Sounds To Make Cats Go Away : Here Are Some Ideas

Cats have flexible ears, and they hear more prominently than humans. They can also rotate their ears like we rotate our hands. Their ears detect even the slightest sounds with ease.

Their ears contain five parts, which are the eardrum, the earflap, middle ear, a canal, and a few small auditory bones. So, now, you have some knowledge about their ears.

It is time to discuss sounds to make cats go away. As you might know, cats hate certain sounds, and as a result, when they hear those sounds, they go away. To know more about those sounds, read the upcoming segments.

Sounds to make cats go away

Here is a list of a few sounds that make cats go away. 

1. Crinkling sounds

Cats dislike crinkling noises as it resembles a hissing sound. Therefore, if you ever make this sound with plastic bags, you will see your fur baby get agitated.

2. Tinfoil sound

The sound generated from tin foil also makes cats go away. You might notice that your cat avoids walking near a foil, and as a result, if they hear a crinkly noise from them, they feel annoyed. Hence, it is another sound that they dislike.

3. Packing tape sound

The high-pitched or loud popping noise of packing tapes makes cats go away. It is so because the noise is unusual. You will see that your kitten runs and hides under something if it hears this noise. 

4. Dishwasher and washing machine-related noise

The swirling and cleaning cycles on a dishwasher startle cats. It is so because the sound is non-consistent and arrives and goes in waves. Similarly, they also dislike sound generated from washing machines.  

5. Tea kettle sound

If you use a tea kettle, the loud sound makes your cat go away. Not only this, but this noise causes anxiety to them. 

6. Lawnmowers-related sound

The lawnmower produces a loud noise when you start its engine. As a result, it startles the cats. Therefore, it is another noise that makes your fur baby go away.

Apart from these, there are many noises that they hate the most. Let us take a look at some of them below.

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What sound do cats hate most?

As you have learned from the segment, cats hate certain sounds. But there are some specific sounds that they hate most. So, you might be wondering what those are. To know these, read the section below.

1. High-pitched sounds

As you know, cats can hear even the finest and higher frequency-based sounds than humans. That is why there are some sounds that we cannot hear.

But they detect those sounds with ease. You can take computer and TV screens, remote controls, and fluorescent light bulbs as examples.

We think that these devices produce no sounds, but they can generate high-pitched sounds that bother cats intensely. Whenever you turn on these devices, you can see your cat’s reaction. 

2. Loud sounds

Cats also hate loud sounds. It is so because these noises induce headaches in them. So, when you keep the volume high when playing any musical devices or watching television, the loud sound irritates them.

In addition, there are other loud sounds as well those they dislike. These include sounds because of sirens, motorbikes, thunder and lightning, garbage trucks, and drills.

But there is also the sound of the vacuum cleaner that annoys them the most. So, if you are a cat-lover, it is always advisable to keep them in a separate room while playing loud music or cleaning your home with a vacuum cleaner. 

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3. Hissing sound

Apart from high-pitched and loud sounds, cats also hate hissing sounds. When they bare their teeth, they produce hissing sounds. It signifies that they are in a dangerous situation or are scared.

Thus, sounds resembling a hiss-like noise, such as spraying aerosols, rubbing aluminum foils, rustling shopping bags, polyester cloth rubbing against something, and others, irritate them. So, if you notice your cat suddenly gets agitated, hissing sounds could be one of the reasons.

4. Sudden and non-frequent sounds

As you might know, cats are calm and sleep-lovers. That is why they are annoyed rapidly when something disturbs their mind. Due to this, quick and unexpected sounds like a whistle, siren, or doorbell shock them. So, they hate these sounds.

Apart from these sudden and non-frequent sounds, they also dislike sounds generated from clapping.

When you say a stern no, the sound also alarms them. If you continuously make these sounds, they will feel agitated. You might not believe that when you make clicking noises with your mouth, it will frustrate them. 

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What noises scare cats away?

Does your lovable cat give you an annoying look whenever you drop something? If so, then there is a reason for this behavior. Some noises frighten them. So, when you enjoy blasting fireworks or listening to your favorite tune in high volume, these sounds scare your cat away. 

As you might know, kittens are sensitive to multiple sounds, and as a result, they startle easily. Usually, if some noise upsets your cat, it reacts very jumpy and hides under something.

So, you might notice this if you have a fur baby in your home. But do you know what those noises scare them the most? If not, go through the below section, as we have provided a handful of sounds that freaks out cats easily.

1. Banging sounds

While preparing meals or washing the utensils, you might accidentally clank together the utensils. As a result, it creates a banging sound that scares your cat away. Thus, it is one of those noises freaking out your fur baby.

2. Dropping noises

When you accidentally drop some heavy objects, the unexpected sound scares cats. It is so because the floor shakes when you drop something. As cats have short legs, they are much closer to the ground than us. Due to this, they can feel the vibrations and freaks them out. 

3. Yelling sounds

If arguing loudly or fighting with someone, the noise you generate from your mouth upsets your cat. As kittens are aware of tone, they quickly pick up the yelling sound and frighten them. Not only this, but if you continuously yell, it will give your cat chronic anxiety. 

4. Humming sounds

Humming sounds are very frustrating for cats. They dislike any low-pitched humming sounds as they cannot understand where the noise is coming from. If you hum near your kitten, you will notice its ears move in confusion. That is why this sound also scares them.

5. Cracking noises

You might enjoy cracking fireworks, but the sounds freak your fur baby out. Cats hate fireworks as they explode at high decibels. You will notice whenever there is a cracking sound, your cats run away or hide under a table or bed. Hence, it is another sound that scares your cat away. 

Summing it up

To sum up, you can see that these are some sounds that cats hate a lot. Whenever they hear those, they run away.

You can also see that they can hear even the sounds of remote control and computer screens that we cannot hear. Therefore, you can use these sounds to scare your cats if they annoy you continuously.

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