15 Things To Know About Bengal Cats : [ Know Before You Get ]

Bengal cats are a super-intelligent breed characterized by their wild and leopard-like look. These cats are active, playful, gentle, and include an affectionate temperament.

The Bengal cat, more popularly known as the “miniature leopard”, is in demand nowadays. However, this species is among the most famous cat breeds, and its playful qualities make them an ideal family pet. These cats are famous due to their engaging personality and wild looks.

Various social media platforms are full of videos and pictures, increasing their fame. Bengal cats are now well-known, but there are still a few misconceptions.

It is not uncommon for people to purchase a Bengal cat without proper research about the breed. You will know a few things related to Bengal cats through this article before buying them.

15 things to know about Bengal cats before buying

These cats look like a tiger but a much smaller one with their beautiful and iconic look, green eyes, and large ears. If you look at these intelligent and attentive breeds, you will realize that this breed is the most interesting. Learn everything about this unique breed below before buying them.

1. Always in demand

It is a fact that Bengal cats are needy pets more than your domestic cats. Bengal cat’s coats are of low maintenance but have various other requirements that you need to fulfill.

They require lots of time commitment from the owner’s side. Hence, if your Bengal cat comes up with any health issue, you need to give them extra care and attention. Bengal cats are in much demand due to their looks and friendly nature, but at the same time, they are aggressive also.

2. Require exercise daily

Physical activity is highly essential for Bengal cats’ well-being. If they do not remain active, they will become miserable and overweight. You can do various things to maintain their energy, like offering a cat wheel, playing with them, and taking them out for a walk with the help of a secure harness.

3. Can experience various health issues

Unfortunately, Bengal cats could also suffer from various health issues, and some might become deadly and highly severe. Some health problems are inherited, while others might arise from viruses. Before buying a Bengal cat, check them for any health issues. If the cat has any, then avoid getting one into your home.

4. Bengal cats are expensive

Bengal cats are very expensive, and you need to pay good money to get them. If you need a Bengal cat raised correctly, you should pay a massive amount. The cost might be more according to their physical properties and leopard-like looks. Besides being an expensive breed, people want to have one in their homes.

5. Require good quality food

If you want to own a healthy Bengal cat, you should feed the cat with protein-rich and high-quality food. Never feed the cat low-quality food as it includes higher carbohydrates. Never pay for cheaper brands and watch your cat’s health deteriorate, and always have a talk with a vet regarding your Bengal cat’s food.

6. Do not like to be alone

Bengal cats are gregarious, sociable, get attached to their owners, and follow the owner everywhere. These cats also enjoy the company of other pets, including dogs, and portray themselves as fun companions. But, Bengal cats could feel aggressive and lonely if they are left alone for an extended period.

7. Bengal cats are vocal

Bengal cats have a sociable attitude and always like to communicate their requirements using varying sounds.

Bengal cats are so vocal that you will never feel alone within their vicinity. Humans are attracted to their vocalizations, as they are very much attractive and friendly with everyone, especially with their owners.

8. Have a strong predatory instinct

Bengal cats are not aggressive towards humans but consist of predatory instincts. These cats are highly active and pose a threat to various small animals as they are good hunters. So, for this reason, do not leave your cat in a room where there are small pets and walking as they could easily catch squirrels.

9. Bengal cats are not lapping cats

Not all Bengal cats are the same in expressing their love to their owners, and some cats like to cuddle usually and also express their love in their way. Bengal cats might sleep at your side during the night, or might take a nap over your belly, once in a while.

10. Bengal cats are good jumpers

It is astonishing to know that Bengal cats are excellent climbers and jumpers. These cats are very active and could jump up to three times their height.

Their jumping ability allows them to hide in various unthinkable places where no one can search. Bengal cats beat your hands during a game of hiding and seek.

11. Bengal cats are highly chatty

Bengal cats are exceptionally chatty and try to communicate about everything, especially when they try to tell you that they require something.

They start to meow in a varying range of tones, from sharp to low tones, and give the impression of wild animals. If you ignore their symptoms, these cats will become much louder.

12. Love water

One of the most common things among Bengal cats is their love for the water. Never get surprised to see a Bengal cat drinking water from a tap.

These cats also like to drink water by dipping their paw in the bowl and licking it rather than drinking it directly. Bengal cats love to play in the water and even follow their owner to shower.

13. Quickly learn tricks

Bengal cats are great at learning tricks and are easy to train like pet dogs. You can teach them basic tricks like sitting, high five, or lying down as Bengal cats rapidly learn them. Apart from these tricks, Bengal cats can also learn to turn on or off the lights, open the doors, and lift the trash lids.

14. Bengal cats are attention seekers

Bengal cats behave in a way that humans cannot get their eyes from them and desire to attain maximum attention, unlike other lazy types of cats. Bengal cats always want to play with someone, do exercise, and like to get indulged in various activities. If these cats do not get enough attention from you, they can become unhappy, frustrated, and destructive.

15. Usually, They require new toys

Bengal cats get bored while playing with the same toy. So they need a new toy regularly that would cost you lots of money. Change the toys often so that your Bengal cat does not become bored with ease. You should search for intelligent and interactive balls, toys, or catchers.

Are Bengal cats excellent house pets?

Bengal cats are ideal pets for families, are very playful, and are a good option for kids as the pets make the kids happy. These cats love people, especially kids, and love to be by their side.

Bengal cats enjoy chasing toys with kids, and these cats include an affectionate personality. Moreover, Bengal cats desire attention badly, so they can do any activity to grab it.

If you do not pay attention to them, the cats will do unusual activities, so they can get the attention they want. Apart from loving kids, Bengal cats bond well with other family pets, like dogs or any cat. But, you should make sure that your new pet is ready to accept an existing friend at home.

Care of Bengal cats

Bengal cats need proper care just like other cat types and even extra care from their owners. Bengal cats require high-quality food, correct grooming and nutrition, and frequent visits to a vet.

Offering Bengal cats a shower would not be much tough, as these cats love water compared to other types of cats. You need to properly care about their playing time and need to play with the unique games.

Make sure that your cat does not get bored, frustrated, or destructive due to loneliness, and to avoid this bring another pet into your home for the cat’s company.

Final Thoughts

A Bengal cat would act as a great option in your day-to-day life. Bengal cats are highly energetic, intelligent, unique, beautiful, and wild cats and love their owners very much.

They make good family pets, and you will have lots of fun while raising and playing with them. Since they are different from many other normal cats, gathering information about Bengal cats is essential to prevent surprises before buying them.