Difference Between Siamese & Himalayan Cats

You can arrive at a point where you cannot decide between two cat breeds because of their shared qualities. Siamese and Himalayan cats are two such cats.

If you cannot decide between a Himalayan and Siamese cat, you have to know that there are more differences than what meets the eyes.

Both of these cats have beautiful features and possess a similar point color pattern.

There are a few behavioral differences between them that set them apart from each other. Let us start by exploring these two cat breeds thoroughly.

Himalayan Cats:

Himalayan cats reached the cat owners as a separate breed in the 1950s when breeders crossbred Persian cats and Siamese cats.

While there was an ongoing debate regarding the legitimacy of Himalayan cats as a separate breed, these cats gained popularity due to their strikingly beautiful behavior.

People know this breed as long-haired colorpoint in the United Kingdom, whereas some of the cat fanciers associations regard them as Himalayan cats.

If we talk about this breed’s physical characteristics, we can say that it got the best of two breeds. Himalayan cats have the point color pattern, blue eyes of the Siamese cats.

They also have the long, shaggy hair and structure of a Persian cat. Like the Siamese cats, you can also have a wide range of colors for the Himalayan cats.

They can have colors like lilac, blue, chocolate, seal, lynx point, flame point, cream.

The magnetic blue eyes are also a property of the Siamese cats that they have gained. The presence of the Himalayan or Albino gene is responsible for blue eyes.

We can say that Himalayan cats are reserved and pensive most of the time. Their mellow mood does not mean that they won’t sit near you and want cuddles.

You can groom a Himalayan cat for hours, and they will receive this pampering gladly. They are also less vocal than the Siamese cats on regular days.

Siamese Cats:

Siamese cats belong from Siam, now known as Thailand, and reached the European and American continents in the 19th century.

They received their fame for their magnificent looks and amiable behavior. A purebred Siamese cat earns a lot of points due to its rarity in recent times.

Siamese cats have slender and long bodies with a semi-long pointed colored coat. The nose, ears, and legs of Siamese cats have different colors from the body’s creme color.

Siamese cats can also have several colors on their points, such as lilac, blue, seal, chocolate, lynx, flame, creme, etc.

However, the original color of the Siamese cat is a seal point. The classical Siamese cats are only available in this color, but the modern Siamese cats can have all the other colors.

The temperament of the Siamese cats is one of the primary reasons for their worldwide demand. They can be extremely vocal with their demands, and follow you everywhere if it likes your company.

These loving cats can become overwhelming with all their love and affection. You have to shower them with care and attention for their happiness.

What Are The Differences Between Siamese and Himalayan Cats?

Despite having several similarities between the Siamese and Himalayan cats, they have their fair share of differences.

In this section, we will point at all the dissimilarities between these two breeds so that you can make an informed decision:

  • Siamese cats are purebred cats with their heritage. However, the Himalayan cat is a crossbreed of Persian cats and Siamese cats. Apart from the Himalayan cats’ coat and eye color, most of the characteristics match with the Persian cats.
  • One of the best things about the Siamese cat is that they shed significantly less than the other cat breeds. Himalayan got the long, furry coat from Persian cats, and they need mandatory daily grooming sessions. Siamese cats have short hair on its body.
  • The behavior of these two cats is also quite different. While the Siamese cats are one of the most vocal and outgoing cats globally, Himalayan cats are laid back and mellow. Siamese cats make affection quite apparent, and they are more likely to get involved in an activity. You cannot expect such behavior from the Himalayan cats.
  • The structural features of Himalayan and Siamese cats make the difference quite apparent. The short nose and flat face resemble the Persian cats. The Himalayan cats look more like the Persian cats. Whereas the Siamese cats have long and slender bodies with less hairy tails.
  • The availability of these cats in different colors is also different. The color variations of the Siamese cats are less than the Himalayan cats. However, the primary color of the Siamese cats is seal point.
  • The hair length of these two cat breeds separates them upon closer inspection. Siamese cats are a short-haired cat, and the Himalayan cats got the long-haired coat of Persian cats.


This article should make the differences quite apparent between the Siamese cats and Himalayan cats. Himalayan cats are a crossbreed of Siamese cats and Persian cats, and it is quite natural that they share some of the characteristics.

Apart from the coat and eye color, these two cats are significantly different from each other. However, the end choice depends on the temperament of the cats.

If you are a stay-at-home person and want a demanding cat, Siamese is the cat for you. Otherwise, you can go to the Himalayan cat. Both of them make an amazing house pet.

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