Shaving Cats Pros And Cons : Everything You Need To Know

Taking care of the cat comes with several responsibilities. As summer approaches, shedding becomes a significant problem for any cat owner.

If you have a cat with long hair, this becomes an enormous responsibility. They start to replace their winter fur with relatively shorter hair and shedding increases manifold.

The cat owners often find themselves in jeopardy as shaving the cat off seems a practical choice. It can be a scary experience for the cats, and you should take this step with extreme caution.

In this article, we will look at the various benefits and drawbacks of shaving a cat. We will discuss each of those points in detail and provide you with crucial tips if you decide to shave your cat.

Pros Of Shaving A Cat:


In this segment of the article, you will find all the advantages of shaving a cat during the summer.

As you will see in the subsequent subsections, several advantages come with shaving a cat. Here are a few benefits that you should consider while making a decision:

Absolute Answer to Shedding:

It is quite natural to understand that the problem of shedding will not occur to a cat that you have shaved.

Some cat owners find it incredibly cumbersome to deal with the loose hair on all furniture, cushions, or bed.

If your cat has fur, it will naturally shed. Shedding is also responsible for all allergy-related problems.

The allergen FelD1 becomes airborne with the help of loose hair. If you feel bothered by these problems, shaving might seem to be the best solution. 

Hairball Problem:

Cats are spotless animals, and they spend a considerable amount of time keeping their coat clean. They lick their hair continuously to clean any amount of dirt on the hair, and they ingest some amount of hair along with it.

The hair keeps on building inside their stomachs and develops the problem, which we might refer to as the hairball problem.

It engenders a complicated situation for the cats, and they might need expert support to get out of this. Some cat owners like to avoid this situation entirely by shaving the cat off. 

Helping The Old Cats:

Old cats have a plethora of problems, and unable to groom appropriately is one of them. The cats can have movement difficulties due to their limited flexibility.

If you shave the old cat entirely, grooming no longer becomes a problem. These cats can also suffer from matted fur issues. You are helping the old feline by cutting their hair.

Cons of Shaving A Cat:

The previous section should give you an overall idea of the advantages of shaving a cat.

However, there are a few drawbacks that should also come into consideration. Here, you can find some of the disadvantages of shaving a cat.


Shaving the cat can be a terrifying experience for the cat. You have to restrain the cats from completing the process, which does not go well with the cats.

The cat might also face the problem of the feeling of having no hair on their bodies [ Like Sphynx ]. The traumatic experience can damage the relationship between the owner and the cat.

It can even go to the extent of not coming close to the owner for an extended period. So, the decision of shaving a cat comes with a chance of damaging your bond with the cat.

The personality of the cat is crucial to make such decisions. That is why experts suggest that you have to think very carefully before taking such a drastic step.

Other Issues:

The fur is a crucial part of the cat’s defense mechanism. It protects the cat from any skin issue. The edges of the razor can cause irritation and redness of the skin.

Cats do not take these problems lightly, and neither should you. In the worst cases, this exposure can lead to skin cancer.

You have to consult the veterinarian before making such decisions. They can guide you regarding the capability of the cat to withstand such skin exposure.

If you observe any adverse effect on the cat after shaving the fur, you have to visit the veterinarian to mitigate the issue immediately.

Shaving Your Cat At Home: 5 Tips

Shaving a cat can become quite cumbersome for any cat owner.

It is not only the cat’s reaction that can pose a threat to the whole process; you have to be extremely careful throughout to ensure that the cat is alright at all times.

As a result, here are some of the essential tips to shave your cat at home:

Bring A Partner:

If you decide to shave your cat, it becomes difficult to finish the entire job alone.

So, it would be beneficial for you and your cat if you bring a partner along. One can hold the cat for you, and you can shave the cat or vice versa.

Choose a comfortable location:

The cat needs to be comfortable in the location where you will be performing the deed. It will help the cat to remain calm in the surrounding.

Brush your cat:


Brushing your cat will make the shaving process easy for you. It will untangle the knots and make it easier for you to shave. You can use a metal comb to brush the fur gently. One of our favorites is this brush that you can check here.

Use Lubricant:

Along with the shaving clipper, you should use a lubricant. It will be beneficial for the cat as it makes the process less painful.

Don’t Shave Entirely:

You cannot shave the hair entirely, as it can irritate your cat. You have to leave at least one inch of the hair.


Cats can have a difficult time in the summer due to long hair, and the shedding creates an undesirable setting for the house.

Shaving the cat seems to be a productive solution to these problems. However, there are both pros and cons of shaving a cat.

Hence, it would help if you considered both sides before coming to a decision.

We have also provided five useful tricks if you decide to shave the cat at home.

However, you can also take your cat to a professional groomer for your cat’s safety and your relationship with your cat.

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