Should I Show My Cat His Dead Brother?

The death of one of your cats will undoubtedly be challenging and depressing for you. If they have a sibling, you might wonder if you should show them the dead body.

You will surely not want them to get depressed and prefer to take actions that help their wellbeing. Let us find out whether you should show your cat the dead body of their sibling.

Should I show my cat his dead brother?


It is entirely up to you whether you prefer to show your cat their dead sibling or not. You know your cats better than anybody else, and you might have a fair idea of their possible reaction to death in the family.

But, it is advised that you show your cat their dead brother for one last time. It will help them pay their last respects and allow them time to grieve their dearest one’s death.

You should opt for viewing only if you have a completely healthy cat. If your cat is prone to stress and anxiety, such an experience might trigger and worsen its symptoms.

In such a case, you need to opt for alternative ways to let your cat know that their brother has passed away.

Why should you show your cat his dead brother?

1. They can sense something is wrong

Cats are susceptible even to the slightest change in their environment. You might be willing to hide the death of your cat’s brother out of sheer love and care for them.

But, your cat may have already sensed that something is wrong in the house. They might not be able to detect it, which would surely leave them anxious properly.

Hiding their brother’s death will make your cat worry more as it will surely notice your gloomy mood and your sad expressions, and they will become desperate to find the reason behind it.

2. It will help them get closure

If your cats were siblings, they were sure to have a powerful bond of friendship. If you do not show your cat their dead brother, they will always wonder where their best friend went away.

The cat would keep looking for their brother and might even flee your home to find him. It would be quite unfair to give unnecessary hope for their brother’s return.

Showing them the dead body would help them understand that their brother has left for their heavenly abode.

It will help them get closure on their relationship and help them understand why their brother’s absence.

It will also make sure they embrace new relationships with other cats, as they would realize that there is no chance of their brother’s return.

3. It will allow them to say their goodbyes

Since your cats were siblings, it will be a humane deed to allow them to say their last goodbyes. Seeing their brother and sniffing, licking them for one last time is a way through which your cat might bid goodbye to their best friend.

If you do not allow them to have this opportunity, your cat would be left with a sense of regret that they would carry in their hearts forever.

Allowing them to see the dead body is much better than giving the illusion that their brother vanished all of a sudden.

It will also strengthen the bond between you and your cat as they will surely understand that they are treated like family, and their dead brother was laid in his forever sleep respectfully.

4. It gives them a chance to grieve

If your cats were quite close to each other, it would merely be a kind deed to show them their brother’s dead body.

It is entirely up to them whether they understand the situation or not. You can do your part by allowing them to see their brother for one last time.

This helps the cat to understand what happened to their brother. This giving them a chance to grieve the death of their brother in one way or the other. A brief period of grieving is much better than a lifetime of false expectations of their brother’s return.


We are not sure about the gravity of the effects of showing your cat the dead body of their brother.

However, if we look at it through human terms, grieving somebody’s death surely helps to cope with sorrow and depression.

Their brother’s death might have temporary effects on their physical and mental health, but showing them the dead body will undoubtedly accelerate the recovery process.


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