniels need plenty of exercises and proper training to bring out the best of their personality.

They are medium built dogs, standing at the height of about 17 to 20 inches and weighs around 30 to 40 pounds in their adulthood.

Their long legs and light bones endow them with lots of energy and speed.

They have a beautiful and dense double-layered coat that needs regular brushing and proper grooming. Since these dogs are very active and energetic, they are recommended for people with a similar nature.

2. French Bulldog

The widely popular French bulldog has played the role of a companion dog for many years. It is a distant relative of the English bulldog.

They are adorable and can be a brilliant add-on to your family as they are very friendly and affectionate dogs.

An exciting feature of the French bulldog is its tail. Most of these dogs have a small stumpy tail that barely covers their butt while others are born without any.

The absence of their tail on their slim body makes them even more cute and lovable.

These dogs are friendly, brilliant, and fun to be around with mild temperament. They have a small but muscular body and weigh approximately 25 pounds.

Since they are small dogs, they do not need much exercise, and a brisk walk is enough for them. They can adjust to all kinds of homes and love to interact with people if they are trained to do so.

3. Pembroke Welsh corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgis were initially bred as herd dogs to look after cattle, sheep, horses, etc. But, nowadays, they are mostly found as family dogs because of their alert and watchful nature.

If they are socialized from an early age, these dogs can be extremely friendly with people and other pets.

There are two types of Welsh corgis: the Pembroke Welsh and the Cardigan welsh. The main difference between the two breeds is their tail.

While Cardigan Welsh Corgis have long tails, the Pembroke Welsh corgis have a short tail or no tail at all. The recessive mutation in the T-gene causes Their tiny tail.

They weigh around 22 to 20 pounds. These dogs have a bold yet friendly temperament and can get along with a wide range of families.

However, they tend to be stubborn sometimes. These dogs are great with children as well as the elderly.

It is easy to train these dogs as they are very enthusiastic about learning new things.

These dogs are very energetic and need brisk walks and other forms of exercise to stay healthy.

4. Australian shepherd

The Australian Shepherd was originally bred to herd cattle and other livestock in the USA. As it is popularly called, the Aussie is a medium-sized dog that possesses a large amount of energy.

About one-fifth of the total world population of the Australian shepherd dogs is born with a bobtail. This is usually caused by genetic mutation and does not require docking.

However, all Aussies are not born without a tail as some of them have a pretty evident medium to long tail.

They are powerful, muscular dogs and weigh around 35-70 pounds. They are brilliant and hard-working and might turn aggressive if they do not receive plenty of exercises.

They need proper training to maintain their best behavior and become calm and patient with people and other animals.

5. English Bulldog

The English bulldog is a medium-sized dog with an adorable wrinkly face and a pushed-in nose. They have a short coat that has a very fine texture.

It is a very sweet and gentle dog, often suitable for all kinds of homes. These dogs were initially used in their homeland Great Britain to fight bulls and to guard farms.

English bulldogs are born with a naturally short tail that often goes unnoticed.

Their little stumpy tail is very adorable and often gives it the impression of being a tail-less dog. Their little tail is not achieved through docking or any other artificial means.

These dogs can weigh up to 50 pounds. They need about half an hour of exercise to maintain their health and be active.

These dogs love to socialize and are playful and friendly with humans as well as other animals. Such behaviors can be encouraged with systematic training.

However, the English Bulldogs demand lots of love and care and are brilliant companion dogs.

6. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a modern breed of dogs bred initially as fight dogs about a century ago. They are born with a natural bob tail.

In some cases, the dog is even born without a tail. Their unique and beautiful coat has endowed them the nickname of the ‘American Gentleman.’

These dogs are very affectionate and can get along with children as well as the elderly. They are known to be intelligent dogs that can be easily trained.

These dogs weigh around 15 to 25 pounds. Although they are small in size, they are very lively and active. They enjoy their play sessions and need an adequate amount of exercise.

They are gently and friendly and seldom showcase aggressive behavior if appropriately trained.

7. Braque du Bourbonnais

These medium-sized dogs were initially used for hunting in their native country France. In modern times, they are adapted well into becoming perfect companion dogs.

They are well-known for their bob tail that looks like a little stub on their back. They are very calm, gentle, and patient around people as well as other animals.

These dogs are suitable for homes with abundant spaces and a yard as they need an area to run around.

These dogs are brilliant, and they can be easily trained to become pleasant, friendly, and learn a wide variety of tricks and life skills.

They weigh around 35 to 55 pounds and have a very high amount of energy. They need at least an hour of brisk walk and exercise. Play sessions are suitable for their health, and it is not ideal to leave the dog alone.

8. Australian Stumpy tail cattle dog

This breed of dog is known for its short and stumpy tail. In some instances, the tail is absent in the dog’s body.

The bob tail breed is known with many names, including the adorable ones like Stumpy.

It is a very energetic and active breed of dog that needs a lot of exercise and other physical activities to use their stored energy. They do not have a hefty build and weigh around 35 to 50 pounds during adulthood.

It is a fearless, loyal, and courageous dog that fears almost nothing. They need to be sociali1zed from an early age and need proper training to become friendly and calm dogs.

However, this breed is not suitable for people with allergies as they shed a lot of furs. They are not ideal for apartment life as they require a yard to run and play.

9. Croatian Sheepdog

Although the Croatian Sheepdogs were naturally born with a long tail at one point of time, selective breeding has made it possible to breed dogs with a stumpy or no tail.

These dogs were initially bred and developed in the Republic of Croatia, which has also been the inspiration for their name.

It is a breed of shepherd dogs that are known to be extremely brave yet humble and helpful.

These dogs are very energetic and love to exercise and play outside. Their humble and calm nature makes them ideal family dogs.

It is effortless to train them as the Croatian Sheepdogs are enthusiastic, alert, and intelligent dogs. They weigh around 230 to 45 pounds and have a life expectancy of about 14 years.

10. Miniature Schnauzer

The miniature Schnauzer is the smallest among the three available breeds of Schnauzers. Originally bred from the larger ones, these dogs were used in farms.

They are adamant, muscular, and aggressive when the situation demands. These were initially bred in Germany in the 19th century and have spread worldwide since then.

These dogs are incredibly vigilant and have their senses active at all times, which makes them brilliant watchdogs. They are known to have a very little stumpy tail, which adds to their overall attractiveness.

They are filled with energy and love to play around. These dogs are ideal for fun-loving, enthusiastic families as the dog can match the high spirit and activeness.

They are social creatures and love to make new friends.

They need about an hour of daily exercise and lots of interaction to maintain their physical and mental health. These adorable, small dogs weigh around 13 to 15 pounds.


The absence of a tail does not affect the dog’s personality and temperament in any way. It is just a feature achieved through selective breeding and genetic mutation.

Tail-less dogs are not very widespread due to which people often take pride in owning such a dog.

Their inability to wag their tail should never deprive them of anything as they deserve the best of your love and care.