Siberian VS Maine Coon Cats? What Are The Differences?

Cat owners go through a tough time while choosing the cat they want to own.

If you have arrived at a point when you are confused between Siberian cats and Maine Coon cats, we know how you must feel.

You might have already seen that these two cat breeds share a lot of similarities. Both Siberian and Maine Coon belong from a similar climate region.

It is one of the reasons why they share so many similarities. But we can ensure that this article will help you understand the differences between these two breeds, and you will never face such difficulty again.

The main difference between Siberians and Maine Coons is the size and weight.

While Maine Coon cats are one of the giant domesticated cat breeds globally, Siberians are medium-sized cats. We will look at the other differences and explain them in the best way possible.

Siberian vs Maine Coon : What are the differences?

Before we go into the differences between Siberian and Maine Coon cats, let’s look at the following table for a quick comparison.

If you have already gone through the above list, you already know the main differences between Maine Coons and Siberians.

Now, let’s go through the characteristics one by one and understand the similarities and dissimilarities in detail.

Native Origin:

Both Maine Coon and Siberian cats have the clues to their origins in their name. While Maine Coon cats originate from Maine’s state in the northeastern part of America, Siberian has the source in the cold Siberia.

Maine Coon cats are the most popular cat breed in the United States. There are fantastic stories that we can associate with the origin of Maine Coon cats.

However, the origin story of Siberian cats is not so exciting or attractive. These cats are extremely prevailing in Europe and take what Maine Coons have in America.


Maine Coons are large cats with a muscular build. The male Maine Coon cats weigh around 15-28 pounds, and female Maine Coon coons come between 11-19 pounds.

Although Siberian cats are not short, they are comparatively smaller than the Maine Coon cats. These medium-sized male cats weigh in the range of 11-17 pounds.

Whereas the female Siberian cats can weigh between 7-14 pounds. As you can see, the Siberian cats weigh less than Maine Coon cats.

Body Shape:

Maine Coon and Siberian cats have similar well-boned and muscular bodies. The Maine Coon cat is more muscular and broad-chested.

However, Siberian’s bodies are barrel-shaped. While the tail of Maine Coon cats is as long as the body, Siberian cats’ tailpiece is medium-sized.

Head Shape:

Maine Coon cats have square heads with prominent cheekbones. The head is also longer than in width. However, Siberian cats have a round contour.

The muzzle of the Maine Coon cats is also square-shaped. Whereas the muzzle of Siberian cats is short and rounded.


If you look at these cats side by side, it is tough to differentiate between their eyes.

However, Maine Coon cats have large and slightly oval-shaped eyes. When they look directly at you, it may appear to be round. The eyes appear somewhat oblique.


Both of these cats may or may not have lynx tips.

This characteristic was a predominant feature in both of them, but now some cats do not have this feature. The ears are high above the head, and it is long. The Siberian cats have medium-sized ears with rounded tips.


Maine Coon and Siberian cats both have semi-long fur. Their coats’ main dissimilarity is that Maine Coon cats have a silky texture and a slight, soft undercoat.

Siberian cats have a tight undercoat, water-repellent overcoat, and a middle coat for cold temperature.


Both of these breeds can have several colors with different kinds of patterns. However, Maine Coon and Siberians cannot have pointed patterns.

They are not available in chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, and fawn colors. Siberian cats are available in colorpoint pattern, whereas Maine Coons aren’t. The golden color is also unique to Siberian cats.


Maine Coon cats have long tails. The tail can be as long as the height of the Maine Coon cat. However, Siberian cats can have medium-sized tails.


Both of these cats have amiable, loving, and kind personalities. Maine Coon cats are more reserved while showing their affection to the owners.

They will follow you around the house, sit by your side, and find a cozy spot near you to rest. However, Siberian cats are perfect lap cats.

They will sit on your lap and cuddle with you. We know both of these breeds as the dogs of the cat world because of their playful personalities.


Maine Coon cats prefer to stay close to the ground due to their large size.

They do not spend much time on a tree or away from the ground. Whereas, Siberian cats love climbing on trees or houses to watch the surroundings from a height.


Both of these breeds have semi-long fur and are susceptible to cause allergy-related problems. The main reason behind cat allergy is a protein called Fel d1.

While Maine Coon cats develop this protein’s natural amount, Siberian cats secrete Fel d1 in a limited amount. So, this cat breed is an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies.


As we already know, Maine Coon cats are one of the biggest domesticated breeds in the world.

However, they have a disproportionately soft voice. Siberian cats are more vocal about their needs. Both of these breeds communicate using their chirps and trills.

Health Issue:

Maine Coon cats have a predisposed condition of Cardiomyopathy. They are susceptible to this incurable genetic disease, and you need to be extremely careful while adopting the cat.

One straightforward method to avoid coming across this disease is by making sure that the cat’s parents do not have this condition.

You can have regular checkups at the veterinarian to ensure that the Maine Coon has not developed this disease.

Siberian cats do not have these kinds of predisposing conditions. They may develop some disease if you do not take appropriate care. But it is safe to adopt this cat.


Maine Coon and Siberian cats are remarkably similar cats, and you can own any one of them to be happy with it.

While Maine Coon cats are the biggest domesticated cats globally, the Siberians are one of the most loving cat breeds in the world.

They are both great with kids and other pets in your house. No matter which cat you adopt, it will be a beautiful addition to your household.

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