The state of pets and especially cats in Ukraine

Even in the 21st century, the world is witnessing a thing as dreadful as a war. The war between Ukraine and Russia has shaken the faith of the entire globe. There are thousands of men, women, children and elderlies losing their lives. Even more, people are forced to flee from their homes to find shelter somewhere else.

It is undoubtedly one of the most jeopardizing situations humankind can ever face. But is it just us facing the hassle of war? Absolutely not! Some creatures like us cannot make it out alive or face gruesome hassles in surviving the war. Moreover, they are mute and can not quite express themselves or register what is going on around them. And they are none but our pets, the stray animals.

The cats, dogs and other animals in Ukraine are in grave danger amidst the war between Ukraine and Russia. It is our responsibility to ensure that, along with us, they too survive the war and live their lives normally when all the adverse situations calm.

What has been done for the pets in Ukraine

Even after knowing that their lives are in danger, the people of Ukraine are trying their best to save their pets’ lives, especially the cats. This shows that hope and humanity persist and will continue to do so no matter how adverse the situations become.

Not abandoning them

One of the most common acts to save the pets has been that even after being unable to find adequate shelter and resources for themselves, the pet winners have not abandoned their fur friends. They have continued carrying them along with them and have tried their best to keep them close and safe.

It has been one of the most operational ways the pets, especially the cats in Ukraine, have been saved and are surviving with their owners.

The different organizations for saving the pets

Surprisingly, there has been an incredible response on our part in making an effort to save these mute creatures. And it has been through the formation of different groups and organizations to save pets, especially cats.

Some owners have been unable to carry their pets with them while they escaped and fled from their homes. Thus, making the animals completely on their own to survive is very difficult for them to do during the time of war.

Also, thousands of stray animals are trying to find shelter and survive. Different organizations have formed and are working to ensure that they are rescued and well taken care of for all of them. The best part is that these organizations and groups also work to find new homes and owners for these cats, dogs and other stray animals.

Through the social media

Social media platforms are among the most functional methods to receive pets and have successfully found new homes. Social media platforms have also been the fastest way of rescuing pets. The different organizations have been able to function so efficiently and rapidly with the help of social media.

Here are some well-known and greatly functioning organizations or groups trying to do their best to help the pets have a safe place and shelter in Ukraine.

Happy Paw

This organization has been doing its best to collect funds to offer shelter and food to the pets and the stray animals jeopardized by the war in Ukraine.

Приют Ирины Добролюбовой

cats in ukraine

Image credit : group

This social media page or organization is dedicated totally to cats. It ensures that the pet cats are rescued, well taken care of and find a new home.

Оксана Юрьева

This site on Facebook is also working its best to offer the cats in Ukraine a safe shelter and rescue them whenever necessary.


This is a Facebook group for rescuing the cats and helping them survive and find shelter amidst the war.

What can you do to help the pets in Ukraine and these organizations?

No matter which places on the globe you are in, you can readily come forward and help these little creatures. If you are in Ukraine and have a pet, you are requested not to leave them behind. And if the emergency is of utter grievance, then the least you can ensure is that they are handed to some organization or someone who would take care of the pets.

And if you want to help these pets otherwise, you can make donations to the different organizations and help them raise funds for creating and finding more shelter and pricing the pets adequate food for survival.

Final Words

The situation in Ukraine is grave. It would be a blissful effort from your side if you could contribute anything, monetarily or through efforts for these pets who are equally jeopardized because of the war in Ukraine.


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