Should I Shave My Ragdoll Cat? [ Know Here ]

Grooming a cat is a crucial part of being an owner. You have to actively take care of the cat’s fur to make sure they are okay. It is not different when you have a Ragdoll cat.

As you already know, Ragdoll cats have medium to long, dense hair on their body. So, these cats are more prone to shedding their fur than other shorthair cats.

It means that you have to take special care of your Ragdoll cat when it comes to its coat and skin health. Grooming regularly and regular health check-up should work just fine in that respect.

However, we have seen many Ragdoll owners resort to shaving their cats to keep their shedding in check. It is a highly controversial topic as this procedure has both advantages and disadvantages.

So, in this article, we will discuss whether you should shave your Ragdoll cat or not. If you deem it necessary to shave your cat, we will also let you know how to do that without any hassle. Later, we will also explore the other alternative, which is grooming regularly.

Should I Shave My Ragdoll Cat?

Shaving your Ragdoll cat is a personal decision, and it should be an informed decision as well. So, you have to look at both sides of the coin, and you can decide for yourself whether you want to shave your Ragdolls cat or not.

Generally, some people shave their Ragdolls during summers, and some people are completely against such an act because they take it as cruelty towards the cat.

So, let us consider the advantages and disadvantages of shaving your Ragdoll cat. Once we are through with all the possible arguments, the decision should come easy to you.


As we have said, Ragdoll cats have medium to long hair over their bodies, and they tend to shed a significant portion of their fur every day.

If you keep your Ragdoll in an air-conditioned house, the cat will not feel the seasonal changes. So, the Ragdoll will tend to shed every day throughout the year.

However, if you keep your Ragdoll outdoors, the effect of seasonal changes on their shedding will be more drastic.

As these cats have long, thick hair over their bodies, they start to lose their undercoat. As a result, Ragdoll cats shed a lot more during that time.

In addition, if you are not grooming your cat daily during the summers, they will cover all your furniture and carpet with fur.

One way of solving that problem is to shave the Ragdoll cat entirely. It will save all your furniture from unwanted hair. However, it might not be the only way to deal with the issue, which we will discuss in the following subsection.

Another common misconception is about not being able to withstand hot temperatures with their long hair.

Although it might be uncomfortable to have long hair for humans during the summers, we cannot say the same about cats. The purpose of fur on an animal’s body is unique. The primary reason for such thick coats is for protection against harsh weather conditions.

Although it might look like the long fur only protects the cat from cold temperatures, it also protects the cat from harsh warm conditions. The two layers of coats serve as an excellent medium, keeping the skin cold.

So, you can think of it as having its temperature control mechanism. That is why you will see cats with long hair surviving hot climates just fine. You have to remember that cats have their way of dealing with hotter climates, and you don’t have to do anything extra for it.

If you can ensure that the cat is drinking water sufficiently, is not exposed to the sun constantly, and has its food naturally, you are just fine.

I have included this part in the advantage section, as it is a common misconception amongst Ragdoll cat owners that they need to shave their cats to adjust to summer or hot climates in general.

So, as you can see, you have only one advantage at hand, which is the solution to having excess hair all over the house. You will find a more tedious but much safer alternative as we proceed with the article.


There are quite a few disadvantages of shaving your Ragdoll cat. However, there is only one particular situation where you have to shave your cat, and we will discuss that at the end of this subsection.

Firstly, the cat’s fur is not only their climate control, but it also serves as protection.

The long fur protects the cat from any harm like scratches or falls. So, when you shave the fur away, you make your cat vulnerable to these kinds of misfortunes. So, it is not always a great idea to shave your Ragdoll cat.

Second of all, shaving your cat also makes them more vulnerable to temperature changes. For example, there are many places where the day and night temperatures are pretty drastically different.

In those places, the cat will have difficulty keeping their body temperature at an expected value if you shave their fur.

Apart from that, the cat is more likely to overheat when you shave their fur than when they still have their fur. The highly efficient method of keeping body temperature natural depends entirely on the existence of fur.

Another disadvantage is that mosquitoes or other insects can bite your cat if you shave them. Other microscopic organisms are also more likely to penetrate the skin when the thick covering of fur doesn’t shield them.

Overall, we can say that shaving Ragdoll cats make them vulnerable to many things. And avoiding such an act would be for both your and your cat’s best interests.

The cat would indeed look incredible in trendy lion-like looks, but they are beautiful in their way.

Exposing them to all kinds of problems just for the sake of having an excellent appearance might be a little too much.

However, there are two cases where you have to shave your cat, and making sure that the cat does not reach either of those two situations is almost on your hands.

The first situation you may have to shave your cat is when they are about to go into surgery. There can be various kinds of ailments that may result in surgery.

Veterinarians have to shave some of the areas around the cut for a more manageable approach.

While it is a standard procedure for a cat who is about to undergo an operation, you can understand that the case is quite a drastic one.

The other scenario involves matted fur. Cats like Ragdolls are more likely to cause matted fur if the grooming is incorrect. So, shaving the matter fur would be the best case as it can spread all over their bodies.

Other than these two cases, it would help if you didn’t shave your Ragdoll cat. And if you see it is essential, always consult a professional cat groomer in that situation.

Should I Shave My Ragdoll Cat In Summer?

Although it might look like a good idea to shave your Ragdoll cat in summer to keep them cool, it is not the case. As you can see, the cats are pretty good at keeping their temperature at a convenient point on their own.

The trapped hair between their hair and skin helps them maintain body temperature, which is slightly above human body temperature.

Apart from that, they also know when they are feeling hot. Cats find the best possible hiding places when they are hot or afraid.

So, have a little trust in your cute ball of fur, and they will take care of themselves. If you are vigilant about the small factors, that should ensure your cat’s safety. You don’t need to take such drastic steps.

Do Ragdoll Cats Need Haircuts?

In general, Ragdoll cats do not need haircuts. There is no need to take your cat for a full-blown haircut unless there is something wrong with their fur. Ragdoll cats have extraordinarily long hair and beautifully pointed color patterns.

Although it might seem fashionable to have a lion-like mane on their neck, the disadvantages of shaving or cutting their hair defeats all the possible benefits.

Apart from that, cats do not grow their hair fast. So if you cut them too short or entirely shave them, it can take even years to go back to the previous state.

However, if you have to take your cat for a haircut, make sure that you leave at least half inches or more hair on the Ragdoll. Otherwise, there is an increased chance of rashes, infection, sunburn, and other possible skin diseases.

How To Shave My Ragdoll Cat?

In short, you should not shave your Ragdoll cat on your own. The first step is to think hard about whether it is vital to shave your cat.

Other than those two extreme cases, there should not be any reason to shave your cat. If you are still unsure about the situation, consult with your local veterinarian about whether you should shave your cat.

However, if you still think that the cat needs a shave, the only justifiable step is to take your cat to a professional cat groomer who will know the safest and most appropriate way of shaving your cat. As Ragdolls are long hair cats, it is very cumbersome to do this on your own.

While it is possible to do this feat with the help of another friend, the risks of shaving your long hair cat are just too severe.

So, the most responsible way of shaving your cat is to take it to a groomer. Although it might cost quite a hefty sum, it is far better than the risks of hurting your cat.

As a result, it is far better if you groom your cat appropriately. It will keep the problem of having fur everywhere at bay, and you will also not risk your cat’s life. That brings us to the final question.

How Often Do Ragdoll Cats Need Grooming?

The safest way of dealing with fur problems is to have a proper grooming schedule for your cat. It makes sure that you continue to remove the dead hair from your cat’s coat, and they will not stick to any place the cat wants to go.

You can leave your cat anywhere you want, and you won’t worry about your cat leaving a mess behind whenever it moves. So, it is quite a huge responsibility for every cat owner, and we have heard every new owner ask this question at least once.

How often do ragdoll cats need grooming? The answer varies with the living conditions of your Ragdoll cat. An indoor Ragdoll cat will need one daily brushing session throughout the year.

Due to the repetition of this process, it is better to include that in their schedule. As they shed almost uniformly over the year, one brushing session every day is enough to keep their shedding at bay.

However, if you keep your Ragdoll outdoors, you have to brush them twice every day when the seasons change. So, Autumn and Spring are the two times when you have to groom them twice daily. The rest of the year, once a day is your perfect number.


There is an ongoing debate regarding shaving your cat, and it has divided the cat owners into two different segments.

While shaving your cat falls onto you, there has to be an informed decision and the right reason behind it. Grooming your cat solves almost all the problems, and shaving should always be the last resort available.